Thursday, May 05, 2011

Bin Laden Raid Squirt Gun

Can you name the brand of the water squirt gun photographed underneath the body of one of the men killed during the Osama bin Laden raid in Pakistan?

Random squirt gun images that do not exactly match the one photographed during the raid.

Photos of the squirt gun.

The image of the dead body and the squirt gun.


Mark said...

I don't know the make of the squirt gun, but on some military blog I read that the squirt gun thing is a Navy Seals 'calling card' (like remember in Apocolypse Now the AirCav guy left behind playing cards?) -- the Navy Seals leave behind the squirt gun and it's supposed to be a twisted kind of war comment on that they wouldn't shoot an unarmed person.

Red Pill Junkie said...

@ Mark: That is so morbid @_@

Anonymous said...

No doubt it's made in China --

aferrismoon said...

Really Mark - unfortunately it does sound viciously realistic. Almost like 'serial killers' with their 'calling cards' [Zodiac Killer].

Posing the bodies is also indicative of serial killers [ aka discharged soldiers] as well as photos.

Goes right along with Morlock, Holmes et al, who were caught setting up, killing, photographing and taking trophies from innocent Afghanis.

These photos were published while they said the OBL photo was too terrible to print.


Elite Forces Product Placement


Anonymous said...

Strangely, there are several scenes with islamists using squirt guns in the british homegrown-terrorist comedy "Four Lions" (2010).
In one scene, a SWAT-commando forcefully enters the home of the cell-leaders religious, but completely innocent brother, arresting the man and confiscating a tiny squirt gun as "piece of evidence". The analogy to the "Osama-fairytale" is actually quite imitating art! Besides, in "Four Lions", Osama gets killed in the Pakistani desert (entirely by accident, though). It almost appears to be a case of unintentional "predictive programming".

Greetings from Germany, A.