Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St. Clair Cabal: Victoria's Secret?

Remember Victoria Alexander? I mentioned her when I discussed the passing of Gordon Novel and the Second Oswald mysteries. Information-sharing only. No editorial insights.

Victoria Alexander contacted me, to send along more photographs of herself and more information. She decided to detail how she wished to convey this, in her own words, recently.

In her blog, The Devil's Hammer, on March 25, 2013, she spends a bit of time sharing her involvement with Novel and her quest to figure out if he was the Umbrella Man.

After that subsection, Alexander then tackles what she calls "The St. Claire Cabal," in responding, not to my blog itself, but to an Anonymous comment maker:
I found an interesting article on "The Second Oswald" that mentioned me. A commenter posted this: "Interesting tidbit, supposedly Victoria is a St. Claire (of Da Vinci Code fame) and her sister is married to General Michael Aquino, an ex-Green Beret who helped Anton LaVey start the Church of Satan, and split from him and started the Temple of SET. And of course a long list of other odious deeds." Source.
I sent the link to Michael and Lilith Aquino (the 13th Baron Michael and Baroness Lilith of Rachane). Michael thoroughly enjoyed his supposed "odious deeds" and he returned this photo of the four of us taken in Las Vegas. From left: Michael, "sisters" Lilith and Victoria, John.
Finally, Lilith and I have been recognized by a prominent member of the conspiracy cognoscente as sisters! But more important, what is a St. Claire? I did the research because I know you are too damn busy:

Simon Cox points out in Cracking the Da Vinci Code that members of the St Clair family had actually testified against the Knights Templar when some of its members were tried at Holyrood in Edinburgh in 1309. There is indeed an underground chamber, a crypt, under Roslynn Chapel, where members of the St Claire family were buried over the centuries. The entrance to the crypt is well-known. It is beneath the flagstones of the north aisle of the chapel, but to this point excavations have not been allowed. There is no real evidence that the crypt contains documentary or any other kind of treasure, and the owners fear that the church – which has been neglected over many centuries – would suffer irreversible damage were it to be undermined. ~ Victoria Alexander.
I think we are to take away from this passage that she is not the sister of the other woman, and a blog comment maker is creating a conspiracy where none may exist. Nevertheless, by her own admission, Victoria Alexander does circulate in some intriguing circles of friends.

Who is Victoria Alexander with in this photo?

 The Mysterious Victoria Alexander. 
Photo courtesy of Victoria Alexander.

Retired Colonel John Alexander of Los Alamos National Laboratories, Gordon Novel, and John’s wife Victoria Alexander. Photo from Jim Moseley.

Answer to the question above: Victoria Alexander was 
with Edward Teller. Photo from Victoria Alexander.

In a publication that has authors such as myself and skeptic Sharon Hill (pictured below) contributing articles on a variety of topics, we find Victoria Alexander in the mix. She reviews the "extreme ecstatic practices of medieval saints and mystics and finds a close relationship to the modern use of ayahuasca as a visionary tool" in Intermediate States: The Anomalist 13.

For more on the St. Clair (not St. Claire) family that owns the Rosslyn Chapel, 
see here and here.

Ancient hunting Sinclair (St. Clair) tartan


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An interview or discussion between Dave McGowan and Michael Aquino:



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