Thursday, July 21, 2005

Copycat of 7/7

How much more of a copycat could this be? Another Thursday in London, three explosions in the subway, one on a bus.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Transit Bombings Will Spread

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An international expert in behavioral contagion, Loren Coleman, author of The Copycat Effect (Paraview Pocket Books - Simon and Schuster, 2004), says the floodgates will now open to copycat acts of suicide bombers targeting mass transit systems and public gathering locations (e.g. malls) in Europe and North America. Such incidents as the 7/7 London, 3/11 Madrid, and 9/11 terror attacks serve as “celebrity events” that become models copied by vulnerable Islamic extremists. The shift from airplanes into building, to soft targets in the mass transit sphere, now appears complete, says Coleman who is predicting we will see copycat bombings within three months.
The news that the deadly London subway and bus bombings were caused by suicide bombers will have an immediate impact on the ranks of potential suicide bombers. More will come forward to die for their “cause.”
Coleman, who foresaw last summer that beheadings would be copied due to the mass electronic attention to them, says that while the media is not to blame, per se, it serves the objectives of the suicide bombers. Al-Qaeda and Hamas suicide bombers’ acts serve as models of acceptable behavior among their peers, spreading their membership via the copycat effect. In his book, he documented how suicidal-homicidal behavior requires a strong sense of purpose, which is in itself contagious, and leads to “volunteers” of this kind.
Coleman points out, that we did not always live in a world of suicide bombers. There is mounting evidence that suicide bombings, because of the media attention they receive, the fear factor they create, the terrorism and copycats they produce, achieve the goals of their suicidal-homicidal acts. The media--and how they can be used--has certainly become a part of the process. Today’s terrorists will use mass transit suicide bombings as publicity to recruit more activists, to gain attention to their grievances from softliners, and to “win” their war, from their point of view. Suicide bombers employ the media as horror-driven entertainment, to broaden their message.
Coleman notes that research shows potential terrorists become aroused by media presentations of terrorism, accept the violence as justified, and become tomorrow’s suicide bombers.
Contagion terrorism, unfortunately, makes compelling sense when we understand the simple but deadly psychology of the copycat effect. The global attention and blanket media coverage given the 7/7 London terrorist attacks will actually help create tomorrow’s suicide bombers who will feel fully legitimized in their future murder-suicides. It all is a sad irony, notes Coleman.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Explosions

Reports from London are of series of subway and double-decker bus explosions this morning.

Al Qaeda? G8 is meeting in Edinburgh and the announcement for the 2012 Olympics being held in London was made yesterday.

Is there a twlight language angle here? If the reports are confirmed, apparently there were four explosions taking place on 7-7-2005 (with 2 + 5 = 7). Needless to say, al Qaeda has shown a deep interest in numerical symbolism, with attention to "elevens" in their past attacks, with the 9/11 incidents most discussed, as well as terrorist explosions occurring in the Philippines, Bali, and Madrid. Is there something going on with "sevens" too?

Such as with Flight 77 being one of the planes hijacked on 9/11?