Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Hook Death?

You are seeing some of the revelation of the method, the heightened awareness brought to us in the brilliant and successful HBO series True Detective, which mixes the discovery of a ritualistic killer or group of killers and the abuse and murders of young people. (But this posting is not about the show and contains no spoilers.)

As I first reported here in 2010, in The Peter Pan/Hook Deaths, there seems to be taking place several underground child homicides, labeled as suicides and suicide attempts.

"I do not know how to find out anything new without being offensive." ~ Charles Fort

While I fully understand and am skeptical of all of this myself, as it all is beyond belief, I must point out a few things. I extensively studied and worked in the field of suicide for over 30 years, writing the first book to actually look at modern suicide clusters. Next, child suicides do exist, unfortunately, and kids under ten do take their own lives, usually by hanging. But also, we must be aware that there are some rather creepy pedophiles out there, who work in groups, and get jobs in schools, for example, that are filled with emotionally damaged and poor kids to supply their membership with fodder. 

The real "Peter Pan/Hook" incidents, if that's what's really occurring, evidence themselves in a series of relatively unexplained child deaths and near deaths. As I wrote in 2010, "These have been lexilinked by twilight names (Montana, Aquan, Imhotep; Chatham-Chatham), bizarre pedophilia hints (under investigation), and the common factor that the children were found hanged, often on a coat hook, often in bathrooms." These include cloakrooms at schools and youth areas in churches/libraries (where children should feel the safest).

Now word comes of a death which may be another record of one of these "hook" deaths, from Louisiana. In a spooky shadow of True Detective, the show's locale is Louisiana, and via other details for those who view the program.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune published the following on February 22 (updated February 24), 2014:
A sixth grader from St. Jean Vianney Catholic School in East Baton Rouge Parish has died by suicide.
The student, Ethan Rider, was found unconscious in a bathroom at the school on Thursday [Feb 20] and taken to a local hospital, and died early Saturday [Feb 22] morning, according to statements on the school’s website. The coroner’s office confirmed Friday [Feb 21], before Ethan passed away, that it was an apparent suicide.
Reports from locals indicate that the possible hanging was in the school bathroom.

Baton Rouge-Lafayette overlaps with the True Detective film sites. No need to go over the significance of the Fayette Factor. As to Baton Rouge, the Choctaw/Itta Homma name comes from the "red stick" placed at the border between two rival tribal groups.

Ethan, from the Hebrew, means "solid, enduring." Rider generally is referenced as "horseman" (in the Year of the Horse, it should be pointed out).

His middle name, Zane, means "gift from God." Our sincere condolences to the family.

Ethan Zane Rider's school was named for St. Jean Vianney (May 8, 1786 - August 4, 1859), who first established a school, and went on to be known for his priestly and pastoral work in his parish. All visages of him are rather bizarre because apparently the only know representation of St. Jean Vianney is from his death mask.

Who knows what or if any of this means anything? But the data is there. It should not be ignored.

"The tendency that I point out is that of so often rejecting both data and an explanation, simply because one rejects the explanation." ~ Charles Fort

Let me list some of the "hook" deaths, chronologically, which I first mentioned in 2010: 

1. Montana Lance, 9 - Stewart's Creek Elementary School, The Colony, Texas; January 21, 2010; allegedly hanged himself in bathroom; deceased.
2. Unnamed youth ~ Kanpur (old English Cawnpore), India; February 20, 2009; hanged from the hook of the toilet in a train; deceased.
3. Unnamed girl ~ South Side Chicago, Illinois; February 20, 2009; hanged on a clothes hook in home closet; deceased.
4. Unnamed boy ~ Chatham, Illinois; February 4, 2009; hanged by hook; deceased.
5. Aquan Lewis ~ Evanston, Illinois; February 3, 2009; hanged on a school bathroom hook; deceased.
6. Tevin Park-Flowers (a twin) ~ Austin, Texas; January 30, 2008; hanged by a hook in a gymnasium bathroom; pants were down at his ankles; deceased.
7. Unnamed boy ~ New Bedford, Massachusetts; January 30, 2008; found alive, hanging on a hook in a children's room of the New Bedford Public Library; man arrested, charged with child molestation and rape.
8. Unnamed child ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; April 27, 2005; near death, found hanging on a hook in a school coatroom closet.
9. Imhotep Lubin ~ Brooklyn, New York; 2004; found alive hanging by his belt from a hook in a school closet; teacher arrested.
10. Unnamed child ~ Chatham, Ontario; 1998; hanged from a hook in school bathroom; deceased.

Is there a Peter Pan cult working underground? We need a few good true detectives.
I, again, share this comment on my original work:
As for the Peter Pan connection, study the symbolism of Peter Pan as 'the boy who wouldn't grow up' and his gang of 'lost boys' who were 'forgotten by their parents'. The hooks were these tragic children were found hanging from, a reference to Peter Pan's arch nemesis Captain Hook.
J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, lets him say this about death: "To die will be an awfully big adventure". One author, Kevin Orlin Johnson, has argued that the Pan stories are in the German-English tradition of the Totenkindergeschichte, the "tales of dead children".
And then there is Peter Pan's mythical realm Neverland, the name also given to Michael Jackson's ranch which, as some allege, is a place where one of the darkest kinds of violence against children was been performed. ~ Theo Paijmans.

J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, technically at 4 ft 10 in tall (question sources that promote an over five ft height), was a dwarf (which had a psychological impact on him). His child molestation-oriented letters and writings have often been overlooked, hidden, and suppressed. The overt story of Peter Pan gives clear hints of the deeper disturbing nature of the author and his followers.

