Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola Maps: Graphic Projections of a Global Crisis

Ebola means "Black River," in the local Lingala language.

The virus Ebola was named after a river in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo, at the headwaters of the Mongala River, a tributary of the Congo River.

It began in a small corner of the world.

Now, Ebola is in a dynamic phase of spreading. 

Let's look at this contagious situation via maps.

This map, based on a model created by a team led by Oxford University scientists, predicts that in animal populations the Ebola virus is likely to be circulating across a vast swathe of forested Central and West Africa.

The search is on for passengers on Flight 1142, from Dallas to Cleveland, on October 10, 2014, as well, plus the following:

Flight 2042 on Tuesday morning from Dallas to Cleveland,
Flight 1104 on Tuesday afternoon from Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale,
Flight 1105 on Tuesday afternoon from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland,
Flight 1101 on Tuesday night from Cleveland to Atlanta, and
Flight 1100 on Tuesday night from Atlanta to Cleveland.

Nurse Nina Pham, who treated Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan died October 8, 2014.

Nina Pham and her dog, a King Charles Spaniel, named Bentley.

Nurse Amber Vinson, who also treated Duncan, and flew on Flights 1142 and 1143.

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Komuge 68 said...

Great Article. However, Ebola does not mean black river, nor does the name come from Lingala. the Name comes from the Ngbandi word legbala, which was heard by French speakers as l'ebola. Legbala means white water. Source: Tanghe, Basile and Vangele, A. (1939) "Region de la Haute Ebola. Notes d'historie (1890-1900)