Sunday, August 03, 2008

Decapitations: Greece and Canada

Malcolm Brabant's BBC News article for August 3, 2008, "Gruesome crime shocks Greek isle" tells that police on the Greek island of Santorini have shot and injured a 35 year old knifeman who decapitated his girlfriend and walked around the streets with her head.

The suspect was shot during a dramatic car chase in which he crashed into a motorbike and badly injured the rider and passenger.

The crime is one of the most gruesome in Greece in recent memory.

CNN is reporting late on August 4th that there are rumors the same suspect was involved in a possible beheading of a man north of where the suspect beheaded his girlfriend.

It follows, of course, on the heels of the incident last week on July 30th, on the Canadian bus where a man beheaded a fellow passenger.

By week's end, in the following article, "Decapitation Suspect Allegedly Ate Victim," the story grew more disturbing.

A police officer at the scene of a fatal stabbing on a Canadian bus reported seeing the attacker hacking off pieces of the victim's body and eating them, according to a police tape leaked on the Internet on August 2nd.

In the tape of radio transmissions, officers referred to the attacker, who also beheaded the victim, as "Badger." They said he was armed with a knife and scissors and was "defiling the body."

"Badger's at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and eating it," an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said on the tape.

The RCMP described the tapes as "operational police communications and, as such, are not meant for public consumption." The tape was posted on YouTube among other Web sites.

The employer of the man who witnesses said stabbed and beheaded his seat mate on a Greyhound bus in Canada said that he was in shock to learn that his "model employee" has been accused of the grisly attack.

Vincent Augert, an independent contractor who distributes newspapers in Edmonton, Alberta, said that Vince Weiguang Li, was one of his most reliable carriers.

Witnesses described a bloody killing that occurred as some passenger were napping and others watching "The Legend of Zorro" on television screens inside the bus. Greyhound spokeswoman Abby Wambaugh said there were 37 passengers on the Winnipeg, Manitoba-bound bus at the time.

Shortly after passengers reboarded following a break, the suspect - for no apparent reason - stabbed the man sitting next to him several dozen times as others fled in horror, witnesses said. He then severed the man's head, displayed it and began hacking at the body.

Authorities have not released the victim's name but friends identified him as Tim McLean and said he was headed to Winnipeg after working with the carnival in Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

Manchurian Candidate?

Anonymous said...

This seems to readying the public for the beheadings prophesized in the bible against those who refuse to renounce Christ in the last days....

Anonymous said...

This is clearly a satanic mind control event.

Anonymous said...

Loren, there's also of course the case of the British girl murdered by her Brazilian boyfriend, (

This apparently occurred within the same timeframe and, since her head's still missing, is also seemingly a decapitation incident.

Anonymous said...

Manchurian candidate???...You took the words right out of my mouth when I heard about this!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like demon possession.

FilmNoir23 said...


What do you know about the use of the term "Badger" in this case???

I would be curious to dig deeper to see if any link can be made between this individual and having served in the 1st Gulf War...look into "Project Badger" which was a anti-anthrax vaccine being tested on soldiers (and has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome).

This would also loom large as Bruce Ivins "suicide". He had been working at Ft. Detrick on just such a drug for many years. The documents available online in regards to "Project Badger" come from Ft. Detrick as well...

Anonymous said...

Actually the "mind control" is in the media usage of the term "beheading" ( the blogger aside, who is just relaying this popularized usage).

The term beheading is conventionally in relation to the removal of the head of a live organism ; it is strongly asociated with the term 'Al Qaeda'.

This was a post-mortem decapitation, and a side note to the actual murder. The media has made this particular sub-event the main event, even above the evisceration.

Basic word association. Al Qaeda is everywhere. More wars or we're all finished!

Anonymous said...

damn we don't know who to trust now,the person next to you can just suddenly snap.We need guns,its that simple.The badger patrol showed up late and always will since they get called after the maniac or zombie attacks.Its always too late,think about it.we need guns.

Anonymous said...

This disruptive material happens all over Manitoba a lot. The killings are rising there given the nature of how the killer made easy access to the auto bus.

Anonymous said...

How odd. In the States, where guns are still legal (though just barely and not everywhere), immediately prior to an important "gun control" vote there is always a high profile mass shooting. And in countries where guns are banned, the push is now on to disarm the peasants of even their knives... and voila, high profile knife murders with prominently displayed decapitated heads conveniently take place as if orchestrated.

Anonymous said...

Odd, but I heard about the Canadian incident on CNN -- right after a story about Obama, and the then the announcer went right into another story about Obama while I was still dealing with the shock of the behedding story. Almost as if scripted that way. I know from talking to a psychologist friend that research indicates reminding people of their death, in whatever form, is a surefire way to bring out their conservative tendencies.