The "Peter Pan" name has sinister links to a modern subculture of child maltreatment and sexual abuse in this country.

Oh, one more creepy factoid: Richard Ramirez was called the "Night Stalker," and an avowed Satanist. On August 18, 1985, moving his serial killing from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Ramirez entered the home of Peter Pan, aged sixty-six, and killed the sleeping man with a gunshot to his temple from a .25 caliber handgun. Pan's wife, Barbara, 62, was beaten and sexually violated before being shot in the head and left for dead. At the crime scene Ramirez used lipstick to scrawl a pentagram and the phrase "Jack the Knife" on the bedroom wall.


Unknown said...

Note that Ethan/איתן in Hebrew means
"ever-flowing“ or "perpetual“,
& that Rider = Sagittarius = a warrior;
therefore this has the effect of perpetuating the warlike spirit of man, and probably to instigate a particular conflict or to fan the flames thereof.
Also, Ethnah/אתנה is a gift to a harlot, i.e. a john’s pay to a prostitute,
or, symbolically, a sacrifice for the sake of the whore, i.e. Israel, as Israel is described as a whore throughout the Bible (e.g. in Hosea & Revelation). One may also note the resonance with the word "ethnic" or "ethnicity".

Also on the 22 February,
Charlotte Dawson, former judge on Australa’s Next Top Model, died of "apparent suicide“ in Wooloomooloo (field of blood), New South Wales.

Unknown said...

I personally doubt the allegations that he was an abusive pedophile; a harmless pederast, maybe, along the lines of Michael Jackson, but the rest reeks of sensationalist pseudo-journalism or even slander as was done to MJ. Considering the possible real import of the story, this makes sense. Peter Pan may be read as an allegory about the castration/emasculation of the solar authority by means of the false Roman Catholic papacy for the benefit of the pirating Israelites/Judaics. This is done by observing the close correspondence to the mythological symbols Uranus, Saturn, & Pan/Apollo, as well as the symbolic translation to the traditional correspondents - i.e. Pan/Uranus/Apollo is the male fatherly authority, Saturn is the spirit of rebellion and castration of that male authoritarian spirit before it can "grow up", and all of this translates directly to the conflict between traditional culture and Judaism/Papism when one compares the astrological attributions (

SJ Reidhead said...

Okay, you have my attention. Now, the question is why? The clusters are interesting, and the locations are interesting. I've been blogging about pedophiles for ages, now. I don't think people realize just how strange their underground movement is, nor how deadly it can be. I think when you almost became a statistic like I did, it becomes almost a mission in life - exposing these people. There are some fascinating stories out there about the possibility of the skeptics out there, who are determined to debunk everything from crypto to religion, being part of an underground network of pedophiles, child pornography, legalized child sex - just lovely people. Please, keep up the work on this.


aferrismoon said...

VIa the Hebrew letter-numbers Ethan enumerates as either:
461 or 1111

The final letter 'N' has two enumerations , 50 or 700 [ when it is the final character in a word, as it is in Ethan ].

Using the 'English' alphabet for Hebrew it may be written AYThN

AY = island
ThN = Jackal

Sounds like 'Jekyll Island '
This page has the title ' The Jackals of Jekyll Island'

Perhaps it is related to Egyptian 'aten', 'aton'

Sandy Hook and whatever happened there comes to mind.
It cropped up in the latest Batflick on a map. Batman seems like a Peter Pan, who hasn't grown siince the trauma of his parents death, though with an adult body and the character of 'perpetual warrior'.

Charles Harrelson was fingered as a possible participant in the JFK ritual killing. He married among others a Diane Lou Oswald!

Welsh ' Rhaeadr' means 'waterfall'


Unknown said...

Suicides are really never an easy subject. I applaud everything you have done in regards to suicides Loren.

With the subject of Peter Pan and suicides, I began Internet searches with various phrases related to the topics. Nothing remarkable turned up other than a small coincidence I thought was worth making a small note of.

Operation Peter Pan was a CIA project in which 14,000 children were sent from Cuba to Miami to avoid being sent to military school or labor camps under Fidel Castro's rule. Of the 14,000 children one of the more famous "Peter Pans" is Florida Senator Mel Martinez.

Mel Martinez is currently Chairman of Southeast and Latin America for JP Morgan.

Beginning this month JP Morgan has been shrouded by mysterious deaths. Across the globe over the past 3 weeks, 2 men who worked for JP Morgan lept to their deaths, one in Hong Kong, and one in London. The third "mysterious death" in as many weeks occurred when a employee of 14 years was found dead in Conneticutt home.

andrewbigdoor said...

andrewbigdoor said...

And from this one, it looks like some Slate writers are starting to enter your particular area of High Weirdness; place/surname studies etc

I'm wondering if some of the names aren't tying into Alchemy and the 'Great Work' ie Rust (oxidized metal), Cole (coal - carbon), Salt-er etc. Just a strand of thought...

Oh and and idea what type of tree the central ritual murder took place under? I'm no good at identifying different types of trees, any chance it was an Oak?

Loren Coleman said...

Yes, it appears to be an oak.

J. Foreman said...

Quercine Penetralia = Heart of the Oak

dave waldorf said...

Watching Peter Pan with my kids tonight (after binging on the whole True Detective season this week) and hear the opening quote "“All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.”

Ominous, when compared to Rust Cohle's line:

"F***, I don't want to know anything anymore. This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, 'Time is a flat circle.' Everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over again. And that little boy and that little girl, they're gonna be in that room again and again and again forever."

...anyway, got me searching "True Detective Peter Pan" and brought me here.