Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama and Bond, James Bond

I understand President Obama is going to Denver today to worship the Sun God Ra, to sign the stimulus package. Chris Knowles, at the Secret Sun, points out that it is "a very strange venue to do so."

Hey, no conspiracy here, supposedly. The White House announced that the President is there because of the alternative green energy collector on the roof of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The DMNS has a roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system, consisting of 465 solar panels split between roofs on the southeast and southwest wings of the Museum. That's the reason, overtly. But maybe there's a covert reason?

While there, perhaps President Obama will address the need to fund conservation efforts on behalf of Sasquatch due to the declining pika populations?

Let us not forget that the museum Zoology Department's Aaron Spriggs gave a full-scale cryptozoology presentation, entitled “Birders, Bigfoot and Bond, James Bond,” on April 1st, 2008 at the DMNS. Cryptozoology and spies. Need we say more.

I'll be watching to see what he really says and does today.


Anonymous said...

The more archaic spelling of pika is pica, also the name for an unusual eating disorder where sufferers will pretty much swallow anything. A punning way of giving everyone the digitus impudicus?

cryptidsrus said...

Nice post, Loren.

Although I personally don't think the President is THAT cool. That's basically an invention of the media. MY opinion.

One does wish he would address the Sasquatch issue, wouldn't he??? One can only dream...
Maybe (finally) UFO disclosure as well.

cryptidsrus said...

And I'm not saying you're calling him a new Bond, either.
Just engaging in wishful thinking, Loren.

Anonymous said...

And Pica pica is the magpie, a member of the crow family (the Crow character cropping up in connection to Crow face make-up and death clowns) who staggers under the weight of folklore and superstition (especially connected to death).

They could be actually giving us the bird.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the Gary Bell show "A View from Space" aired every Saturday night on Toronto's AM640. You can download his shows from conspiracycentral.net's tracker, and he also has a Yahoo group where you can download the shows commercial free. Listen to his revelations about Obama. He has been dead-on since early 2007 about Barry. He has some interesting things to say on last weeks show about Colorado and the 17th.