Anonymous said...

This happens all over Winnipeg alot? Really???? I'm a Canadian, and as you've all seen, this kind of thing makes TOP NEWS all over the world, let alone, it does NOT happen 'a lot' in Manitoba; this is an isolated incident....
People who do this clearly have psychiatric issues that have never been addresse; to start associating these isolated events, performed by people with mental health issues, to prophesies of the bible, or al quaeda, is beyond bizarre, absured...and...well, makes me wonder what the hell's going on in YOUR heads, that u come up with these associations....I wonder if that man who did the killing had the same kind of bizarre thoughts going thru his head too?

Anonymous said...

manchurian candidate was the first thing that came to mind. absolutely. i guess im not the only "crazy asshole" that thinks this way. it all started with paperclip. what do you think will happen when you bring 5000 nazi ss maniacs home after ww2 project monarch---mk ultra--- thousands of "throw away" humans to experiment with

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Conspiracy theories are alive and well. Manchurian Candidate? readying us for some biblical prophecy?, are you people sure about this? what about the most simple explanation, which is what it usually is.....A mentally unstable person (schizophrenic, I heard) goes off the medication prescribed or goes undiagnosed until some random gruesome act takes place? What would the Manchurian Candidate have to do with this case? They were two inoccuous strangers, insignificant joes.....A terrible random crime perpetrated by a seemingly mentally unstable individual.

Anonymous said...

From anoymouse no.1 to el tubbo.

And look at all the similarities. Some key points that strikes me:
1. All three post mortem decapitations
2. Knives and relatively young men
3. ''Tourism'' or travelling in all three cases.
4. ''Rampage'', ''Vile'', ''Evil''
5. ''Regrets'' in two of the cases so far.
In the Santos case:
“Tell her I am sorry. I did not know what I was doing.”
Look at the picture of Li:
Are these two persons typical ''Charles Manson''-types, who was/is completely insane in my opinion?
Well, I might be theorising without knowledge too much now.
Please pardon my silly english, I'm from Norway.

Anonymous said...

anonymouse at 7:56 PM wrote:
''A mentally unstable person (schizophrenic, I heard) goes off the medication prescribed or goes undiagnosed until some random gruesome act takes place? What would the Manchurian Candidate have to do with this case?''
Drugs and/or medications are heavily used tools under brainwashing. Just look up MK-ultra and all the other documents.

BTW. I'm not of the kind who sees black helicopters flying around everywhere, and that the government ''killed my 90 year old grandmommy''

Mark said...

I think I have some insight on the Manchurian/killer thing. I once stopped a guy from killing a few people on a bus. He had "demons" in his head, telling him to do it. I don't even think he wanted to do it, he was just being incessantly told to do it. Now, whether that was his own insanity, real demons, or (my favorite) some sort of mind control, I'll never know.

It was the night of the first WTO protests in Seattle, and this took place in Portland, OR. Looking back, it makes some sense that he would be a mind-controlled killer, to do some sort of awful public murder, to deflect the news from the protests to the north. But who knows. He was also from the Middle East, for what it's worth.

I know the Manchurian candidate thing sounds like kooky conspiracy nuttery, but killing people is a really useful tool for the governments. Look at 9/11, oklahoma, etc. Or, if you really believe in the terrorist thing as being genuine, just look at terrorism. There are definitely crazy people too. Something like 5% of the population are supposedly sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Now, there is no reason for us to lose our heads over this!(Wink).

Anonymous said...

hard to imagine they don't have metal detectors to screen passengers before boarding. that's standard SOP in many places just to enter a building now, let alone a cramped bus with all kinds of people.

Anonymous said...

There have been many decapitations in the United States over the past 10 years, one specifically that occured on a well traveled, hard surfaced bike trail along a water canal near I-17 and Dunlap in Phoenix, Arizona. There hasn't been any word about the whereabouts of the young woman, cyclists head. Anyone have any idea what the status of that cae is?

Anonymous said...

Badger? Clearly the RMPC knew this man already and had a fixed code name for him.

This was very obviously a case of a 'manchurian candidate.' My view is that shocking crimes are committed at the instigation of the intelligence agencies in order to crank about the tension and anxiety we all feel about modern life.

I'd suggest that the plan is working, and that most people feel considerably more anxious about travel, including commuting, than they did even ten years ago.

Why would they do this? Anxiety correlates with support for hardline police measures and conservatism in general. It's a deliberate plan to invert society which, in living memory, subscribed to the more optimistic philosophy of, say, President Kennedy, who believed most human problems were fixable.

Anonymous said...

Until the details of the cases come forth, all these ludicrous theories are meaningless. Many of the comments here actually prove that the only mind control victims involved are the commentators in the list.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that nobody mentioned the popular culture's influence on this crime. In the movie "The Legend of Zorro" (which was showing in the bus) Zorro's brother's head is cut off and pickled in a jar.

