Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another Bridgewater, Another Day of Violence

The copycat effect is real. This event was scripted in the blood of others who died at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Charleston. Be forewarned, the pattern is one known to the killers, so you should know it too. One week from this incident, more powerfully at the two-week mark, and then one month from today - four weeks and/or on the 26th - my friends in the media, especially doing live on air feeds, please be on guard. Be aware, be safe.

Violence has hit a another Bridgewater.

A gunman was on the loose early in the drama, after killing two broadcast journalists in a shooting that was captured on live television in Moneta, Virginia. It happened at the tourist attraction called Bridgewater Plaza, early Wednesday morning, August 26, 2015.

WDBJ camearman Adam Ward (far right, above) was filming reporter Alison Parker (middle) interviewing Vicki Gardner (below), the local chamber of commerce director, for a light-hearted segment at the water park at 6:45am when fifteen shots rang out.

Screams were then heard as the women duck and the camera falls to the floor. A person dressed all in black is then seen standing nearby with what appears to be a gun raised in one hand pointed at Ward.

Later, we were to discover the suspect's name, Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, who went by the media name Bryce Williams. He worked at the same station, WDBJ, and allegedly was fired two years earlier.

Guess what name game Vester is linked to?

Trees. (See "Trees Again.")

Vester is from a Roman name meaning "of the forest," from Latin silva, "wood, forest."

The general manager at the CBS station later came on the air to confirm Parker and Ward's deaths. Parker was 24 and Ward was 27.

ABC News said it received a 23-page fax from someone named Bryce Williams after the shooting. ABC shared the fax with police, and posted some of its contents Wednesday afternoon. The fax came about two hours after the shooting. Williams/Flanagan also called ABC twice in the hours after the shooting.

In the fax, Flanagan wrote, “Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15 … What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.”

He also referenced Virginia Tech shooter Seuing Hui Choi, calling him “his boy,” and expressed admiration for the Columbine High School shooters.

Vester Flanagan owned cats. One of the messages he included in his "manifesto," "suicide note," or whatever the media wishes to call it, is that he killed his cats in the forest.

Flanagan tweeted an old article about his discrimination suit days before the shooting. According to federal court records, he sued WTWC-TV, a Tallahassee, Florida station, in 2000 for “discrimination and retaliation.” The case was dismissed.

I was called and interviewed by USA Today, late in the day, regarding the copycat effect.

“Disturbed’ Va. gunman angered by Charleston shootings

The increase in attacks on journalists plays into killers’ desire to get attention, said Loren Coleman, the author of The Copycat Effect. He said the rise in violence against journalists only increases the media’s interest in those attacks.

“One of the best ways to increase the dissemination of their message is by attacking the media,” Coleman said. “He knew exactly how his message, his manifesto, his grievances would get out there through the media.”

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The live video has been widely disseminated (see here).

As many of my readers know, I coined the phrase "Bridgewater Triangle" in the 1970s, to describe a special area of bizarre Forteana, cryptids, and strange crime in Massachusetts. I first published about the Triangle in April 1980, in Boston Magazine, and in book form, in Mysterious America in 1983. A recent documentary, The Bridgewater Triangle, was made and now available, here, by professional filmmakers, directors Aaron Cadieux and Manny Famolare. A heavily-edited version, with 50% content, will be broadcast on September 5, 2015, on the cable network, Destination America with the new name, "America's Bermuda Triangle."


Daniel Sale said...

Adam Ward: Adam (West)/(Burt) Ward

Daniel Sale said...

Alison Parker: (Alison) Blaire/Peter (Parker)

Douglas Ratcliff said...

Another Batman sync?

The cameraman's name was Adam Ward. This may be a stretch but it jumped out at me as soon as I read the name since the original Batman TV show is so embedded in my memory but Adam West played Batman and Burt Ward played Robin.

I don't really think it's a stretch. Anyone of a certain age who had the TV as their baby sitter would probably make the same connection.

Matthew Deagle said...

A news-reporter videotapes himself shooting another news-reporter on live TV? This is what you would expect to see in a satirical black comedy about the copycat-effect. What goes around comes around?

Cory Panshin said...

From Slate:

ABC reports that Flanagan sent a 23-page fax identified as a "Suicide Note for Friends and Family" to ABC News at 8:26 a.m. Wednesday morning. The document, ABC says, complains of discrimination that Flanagan has faced as a "gay, black man" and cites the June 17 Charleston church shooting as the "tipping point" that motivated Flanagan to kill Parker and Ward. (Flanagan is believed to have accused Parker of making racist remarks and had accused a past employer of racial discrimination.) The document also reportedly expresses solidarity with the perpetrators of past massacres at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School in Colorado.

