Thursday, March 14, 2013

New World Order Francis: The Ultimate Black Pope

New World Order Francis: The Ultimate Black Pope
Habemus Papam
Loren Coleman ©2013

Haven't we seen this twilight language imagery before? 

The black robed Jesuits, the military branch of the Roman Catholic Church,
have attained the highest office to right the ship. But for how long?

On 13.3.13, as the date is written at the Vatican, at 7:06 pm (local Roman time), which adds up to another 13, the Roman Catholic Church picked a new Pope. 

Information is streaming in quickly, along many lines of inquiry, about Jorge Mario Bergolio, who has named himself Pope Francis, or to some, Pope Francis I.

Jesuits and the Black Pope

"The Cardinal who rarely smiled" was how he was characterized.

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. The first Jesuit Pope would naturally be the first fully "Black" (i.e. Jesuit) "Pope." It is a circular logical statement that is just common sense, and there is nothing conspiratorial about it.

The Jesuits have often falsely been linked to the origins of the Inquisition. (Dominican Priests were the chief torturers of the Inquisition.) Jesuits were instead the strongmen of the Church, due in large part to the military background of their follower, St. Ignatius of Loyola. (Some thoughts about the Jesuits can be very dark. See here and here, for instance.)

In general, the use of the term "Black Pope" is often experienced as a derogatory nickname given to the Superior General, usually by the media and never utilized by the Jesuits themselves. Nevertheless, to ignore its use is to be blind to the "name game" being played here.

They are sometimes referred to as "God's Marines" or the church's "storm troopers" - a band of priests and missionaries who live sparse lives and are willing to accept religious orders anywhere in the world, sometimes living in extreme conditions....The order elects its own leader, known colloquially as the Black Pope because of the black vestments worn by the Jesuits, at a conclave in Rome, where members from around the world gather to make their choice. The current leader is Father Adolfo Nicolás, of Spain. Source.

...Society of Jesus is much more than an administrator of prestigious American universities. Also known as “God’s Marines” or “The Company,” the order of priests and brothers was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1534 with six other students at the University of Paris. St. Ignatius had a military background, and early adherents referred to themselves as the “Company of Jesus,” hence both of the nicknames that live to this day. Probably happy that the Jesuits were not forming their own church, like Martin Luther a few decades earlier, Pope Paul III granted them commendation in 1537 to become priests. Three years later, he gave them the right to become their own order of priests. As the head of the new order, Ignatius sent his priests throughout Catholic Europe to start schools, colleges and seminaries. By Ignatius’s death in 1556, the Jesuits had already founded 74 colleges on three continents. With missionary work as a core value, the Jesuits have been known for spreading Catholicism throughout the world. Pope Francis’s namesake, St. Francis Xavier, is in particular credited with the Church’s expansion in Asia. Source.

Black Pope and Prophecy

The new Pope is on the right.

I mentioned that there appeared to be a "Black Pope" on the horizon, in part because of the "Last Pope" prophecies, such as the one by Bishop Malachy. I talked about the African candidates, but in the comments, you can see the awareness pointing to the Jesuits. Some authors have already come forth framing the new Pope in terms of the fulfilling of the Malachy visions. (See one example, here.)

In general, however, as the Catholic media notes, there has been great skepticism about the Malachy Prophecies.

Some prophecies do come true. Hours before the Pope's name and appearance took place,  Twitter's @red_pill_junkie wrote: "Crazy idea: that the new #Pope comes out wearing a Guy Fawkes mask :P #HabemusPapam”

I quickly posted that an image like that had once appeared (see above).

When it developed that the first Pope was a Jesuit, I (@CryptoLoren) then tweeted this: "Before #Pope named @red_pill_junkie's humorous comment ab #GuyFawkes mask was prophetic. Jesuits were associated with the Gunpowder Plot. #V"

Today, RPJ, a Mexican, has posted, what he calls, his ramblings on the new Pope.

Brizdaz (Darren) shared this, from Wikipedia:
In England, Henry Garnet, one of the leading English Jesuits, was hanged for misprision of treason, because of his knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot (1605). The Plot was the attempted assassination of King James I of England and VI of Scotland, his family, and most of the Protestant aristocracy in a single attack, by exploding the Houses of Parliament. Another Jesuit, Oswald Tesimond, managed to escape arrest for his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot.
Do political intrigues with the Jesuits continue today? Of course they do.

