Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tabloid Prez 2016

The tabloids seem to be competing with each other for most comedic but biting politically-related headlines during this presidential cycle. Whereas the traditional definition of tabloid journalism is of a style of journalism that tends to emphasize topics such as sensational crime stories, astrology, ufology, celebrity gossip, sports scandals, and junk food news, the current media have loved mostly the Trump, as their source. The following examples reflect what political news has become during the race for the White House for 2016.

The UK newspapers have gotten involved.

But the American press has been routinely editorial in their headlines.

Some critiques of Trump have been fact-based, but of little effect.

Ted Cruz has not been immune.

Of course, in the past, the tabloids have been the source of political commentary of the alien kind. I have not seen that this cycle, yet.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Problem is, Trump has successfully demonstrated there's no such thing as bad publicity. Even when intending to be derogatory, the newspapers and the rest of the media are still talking about him, thus keeping him relevant.

I suspect there were plenty of German newspapers mocking Hitler before his election as chancellor.

little dynamo said...

Never paid much attention to the guy until the Hatefest got going. It's fun hearing him say things not permitted in, ah, free-speech America. Any individual that enrages progs on a regular basis at least has a valid function in the world.