Monday, October 01, 2012

Phoenix as a Lost Symbol

Fire birds.
Double-headed Phoenix.
Red dawns. 
Lost Symbols. 
Found Symbols.

There have been a lot of lexilinks and events tied to locations, symbols, and names reflective of Phoenix, lately.

I should point out for those looking for more insights about the Masonic background to Phoenix symbolism, see my "The Double-Headed Phoenix" by Loren Coleman in An Illustrated Guide to The Lost Symbol.

In 2009, the Phoenix contribution was one of two chapters I wrote for a synchromystic tome of some significance from the twilight language gods. It was a surprise assignment for me, but one I enjoyed thoroughly.

An Illustrated Guide to The Lost Symbol is an anthology edited by John Weber, which might actually be better than the original Dan Brown novel. Besides the phoenix, I also talked of the coelacanth and giant squid to be found in The Lost Symbol via more in Weber's book. (Find it online for USA and UK.)

The lavishly, well-texted Random House opus has several important contributions that assist in examining the facts behind The Lost Symbol, supported with multiple details, and arcane and current images.

Washington Monument, Washington, D.C.

The book's score of authors share their unique insights on the various twilight and synchromystic threads running throughout The Lost Symbol, already seen and those of some as yet unseen.

Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, Massachusetts


aferrismoon said...

As far as Lonegunmen go, how do u rate this : )


Xenkenito said...

Jean Grey from X-Men.

Something about rebirth and pure energy.

Something about destruction of worlds to feed the Dark Phoenix.

Could all these events tied around the Phoenix, indicate a very earth shattering event, that will be staged by these tenured Sun/Phoenix/Lucifer/Phallic Worshiping psychos?

"What does the path of least resistance, the drug war, Bruce Lee and George Lucas have to do with the path of least expenses, waco, the amish, south american concentration camps and gas prices? I don't know exactly, but probably something." - Xenkenito