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Slender Man Mayhem & Las Vegas Killings

The world appears to have become more unbalanced than usual.

There has been mayhem incarnate since May 31, 2014, when two 12-year-old southeastern Wisconsin girls stabbed a 12-year-old friend nearly to death in the woods to please Slender Man. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, 12-year-old girls in Waukesha, Wisconsin, held down and stabbed that friend 19 times, trying to commit murder to become "proxies" (acolytes) of the Slender Man. 

Since then, it has come out that another Slender Man attack happened right before this incident:
An Ohio woman, who was recently attacked by 13-year-old daughter with a knife, said she believes he daughter was inspired by internet horror meme Slenderman.
The woman, who asked to not be identified, told WLWT that she made the connection after seeing reports of the two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls who attempted to stab their friend to death, hoping to make the fictional Slenderman appear.
“I came home one night from work and she was in the kitchen waiting for me and she was wearing a mask — a white mask,” the woman said. “She had her hood up and had her hands covered with her sleeves and the mask.”
“She was someone else during that attack,” the mother added. Source.
Pictured above, Anissa Weier, on the left, dresses like The Joker from The Dark Knight. On the left, Jerad Miller plays The Joker, and his wife, Amanda, portrays Harley Quinn.

After the Slender Man attempted murder, the floodgates from Hell seemed to open.

On June 4th, Justin Bourque, dressed in paramilitary gear, armed heavily, terrorized Moncton, New Brunswick, killing 3 Mounties and others. 

On June 5th, Aaron Ybarra, wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt, skater sneakers and jeans, shoot three, killing one, at Seattle Pacific University. 

On June 6th, D-Day, Dennis Marx, wearing paramilitary gear, including a gas mask (like The Dark Knight Rise's Bane) and a bulletproof vest, armed with explosives and an assault rifle, undertook a "frontal assault" on a Georgia courthouse, shooting a sheriff's deputy in the leg.

"The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it," Jerad Miller wrote in a Facebook post on June 7, a day before the Las Vegas killings.

Dawn? Aurora. That is a powerful word to use.

Then on June 8th, Jerad and Amanda Miller opened fire, pointblank, on two policeman eating at a pizza parlor, killing them. Taking their badges and guns, going to a Wal-Mart where they killed a man*, the pair went to the back of the store and took their own lives.

The bizarre couple, who committed the Las Vegas killings, lived at an apartment at the Oak Tree Apartments, on Bruce Street, near Fremont Street, in downtown Las Vegas. 

Photo of Jerad Miller: Provided by the Tippecanoe County Jail, Lafayette, Indiana.

The Millers married Sept. 22, 2012, and lived in the 1200 block of Weaver Street in Lafayette [Indiana]. They also were evicted from an apartment in the 1500 block of Greenbush St., according to court records.
A Facebook photo posted by Amanda, whose maiden name is Woodruff, on Jan. 4, indicated they were leaving Lafayette. Source.

The pair having previously lived in Lafayette, Indiana, therefore also links to the Fayette Factor.

The name Jerad Miller, of course, reminds many of Jared Loughner.

James Holmes.

A police search of the Millers' apartment began shortly before 9 p.m. June 8, 2014, at that location. White supremacy material was apparently found, including swastikas. What other weirdness was there?

See also: Photo of Las Vegas Killers: Jokers and Cop-Hating Idiots?

What was learned from the couple's neighbors is that the Millers wanted to cause a Columbine-type situation, and lived in a world involving, yes, Slender Man, The Joker, and other evil fantasy figures.
Krista Koch, who lives near the apartment that was searched, told [KTNV] Action News the apartment was occupied by the couple who is accused of shooting two Las Vegas police officers and another person on Sunday morning.
According to Koch, the couple would often talk about killing police officers and were very anti-government.

 Slender Man: Art by Andy Finkle.
The neighbor also told Action News the man would often dress up as the "Joker" and "Slender Man" and the woman would dress up as "Harley Quinn."

