Sunday, September 02, 2012

Your Guide to Watching the Illuminati In Charlotte

Okay, I did it for the Republicans. Therefore, here is your heads up to assist you to look for the Reptilians, Masons, Satanists, Commies, Illuminati, and fellow travelers at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But first, did someone photoshop Alex Jones to have him give the Satanic horns sign?
The rumors that President Obama is a shape-shifting Reptilian will have several people taping all his appearances at the Democratic Convention to see if they can catch him.

Good luck.

Is Barack Obama a Freemason? You have to look no further than official Masonic sites to see that the Brothers have debated that question themselves.

Whereas Mitt Romney makes extensive use of Masonic hand signs, President Barack Obama appears to employ the "hidden hand," an elaborate hand signal, plus fuller body messaging, more often than Mitt.

Remember, he's a lefty.

Yeah, President Abe Lincoln was a Republican
but you just know he'd be a Democrat today.

George Washington.


Skull and Bones. Aren't they behind everything?

Stalin, who some Americans use to be able to see from their porch.

Notice how she always turns up. How'd she get in here? 
Oh yes. Look at her husband's hand signal. 
Maybe he got Obama's message and voted for the President?

Masonic hand sign, Satan horns, Texas Longhorns, or "Hell - o"? Certainly, the two fingers up, thumb out is "messaged" to adapts often by these Democrats.

Just throwing in some evidence that others use this hand signal, extensively.
And don't tell me that they are always thinking of the Texas Longhorns.

Here's Cheney, below.

Hillary does it so naturally, right?

Oh no, it's Palin again.

Straight signaling from Rome?

And here's one from this guy from France?

An extreme sign of distress is to show the hand on the throat, as if you are being choked.

But Obama is careful about the Masonic handshake.

The Masonic handshake is not often shown by President Obama in official photographs. Sites have had to dig into his past to find this one.

The Five Points of Contact of the Masonic hug is displayed by President Obama.

Even at the same forum, sometimes Obama's body movements go viral,
and get him into all kinds of trouble.

Of course, candidates might not bow to foreign leaders...but Presidents well as other things...

Anyway, back to Obama...

Okay, okay. Bowing to Heads of State out of respect. Good excuse. 
But why bow to the Mayor of Tampa? Hudh?

And, what, bowing to Governor Christie? Okay, he's just laughing.


But one individual you will not find in Charlotte:

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John Rambo said...

Cause, you know, all Hindus are all satanists. The real problem is, a lot of this conspiracy shit is coming from wackjob Christian types

i bet the idiot who posted this picture cant even name what TYPE of priest that is, and what branch of philosophy he is coming from. From the markings on his head, I mmediately know he is a Sri Vaisnava priest, headquarted in Tamil Nadu, and their philosphical leader is Ramanujacharya

rube goldberg said...

Wow everybody loves those Texas Longhorns.

Barry said...

Thank you for the post. These folks really are unbelievable. Rambo seems to think these are perfectly
normal people. You know, beneficent and so forth. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Come on already with the hate RIGHT WING CHRISTIANS and others making up CONSPIRACIES, I am sick of it, years of reading these fears...Please stop.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. John Rambo....

So what... How remedial is that silly statement about your knowledge of a certain priest and where he may come from... What in the world does that statement have to do with this article regarding Illuminati symbolism? Is it possible that you priest could be involved, unknowingly? When all else fails, follow the money trails to where they go... That seems to reveal much more than we tend to see or would like to believe....

Daurade said...

Interesting that in that Masonic handshake photo with Obama receiving his diploma, there's a big conspcuous "G" in the middle of the two men. I thought this might be the initial of one his schools but as far as I can tell, he didn't graduate from any school beginning with the letter "G".