Sunday, October 26, 2014

IKEA Even Set The Clock At 2:37

This is a worthy addition, although totally purposefully created, 
to the 237 syncs making the rounds.

The video:


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I worked for IKEA in Australia for 24 years until made redundant and I can tell you that was a very long nightmare I wouldn't wish on anybody.
Maybe IKEA's next ad campaign could use "Hotel California" in tribute to workers like me who because of a mortgage hanging over their heads, could check-out any time they like,but could never leave...unless they wanted to lose their house,which they hardly ever saw because of the weird hours they worked ;-)

... said...

I always find IKEA adverts very disturbing, I don't know why!

Their previous ad had a woman falling from the sky, but in some shots it gives the impression that she may actually 'hit the ground!' like falling out of a plane! It ran during the MH17 'disaster'.

The previous one has kids playing with giant toys and monsters who then suddenly turn into adults/parents at the dinner table!

Using The Shining like this is supposed to give the impression of something tongue-in-cheek, that's why the father is dressed as a girl. Right? Given this, the connotation drawn by other researchers, about paedophilia is even more disturbing than a child lost in IKEA remembering a horror movie he saw!

Very 'strange' folk at IKEA!

My 2 pence worth!

Blue Gate said...

and the buckets that are each numbered "2" "3" "7" and the robot number thingy at the bottom is always crazy sync numbers for me...what gives.....1717

Andrew said...

Within hours of reading this post, I went to the tag agency to get a new license plate for my car. Oklahoma tags have three numbers followed by three letters. The numbers? 237, of course!

Blue Gate said...

I can't even....his sweater and the news of today...WOW!!!

Loren Coleman said...

Blue Gate and others - Look beyond this posting to the one I did after this one, to really freak out: