Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weird Pitchfork Incident #2

There's been another encounter of the pitchfork kind, and it happened before the Ohio authorities released the information about T. J. Lane escaping from prison with a pitchfork. Lane had a pitchfork with him during his 9/11 escape, but the public did not know about it until the evening of September 15, 2014.

Oklahoma City resident Shaun D. Walsh, 41, was arrested much earlier (around 12:30 am) on Monday, September 15, 2014. He was charged with punching his ex-girlfriend and chasing her with a pitchfork - technically domestic assault with a dangerous weapon and malicious injury and destruction of property.

The events occurred in the 2800 block of SW Grand Blvd, near South May Street, on the south side of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
According to the victim, Walsh said, “F*** you, b****. You get what you deserve,” as he punched her. After he stopped punching, the victim told police Walsh went into another room of the home and grabbed a three-prong pitchfork. She said he began chasing her around the house before she could make it out the front door. Once outside Walsh demanded the victim give him the keys to her car. She refused, and that's when she said Walsh used the pitchfork to break the passenger side window to her car. He then dropped the pitchfork and left the scene on foot, according to News9.com.
Police caught up with Walsh and took him to Southwest Medical Center to be medically cleared before he was transported to the Oklahoma County Jail.

(Thanks to Todd Campbell for the news hint.)

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