WhatsItAllAboutAlphie said...

Interesting sync. Adam Ward. Parker. Sandy Hook and the Batman movie. Real or another psych op? It's been narrated that it was a revenge shooting.

Law and Order Special Victims Unit

Enki said...

This just in:

Unknown said...

One of the first pictures the pops up when doing an image search for Alison Parker is of her wearing a 'Kale' (Kali, goddess of destruction) sweatshirt. The same sweatshirt worn by Beyonce in her 7/11 video she wore while dancing 'The Dance of Death' that kicked off a rash of Black Boule death cult murders last year. Kali also has a statue honoring her at CERN 666.

Daniel Sale said...

Ad for band Disturbed pulled after shooting

Douglas Ratcliff said...

@Daniel Sale: Good call on the Alison Blaire/Peter Parker. I did connect to the Parker but even though I am reading through Marvel's Secret Wars II collection, I just finished the story where The Beyonder tries to woo the Dazzler, I wasn't familiar enough with her character to make that connection.


It is an interesting story line as one of the ways The Beyonder tries to woo Alison is by faking an attack by the Avengers. Although Alison can quickly see through the illusion because none of the Avengers is acting like themselves.

And in another scene in the continuation of the story The Beyonder finds limiting his powers in order to feel a sense of accomplishment, he starts upping the powers of a group of low level mutants who seek to rescue Alison from the clutches of a bounty hunter she freely went along with in order to clear up some charges against her. Again, Alison sees what is happening and refuses to fight because she realizes The Beyonder is extending the battle because he enjoys fighting by her side so much.

If this where a false flag it could have been scripted from the pages of a comic book or a 1930s crime melodrama. When I first started looking up this story yesterday there was so much about "Governor Terry McAuliffe says the police are pursuing the suspect and should have him in custody soon" I thought I was reading the script from some old 1930s crime melodrama. I could imagine McAuliffe with a big Fedora hat speaking into the giant radio rig directing the police chase.

It is all exceedingly strange.

Douglas Ratcliff said...

Wow, Daniel, I found the video for the Disturbed song on YouTube. It is really something. An ultra-savage sequel to They Live! although in the video the news room people are all either robots or demons.

Douglas Ratcliff said...

Lost in the chaos of this story, I just saw that the judge in the Holmes trial handed down a sentence of 3318 years in prison for James Holmes.

A lot of these recent shootings seem to happen around significant days in the Holmes trial.

Unknown said...

Is it just me or does the shooter in the sideways screenshot in look white? Look at his hair...

Kathryn Lewis said...

"I'm not going to take it anymore" from Network. Donald Trump has revealed he is Batman. Dylan is the sea, great water. Bridges cross water. Flanagan is 41. The kid who held his class hostage the day before is 14. Has someone "rounded up" the bullet count from this one? I see Vester not as woods (that's Sylvester - the woods part being sylvia) but it is more being clothed in woods - like the scene that trips up MacBeth."Vest" actually refers to clothing. The man was "in costume", masked as Bryce (quick moving or alert) Williams. I think also of Vesta, the ancient Roman goddess of the hearth and how the sacred fires must be kept burning. Not water but fire next time?

Loren Coleman said...

Ms. Kathryn Lewis: "Vester" ("of the forest") is a short form of "Silvester"/"Sylvester," which derives from "silva," = "wood, forest."

Diminutives of Silvester/Sylvester are Fester (Low German), Vester (German), and Sly (English). There are more, but you get my drift.

You may feel Vester is related to other meanings, as you wish, but the link between Vester and the forest is etymological.

... said...

This did also happen on the day the so-called 'Batman Shooter' was sentenced and case closed right? Quite a distraction!

Tom Mellett said...


I was in an email discussion with my friend Bob today about all these Bridgewater connections when I turn on CNN only to see Donald Trump railing about Anthony Weiner at a press conference today held in Norwood, MA. At first I confused Norwood with Norton, MA which is within the BW Triangle, but, hey, Norwood is only 20 miles due north of Norton, so maybe that's close enough to bring in the Donald -- at least he was close to the BORDER of the triangle! ;-)

And don't forget, it was the Norton Police Chief who claimed the Thunderbird sighting.


Tom Mellett said...


When I first heard Vester's name, I immediately focused on his initials, which are VLF and stand for Very Low Frequency (radio waves), Not sure if that has any meaning beyond my self-absorbed intuitive hit, but here's the wiki for starters.