Name Game

First, let us look at Pope Francis' birth name:

Jorge - "farmer" ("earth-worker"); variant of George (Greek) "farmer".

Mario – Italian, "bitter, rebellious," "bitter"; associated with the Virgin Mary by acting as a masculinized form of “Maria.” Mary means "bitter, rebellious, be disobedient." Spanish, Mario, "Hammer," "Mars" (Roman god of war).

Bergoglio - berg = "mountain" + oglio = "oil"; oglio is also seen as a "collection of miscellaneous pieces;" a "hotchpotch;" a "mixture;" a "medley;" specifically, from 1648, "of various religions."

Is Pope Francis actually a Pope from the Global South? Is he the world's first "New World Order" Pope?

Is he really an Argentine? His last name Bergoglio is Italian. His dad emigrated from Piamonte, Italy.

After a period of initial confusion (or the wrong message being sent out to the media), the name Francis used for the new Pope is being said to be tied to Saint Francis of Assisi.

M.Bell passes along this quote, as translated by Bill Barrett from the Umbrian text of the Assisi codex:
St. Francis is not only the most attractive of all the Christian saints, he is the most attractive of Christians, admired by Buddhists, atheists, completely secular, modern people, Communists, to whom the figure of Christ himself is at best unattractive. Partly this is due to the sentimentalization of the legend of his life and that of his companions in the early days of the order. Many people today who put his statue in their gardens know nothing about him except that he preached a sermon to the birds, wrote a hymn to the sun, and called the donkey his brother. These bits of information are important because they are signs of a revolution of the sensibility — which incidentally was a metaphysical revolution of which certainly St. Francis himself was quite unaware. They stand for a mystical and emotional immediate realization of the unity of being, a notion foreign, in fact antagonistic, to the main Judeo-Christian tradition.
“I am that I am” — the God of Judaism is the only self-sufficient being. All the reality that we can know is contingent, created out of nothing, and hence of an inferior order of reality. Faced with the “utterly other,” the contingent soul can finally only respond with fear and trembling.
One last item about the name Francis I, and a bit of history about another Francis I, for now:
Francis I (Francis Stephen; 8 December 1708 – 18 August 1765) was Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany, though his wife effectively executed the real powers of those positions. With his wife, Maria Theresa, he was the founder of the Habsburg-Lorraine dynasty. From 1728 until 1737 he was Duke of Lorraine, but lost this title when Lorraine was seized by France in the War of the Polish Succession; he was compensated with Tuscany in the peace treaty that ended that war. He was the father of the deposed and later executed Marie Antoinette, Queen of France. Source.
Regarding the image shown at top, yes, we have seen it before:

 See more on this form of Masonic signaling, here.

Stay tuned for more...


D.B. Echo said...

At first I assumed that the top picture showed him in a diner, reaching for his wallet to pay the check. But now I see that he's actually on a bus or train - he used public transportation to go to work in Argentina. I wonder if someone had asked for an autograph and he was reaching for a pen?

Louis Cypher said...

Malachy's prophecies are a fraud.

Red Pill Junkie said...

>Is Pope Francis actually a Pope from the Global South? Is he the world's first "New World Order" Pope?

Check out the new cover of Time magazine:

Curious fact about Bergoglio: before taking the vows he received a degree in Chemistry from a technical institute. And he only has one lung.

The name Francis might allude to his humility. It's reported that after his ordainment as Pope, he skipped protocol an returned with all the cardinals to the Papal residency on the same bus.

Or maybe my opinion of this man is influenced by the fact that I studied with the Jesuits at the Universidad Iberoamericana ;)

(On for a *very* brief period of time I considered the possibility of joining the order)

Ann said...

Red Pill Junkie - You were very lucky -- and what an honor -- to have had the opportunity to study with the Jesuits. I have always been fascinated by the Jesuits. It's the black robes that I like most. And there's that kind of James Bond/Mission Impossible allure, that willingness to carry out orders anywhere in the world. The intrigue. All said, sounds like an interesting life. No matter what conspiracy theorists say (no doubt they are Protestants), I still am intrigued by the Jesuits.

