Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Egypt

Lest we forget, this is what can be seen from Tahrir Square, through the haze, and from elsewhere in Cairo. The new Egypt is a reflection of the ancient one.

Updated 2.11.2011: There has been a major change in the government of Egypt. The new Egypt has arrived. The old Egypt will be recalled, especially as the region changes and even the Kingdom of Kush is being reestablished in Southern Sudan.


Sharon Day said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful words. It makes one wonder how many time Egypt has seen uprisings and drama and yet somethings always withstand the changes of time, like the pyramids. It sort of puts it in perspective, huh?

Red Pill Junkie said...

How fitting that it had to happened in a palindromic date, 1102-2011

Anonymous said...

The regime is still in charge.

Mark said...

Autumnforest> "somethings always withstand the changes of time, like the pyramids"

Well, legend has it the pyramids were originally capped by gold and covered by finished stone-work, and the stone siding had been inscribed with all the knowledge of the ancient world.

If there's any truth to that legend, the pyramids have not withstood the test of time in a real way. And the people who got the stones off the pyramids with all that knowledge are the biggest winners of any revolution ever.

a GrebBear said...

Great Post )

ONE of the Big secrets of the phi-ra-M-I-D's = they AR-E the co-de ... the stones, are "on top of" the real treasure. The stones have stood the test of ti-me, and the beauty with-IN will so-on be Reve-al-ed.

Code #1 = the entrance, can be found here:

... transcending the MON-KEY MinD, will be posted later today ))

... i hope this helps ? -)

Peace love Light TRUTH
(- ;
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Mark said...

Cairo in the news:

Abbas and Mashaal in Cairo to end Fatah-Hamas schism

Levee blasted along Mississippi River to spare Cairo, Ill.

Both of these apparently will have far-reaching effects. The first Cairo story threatens to destablize the Middle East. The second Cairo story is about destroying vast stretches of farm land in the mid-west to save a single small town.