Friday, December 07, 2018

Can You Buzz Me In? Cryptokubrology Times?

Ant-Man: "Can you buzz me in?"


December 7, 2018 is here. 

I be on the lookout, my droogs, for heavy bezoomny #cryptokubrology action going down on the last day in the 237th month since Kubrick snuffed it. Have the #KubrickStare set with a lacty-free Moloko toast (sans Vellocet) at ready.

For some earlier background, see "Crytokubrology: Syncing Deaths." (h/t Alex Fulton)

Followup: Alex Fulton (@Crypto-kubrology on Twitter) posted late on 12.7.2018, these items (I am @CryptoLoren on Twitter):

"The Final Stand Against Thanos Begins in the First Trailer for Avengers 4"This is it @CryptoLoren—the long-awaited trailer for AVENGERS: ENDGAME released exactly 237 months after Kubrick's death—"ending" a month which saw the death of (among many others) Marvel mastermind Stan Lee, born exactly 2307 days before Stanley Kubrick.

"I don't know why it works, I just know it works. #cryptokubrology #midpoint #zenosparadox"

"Compare to INFINITY WAR, which released 4/27/18 or 999 weeks after Kubrick died (in 1999). If you check out these graphics I did last year, you see several incredible Crypto-K alignments regarding other Marvel films & crucial historical moments."

"The movie will in all likelihood involve the use of 'time-travel' to defeat the 'ultimate nemesis' Thanos. It will close the first chapter of the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe masterminded by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby."

I posted this: "Endgame is the Beginning. Ant-Man is the key to open the door. Eemya Eegra = Name Game. Now the interim 12.8.2018-4.26.2019. @cryptokubrology #Cryptokubrology @MrPeytonReed ~ @CryptoLoren"

Alex Fulton replied with: "🙏🙏🙏 ANTS = STAN? 🧐🧐🧐 Them!? Auntie Em? "


"a shawnfella original:"

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