I'm not adept at spotting synchromystic clues yet, so Loren's article took me by surprise. The first Jesuit Pope (at least in a long time), and now of all times -- the Black Pope. All the conspiracy theorists are going to go nuts! Could it be Petrius Romanus after all?

Loren Coleman said...

Ann - Actually, Pope Francis is the first ever Jesuit pope.

Red Pill Junkie said...


I guess one of the reasons I always thought of the Jesuits as badass is thanks to the Exorcists ;)

Also, when I was growing up the film The Mission had a huge impact in me. I still cannot bear to hear Morricone's music without getting a bit welled up.

Michael said...

Sir Francis Bacon, another Francis associated with James 1, freemasonry and such.

Anonymous said...

Felix Dzerzhinsky was a Polish Jesuit, and watch the casuistry deny it, just as they deny Hitler was a Catholic Altar Boy.

Loren Coleman said...

Mr. "D.B. Echo,"

Psychological projections are always interesting. Fantasies for what people are doing or thinking when they are captured in a photograph, of course, involves a universe of possibilities. However, it is always best to assume a realistic stance, first.

To even consider that a modest Jesuit priest would be approached for an autograph while on public transportation is a novel notion, I must say. And one that might not cut it if you use your Occam's razor!

sightseer said...

In the uppermost photo the future pope is riding on the subway in Buenos Aires. Being a prudent man, he was probably packing heat and had his hand on the butt of his pistol. Trust in the Lord and keep your powder dry.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Re: "All the conspiracy theorists are going to go nuts!"

I can't imagine why they would go nuts with the fine track record the Catholic Church have throughout the last say 1500 years.

What cause could there be for worry,surely all that bad stuff they were into is just a thing of the past now ?-)
And surely covering up the misdeeds of kiddie-fiddling priests is not a it?
That's all I'm game to say for now in case God's Marines send one of their black helicopters over to my house.-)

Ann said...

loll Brizdaz - the protestants (and even some conspiracy-minded catholics have one last conspiracy up their sleeves, having to do with St. Malachy's prediction. This conspiracy is a mish-mash of ideas having to do with the New World Order, the Pope as anti-christ ushering it in (specifically the predicted Black Pope, the establishment of Catholicism as a one-world religion, and disclosure of extraterrestrials, which the religious conspiracy believers say will be demons in disguise. So now with a one and only Black Pope, in their minds the countdown is on for the end times.

Well, as to the kiddie-fiddling and such, I tried to research once what happened to the Roman Catholic Church, beginning with the Vatican II changes, when they did away with the Latin Mass, and smashed up the altars and put the pieces in the dumpsters (I saw pictures), and then put in pick-nick tables as altars instead (where the table was now put in the center of the back part of the church). I read what happened from a traditionalist perspective as so many wete dismayed by these novelties. The upshot wad the Church had been infiltrated, and certainly by the 'H' word. Sure, there were priests who were oriented towards young girls, but the fall came with the infiltration of a cabal having to do with boys. Now the Church is in disarray. That's about the long and the short of it.

Rob S said...

3/3/13 - The earthquake in China collapses thousands of houses, injuring hundreds. The 4th time a major earthquake has taken place on 3/3.

3/13/13 - A "black pope" is selected, Pope Francis, literally a pope like none before.

If one was to extrapolate given the reoccurring theme of 3's...beware 3/23/13?

The highly anticipated movie Olympus Has Fallen, a film based on the United States being invaded opens on 3/22.

A 24 hour warning?

Loren Coleman said...

Ann, you need to keep doing your research and try to get away from simple theories and simple histories. Vatican II occurred between 1961-1965. The Roman Catholic Church admits to priests sexually abusing altar boys and other young men from at least 1950, when it became a public issue in the 1960s and beyond. But most scholars consider it has been a problem long before that. As to gays and homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church, you fall into the trap of blaming child sexual abuse on gay priests. They are two separate issues. Remember, rape is not about sex; it's about dehumanizing sexual violence.

Anonymous said...

Seen one moth costume, seen 'em all.

Ann said...

