Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trump Towers

Twin Trump Towers in Istanbul, Turkey.

All of a sudden, architecturely speaking, buildings may become a new political focus again, under the forthcoming president.

The assassin stands behind the Russian ambassador at the photography exhibit in Ankara, Turkey.

And in Berlin too.


A New Day said...

Perhaps, twinning, has to do with doubling the power?

Curious shot of the assassin's HANDS! I see four fingers covering a gun gesture. Could this symbolize the HIDDEN HAND with GUN?

In the New York Times story on 19.12.2016, the editors chose a photo with the assassin standing in the "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" posture.


ray said...

Victory Column, site of Obama's 'triumphal entry'. High above towers the goddess, shining riteously.