 Harley Quinn: Art by Comic Vine.
In addition, Koch says that the neighbor told her that they were going "underground" before carrying out an attack. Koch identified the man as "Jared" and told Channel 13 that she just thought the couple was "crazy" and did not realize their intentions were serious.
 From Amanda Miller's Facebook page.
The "Joker" is a comic book super villain, who is portrayed as a criminal mastermind. He was the arch enemy of "Batman." James [Eagen] Holmes, the man who shot and killed 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, dressed up as the "Joker" during that shooting.
"Slender Man" has most recently been associated with the stabbing of a 12-year-old girl by her 12-year-old friends in Wisconsin. The girls allegedly stabbed the girl because they wanted to meet the fictional character made popular by the website
"Harley Quinn" is also a fictional character in the "Batman" comic book series. She is the girlfriend of the "Joker." - KTNV
*Name Game
The Clark County Coroner's Office on June 9th, identified the armed bystander who tried to return fire, killed at Wal-Mart as Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31, of Las Vegas. The Wilcox surname is of early medieval English origin. It derives from the elements "Will," a short form of William, with the addition of the hypocoristic suffix "cock or cockes," meaning "son of," and later transposed to "cox." William was the Norman form of the personal name Wilhem composed of the Germanic elements "wil," meaning "will or desire," and "helm," meaning "protection" (Source).

Jerad is an English name, the meaning being "rules by the spear."
Amanda is a Latin name meaning "having to be loved," "deserving to be loved," or, simply, "worthy of love."
Miller means "a person who owns or works in a grain mill."  
Amanda's maiden name was Woodruff, of Anglo-Saxon origin, which can be either a topographical name for someone who lived on a patch or land thickly grown with woodruff, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century "wudurofe" meaning "woodruff," or, it may be a nickname for one who used woodruff as a perfume because of its strongly scented leaves.

For two different points of view on the killers, see Andrew West Griffin's "I will be doing something," and Michael Hoffman's "Demon-possessed 'Joker' cop killers strike in Las Vegas."

Several h/ts to Cory, SMiles, Theo, Enki, Robert, and others who wish to not be identified. 


Red Pill Junkie said...

Notice how their apartment was on Bruce street --as in Bruce Wayne. Perhaps a deliberate act on their part?

Sitara said...

Notice how their expression are all the same even without the makeup

Joe Strange said...

The only valid reason to kill someone is over an imagined slight...

Cory Panshin said...

There's a whole literature out there on the dysfunctional relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker, ranging from academic papers to fan message board arguments. This article seems to offer a reasonable introduction to the complexities of the subject.

aferrismoon said...

Harlequin from the Commedia Del Arte, of course, loves Columbine.


Unknown said...

Although Michael A. Hoffman II is on to many true things,
he has succumbed to a regrettable cultic devotion to Christism,
such that he prefers ill-defined words like „demon-possessed“
to more understandable ones like „mental forces“ or „interdimensional“,
and furthermore, his homophobic and misogynistic statements
must be rebuked in full.
In regard to anal sex and abortion he simply knows not what he says,
indeed what sins he commits against fairness in professing such anti-human and anterotic non-sense that the demented Catholic church concocted.
Such beliefs and opinions must be ironically ascribed to the very satanic current that he otherwise opposes – that which plays one group against another in order to benefit from conflict and unfairness.
His research is some of the best and most meticulous,
but his cultic and hypocritical moralisations
must be regarded as the rigid denunciations of a disciplined psychopath.
When one lacks an innate conscience, one therefore requires a somewhat irrationally rigid belief-system in order to keep his own behaviour in check.
Indeed, Christism with its utter denunciation of the human being
conforms well to the psyche of a self-denying psychopath,
and thus it has always been the psychopath that promotes Christism.
Even good-natured psychopaths have a certain inescapable affinity
with the madness of Christism and other such cults of „original sin“.
This because in lacking any innate conscience, they require discipline in order to be good, but this leads them sometimes to err grossly in finer matters.
It should be noted that it is the psychopathic meticulousness that leads such people to develop an extaordinary meticulousness at deciphering subterfuge,
yet the same mentality also leads to errors of unbridled calculation when the intellect overtakes the sense, i.e. one’s sympathy for others is combusted by pure precision.