Loren, I appreciate your advice. But I must believe there are men of good faith that enter religious orders for the right reasons. I cannot give a pass to sexually active homosexual priests and their antics. They have a cabal and have corrupted the church. Good priests are not allowed to speak up due to homosexuals being a protected group. A pedophile priest who is attracted to young males in my mind a subset of homosexuality first, overlaping with pedophile behavior depending on the ages of the young males. A priest attracted to young girls I would classify as a pedophile. By not being allowed to call a priest attracted to boys as a homosexual is just another variant of protecting homosexual priests. More importantly it's a deflection from what sexually active homosexual priests are up to. The book I read was not a simple history. The thing is there really ARE good priests out there and the author was one that wrote the book.

If pedophilia and homosexual priests became known in the 60's some good priests might have had a hand in getting that knowledge out to the public. The Orthodox Church allows NO homosexuals in (and as far as I know NO pedophile priests). There's no reason for me to believe no good priests exist in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Good battles against Evil even at the Vatican unfortunately.

Despite all this I am not a "homophobe". Just not acting in the capacity of priests. Same thing goes for women.

Loren, there are many subsets to the homosexual lifestyle. And "boylove" is one of them. There is no rape involved with young and willing partners.

Michael said...

The black Pope reminds me of Sirius Black. Also, of course, the Men in Black. Are the MIB actually the Jesuits?

Anonymous said...

Gary orGibby said...

No doubt the new pope was chosen for his ability to strong-arm critics of the church and to cover up pedophilia and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

malachy prophesied the last pope to be "peter of rome", i.e. a) an italian and b) a connection to the name peter.
francis the first has neither of these two attributes.

he obviously erred on this one. plus, francis actually seems to be a decent guy; or at least that`s the impression I got from his first public statements…and he actually seems to have a sense of humour!

"black pope" doesn`t seem to fit him - at all!

Loren Coleman said...

Anon states that Pope Francis is not Italian. That comment could not be further from the truth. He was born to Italian immigrants. He has no Hispanic blood in him.

Due to all of the predictive speculation, it would have been a major surprise, at this point, if someone named "Peter" would have been picked. A new Pope renaming himself "Peter II" also would have been unthinkable.

However, for those who understand the role the Jesuits have played in the Church, the notion that this Pope sees himself as the next "peter" = the rock = upon which to rebuild the Church seems apparent.

Anonymous said...

Popeary + Mariolatry= Harlotry

Rob S said...

Regarding my comment about 3/23, take a glance at the Wikipedia page for March 23.

3 airplane accidents that all had casualties

2 political assassinations 

All within the last 20 years.

The invention of the debatable and controversial cold fusion nuclear reaction.

The incident in 1908 with the American Durham Stevens and the Koreans.

Hilter via The Enabling Act of 1933 becomes the dictator of Germany

The phrase "give me liberty or give me death" is coined.

All of this amongst other events that had major casualties, Iraq, the Texas Refinery, etc. 

With the recent news, not beware 3/23 but rather be aware 3/23. What can we expect? All signs point to another catastrophe 

sightseer said...

"There is no rape involved with young and willing partners." How young, Ann? Eight years old? Are you saying that all the thousands of boys and girls who have been sexually violated in the church over the last 65 years (that we know of) were all "young and willing partners?" My take: the pedophile priests who stole the innocence of children over decades and those who enabled them should have ended up chained to a telephone pole with a burning tire hanging around their necks.

Bob said...

Now I am looking to the sea for signs in this name game.

Charles Thompson - aka Black Francis of The Pixies, and Frank Black (Frank Black and The Catholics) - has been on my mind the last 24 hours.

Water has appeared often in his songs.

In the wake of his chariot
You swam toward the latitudes
Leaving for happier times
Florida far behind (The Swimmer)

Because that water seeks her own
She had a desire to flow
She was looking for somewhere to go (St. Francis Dam Disaster)

Will we surf a wave a mutilation?

Romey said...

I believe there is a war on within the Catholic Church. The Jesuits have been ordered by the Pope to take control back and away from Opus Dei.

A Jesuit would not have taken control unless ordered to do so - they are the foot soldiers. Something is amiss.

Ann said...

@ sightseer

You are right. After thinking about it I realized young children from Catholic families are already brought up to be innocent, and that their innocence becsme corrupted due to pedophile priests. It's just that I see red when the emphasis is shifted away from homosexual priests who are pedophiles by deflecting away from their CORE of homosexuality, and instead lumping it under the term of pedophilia. But I guess Society does this to protect the protected group of homosexuals inside and outside the Church, those who are not attracted to young boys. If only the Roman Catholic Church were staunch like the Orthodox Church then none of this nonsense would be going on in the Roman Church. I appreciate your calling me on it though, as I was wrong in what I originally posted. Point taken. Thank you.