Perhaps this guy lost touch with reality and thought it would be cool to chop off someone's head like in the movies.

Aside from this, innocent people are dying everyday all over the world. I don't think one life is more precious than another. I wonder why the thousands that are dying in Iraq don't get this attention.

Curse the main stream media.

Anonymous said...

And, just to make things more interesting...a recent decapitation of a Lebanese pop star in Dubai:

Yep, someones preparing us for "something"

Anonymous said...

Carnies. You know what Austin Powers had to say about Carnies...

Anonymous said...

Definitely mind control. "They" (I will leave it to you to figure out who they are) have us afraid to fly. We can't afford to drive (gas). Now it's buses and in Europe its trains. The more control "they" have, the better. These incidents are about control and being controlled. It is happening right before our eyes but unfortunately, we have our eyes wide shut.

Anonymous said...

This is MK Ultra 101. For all you innocents out there: Study the MK Ultra Program that started in 1953 with doctors and scientists from Project Paperclip (Nazi sicko scientists that the US imported from Germany.) Read Cathy O'Brien's books or Brice Taylor. MK Ultra is still going on today. It basically takes young children and traumatizes them through torture (especially satanic/sexual) until their mind "breaks." These victims' brains them become compartmentalized (they have what used to be known as multiple personality disorder but is now called dissociative disorder.) They are then mind-controlled with harmonics, drugs, continued torture, etc. So their "handlers" can order them to do "anything" including beheading someone. And yes, this is all being done to instill fear in the public and to set the stage for gun/knife confiscation. "They" want us helpless, defenseless and totally under "their" control so that they can ultimately KILL most of us. Boy, this does sound crazy, but, unfortunately it's all T-R-U-E!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget all the decapitations that deliberately go unreported on a regular basis.

Look for the "decapitation" equivalent of the Iraqi SURGE to be hyped soon throughout mainstream media as the economy really gets tough and people really start to lose it.

Barbara Diamond

Anonymous said...

Murder capital of Canada!

Anonymous said...

Did these people watch "The Dark Knight"? The Joker uses a joker card as his death card. It is a joker holding a decapitated head. Could this be a subconscious trigger?

FilmNoir23 said...

What I find most curious currently is that the person responsible for this horrible act of violence is Chinese (this should raise some eyebrows frankly)...our Va. Tech "hitman" was Korean...If anyone wanted to raise fear amongst "average" folks a gruesome killing in Canada at the hands of an Asian would work on a number of psychological levels.

Anonymous said...

"Li" is name of one of 13 Illuminati bloodline families. NOT that he's bloodline but this is a typical 'signal' sent to the elite. This story is rife with occultism, numerology, blood sacrifice.

Clearly this guy is a pawn in the Jesuit 'game'. Vince Li was used, an MKUltra victim who will be charged with a crime he unknowingly committed? Tortured, demonized and victimized by fake christians/jews/governments to impose MORE laws we don't need, more insecurity measures?
Hints of Neil Entwhistle whose wife and baby were murdered (PTECH anyone?) now taking the fall.
Are we being prepared for the coming war on heritage Jews, True Christians and those innocent Muslims (not saudi Wahabbists)
Greyhound - under the dog star Sirius
Bus #1170 = 9
Li boarded 'west' of Portage
Abby (church) Wambaugh (Jos. Wambaugh book "the Choirboys" wasn't there a beheading?
Abby Wambaugh from TEXAS - one of death states on 33rd degree parallel.
McLean was 'about' 18 = 9; surely, they could have gotten this right
"Legend of Zorro" significance anyone?
Days til 08/08/08 Beijing Olympics to begin 08:08:08pm
RCMP Sgt. "Day"

08/0l/08 LUGHNASA or Great Sabbat
7 days to Beijing
Total Solar Eclipse from Arctic CANADA-Greenland-W. Siberia-Russia-Mongolia - destination CHINA

Crash of Hawker RAYtheon 800 in Minn.
B. Ivins "suicided?"
Ankara Turkey students murdered during Quran classes.
6 pt. (HAARP?) earthquake
deaths 0f 17 (8 lucky no) policemen blamed on Turkik Muslims?

Yes, how about guillotines in america. and rumor they're stashed at a nunnery in Tulsa.

Just a thought.

PS interesting Abby said 'they' had a new program set up (just in time) to provide security. hmmmm. sounds like sudden discovery of vatican document taking the heat off murderous Knights of Templar.

hedlylamarr said...

The last time I rode on a Greyhound bus was in 2004, and security checked all of us with metal detectors before loading at every major terminal. They were very specific about keeping knives and such out of the passenger compartment. This isn't done in Canada?