Ann said...

As I said, with a Black Pope the conspiracy theorists will go nuts lolll I really have no idea of Church politics, but I think Opus Dei is highly traditional and conservative and as such would have a lot in common with the Jesuits. Maybe I've read too many Dan Brown novels.

Ann said...

Vatican Report hidden away from the cardinals electing the next pope

Since it's from The Guardian I suppose it's reliable. Opus Dei is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the 13/3/13 chosen date, the thing that immediately stood out for me was his quote about going to the end of the Earth to find him: 'End of the Earth' is all I heard.

Daniel McGuire said...

In the first photo, I thought it was actor Jonathon Pryce from "Ronin".

Anonymous said...

Response to Anonymous:

The new Pope is actually Italian by blood, born in Argentina of Italian immigrants...

purrlgurrl said...

Any pope who followed Pope Benedict would suffer from relentless attempts to shoehorn him into fitting the Malachy Prophesies because in choosing his name (for whatever reasons important to him), Benedict set himself up to be seen as the next to the last pope by those who buy into the Malachy nonsense. Tortured logic will be used throughout his papacy to try to make Francis fit these obscure ramblings from the 15th century.

Having worked at two American Jesuit universities, I believe the Order's commitment to scholarship and research to be one of its strengths.

That said, a Pope from any clerical order who takes on the current state of the Church is going to need all the Divine assistance he can get.

aman said...

Jesuits' are Jewish, Jesus is not!

Jesus is an Israelite of the tribe Judah. Jews are not!

Judahites are God's chosen elect. Jews are not!

Jesus is of a Hebrew linage and Yahweist. Jews are not!

Pharisee's in Jesus' time are cultist today aka Jews

The word Jew is an invented word meant to deceive and dupe christians in believing that they are God's chosen people. They are not. They are in fact Eastern European Askhanazi's and no different than " murder incorporated" aka the Russian Mafia!

Ignaious Loyola is a crypto Jew. As was Columbus! Where is DC? Between Virginia ( Virgin) and Maryland ( Mary ) aka Satan's Seed.
Where is GeorgeTown University? in DC
What is GeorgeTown? a Jesuit College.

John 8:44 Case closed!

Loren Coleman said...

Two quick administrative notes:

Blogger does not allow moderators to "edit" comments. If you don't like something you wrote and submitted as a comment, delete it and start all over again. Resubmit it.

Hateful comments, comments that are anti-Semitic, and comments that are personal attacks against another human being will not be approved for posting. Debating is fine, but take your hate elsewhere.

BJones said...
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BJones said...

Check out an interesting video called - "Vatican Assassins - Eric Phelps on the Jesuits." Long but worthwhile....especially if you like history and conspiracies. Not a Catholic, but ANY sex issue should be absent within the church and the fact that it is so prevalent is proof that they are "lukewarm", which means that their faith in and fear of God is not what it should be. As for the 'last days', I fear they are here, but we are not ready for it...

Anonymous said...

Since the new Pope has previously sworn a vow of obedience to the Superior General of the Jesuits who really controls the Catholic Church now? Has the Superior General released him from his vows? Can Francis as Pope order the Superior General to release him from his vows? If so has he done so? Is this going to be Black Pope Puppet Pope situation?

Anonymous said...

Is the first image that of Napopeon?

Anonymous said...

If you want to remember just one thing, let it be this:

Jesuits cannot be trusted

Doesn't matter if you are a Catholic or non-Catholic, atheist or believer of some religion.

Jesuits cannot be trusted

Jesuits were responsible for assassinating some popes in the past. And Jesuits LOVE numerology... you can spot it easily.

Perilous times await the Catholic Church, and the world.

Once more:

Jesuits cannot be trusted

Kyle said...

It seems you are missing the point. Ignatius Loyola was a Jew. In the picture of the old Pope with the new Pope, they are both wearing yarmulkes. What did Francis do as soon as he was named the new pontiff? He reached out to those poor mis-treated Jews (sarcasm). Maybe "Crypto-Loren" knows a bit more about the Cryptos than he lets on?

Joseb Waukweli said...