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Umpqua Community College Shooting: 10 Dead

Chris Harper-Mercer, a/k/a Christopher Sean Mercer

Update: Gunman was enrolled in class where fatal shootings occurred at Oregon's Umpqua Community College, sheriff says.

On October 1, 2015, at about 10:38 am (local time), a college shooting took place at the Umpqua Community College, in Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon. Reports indicate that at least 10 (perhaps as many as 15) students have died and 20 have been injured. The shooter appeared to have engaged in an exchange of gunfire, been "neutralized" and is dead. The cause of death of the shooter in the deadly rampage at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, was suicide, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Nine victims were killed, the gunman died by suicide, resulting in ten deaths, and 9 others were injured.

The names of the victims are:

-- Lucero Alcaraz, 19

-- Treven Taylor Anspach, 20

-- Rebecka Ann Carnes, 18

-- Quinn Glen Cooper, 18

-- Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59

-- Lucas Eibel, 18

-- Jason Dale Johnson, 34

-- Lawrence Levine, 67 (the teacher of the class in which the shooter invaded)

-- Sarena Dawn Moore, 44

Reader Cory Panshin writes: "The sheriff handling the case is a Sandy Hook truther."

About 3,300 students attend Umqua Community College attend in school there full-time, and more than 16,000 attend on a part-time basis.

ABC News reported that the gunman had three handguns and a long gun.

By 9:00 PM EDT, Thursday, the Umpqua Community College shooter was identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer, law enforcement sources confirm to CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, and other media.

Soon thereafter, the profiling began. He is British-born, his last name is hyphenated because it is both of his parents' surnames, he posts IRA-related images, and more. Chris Harper-Mercer, only two days before the killings, apparently downloaded the documentary Surviving Sandy Hook, as well as in the past the "conspiracy" film Lost Secrets of the Illuminati, and the "occult magazine Phenomena," says the Guardian

The gunman, reportedly, posted online on September 30th, saying he would be shooting at a school.

A rather weird homophobic remark ["(all homosexual reddit users")] appeared on a brief initial description of the shooting on Umpqua Community College's Wikipedia page:

What does "Umpqua" mean? "Thundering waters" or "across the waters" are two popular translations for this surviving word of the Umpqua language. Another definition is "satisfied" -- as in a full stomach. Source.


In my book, The Copycat Effect (2004), I discussed the Springfield, Oregon shooting, which took place on May 21, 1998. Two students were killed, 22 others wounded in the cafeteria at Thurston High School by 15-year-old Kip Kinkel. His parents were later found dead at home. Also,
On the same day, May 21, 1998, 200 miles due north, at the end of the school day, Miles Fox, 15, a student of Onalaska High School, Onalaska, Washington, took a young woman hostage from his bus to his home, and died by suicide from a shot to his head. As the story aired on radio and television, Ricardo Martin, 15, shot himself with a .38 caliber pistol and died on the campus of Rialto High School, in Rialto, California.

Roseburg had a previous school shooting on February 23, 2006.

Student Vincent Leodoro, 14, walked into Roseburg High School carrying a semi-automatic pistol loaded with hollow-point bullets and shot fellow student Joseph Monti four times in the back while they were in the school courtyard. Monti, then 16, survived.


cursichella said...

Alleged 4CHAN posts:

cursichella said...

-Chris Harper Mercer lived in Winchester, OR., North of Roseburg.

-Article, below - interesting because guns stolen so close to where Harper-Mercer lived. Also, news reports this a.m. reported ATF agents arrived at the school shooting within minutes, which seemed kind of odd.

Award offered for stolen firearms in Wilbur area 
Sara MattisonFeb 20, 2015

WILBUR, Ore. -- The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the National Shooting Sports Foundation - the trade association for the firearms industry - have announced a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the theft of firearms from the Federal Firearms Licensee Wilbur Auction located in Douglas County. 

In the early morning hours of Thursday, February 5, 2015, Wilbur Auction, located at 8005 Old Highway 99 N., Wilbur, Oregon was burglarized.

Approximately 20 firearms, including pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and AR-15 type lower receivers were stolen. (Winchester is between Roseburg and Wilbur.)

-Unincorporated community, Green, is just South of Roseburg. (Paging Dr. Green?)

-Unincorporated community, Lookingglass (as in Alice?), is West of Green.

-10/1/1966 – West Coast Airlines Flight 956 crashes with eighteen fatalities and no survivors 5.5 miles south of Wemme, Oregon. This accident marks the first loss of a DC-9

-The Roseburg Blast

On August 7, 1959, at approximately 1:00 a.m., the Gerretsen Building Supply Company caught fire. Firefighters soon arrived at the building, located near Oak and Pine street, to extinguish the fire. Earlier in the evening, a truck driver for the Pacific Powder Company, George Rutherford, had parked his explosives truck in front of the building, a fact which went unnoticed until shortly before the truck exploded at around 1:14 a.m., destroying buildings in an eight-block radius and severely damaging 30 more blocks. [10]

The truck was loaded with two tons of dynamite and four-and-a-half tons of the blasting agent nitro carbo nitrate. Rutherford had parked the truck after arranging his delivery for the following morning, despite warnings given to the Pacific Powder Company two days earlier not to leave such trucks unattended or park them in "congested areas." Fourteen people died in the blast and fire and 125 were injured. Damage was estimated at ten to twelve million dollars; the Powder company was eventually made to pay $1.2 million in civil damages, but was acquitted of criminal wrongdoing.

-#UCC = Umpqua Community College
Urgent Care Center
Uniform Universal Code
Unified Combatant Command
Unidicted Co-conspirator
Uniform Criminal Complaint
Ultra Compact Combuster

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Oct 1st in history

1910 – Los Angeles Times bombing: A large bomb destroys the Los Angeles Times building in downtown Los Angeles, killing 21.
1957 – First appearance of In God we trust on U.S. paper currency.
1971 – Walt Disney World opens near Orlando, Florida, United States.
1982 – Epcot opens at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, United States.

-The Philalethes Society was founded on 01 October 1928, by a group of Masonic students. It was designed for Freemasons desirous of seeking and spreading Masonic light.

-Winchester and Winchester Bay were named after Samuel Winchester, an early explorer in the area. Unknown if related to the firearm's Winchesters,

-Sam Winchester (Fictional Character)

Samuel "Sam" Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural.

-Urban dictionary


Being subjected to an expectation than having said expectation drastically circumvented to fit the subjugator's needs.

"Wow you just got Mercer'd!!!" (Scr*wed)

"Your boss just Mercer'd you out of a raise."

Shooter was from Torrance, CA (L.A. County) which is on the (surprise!) 33rd parallel.


Two pages of different definitions for this one. Some that stand out: hatred of gays, backstabber, demanding, complainer,"swagtastic" guy

-Harper-Mercer was raised in Torrance, CA in L.A. County on the (surprise!) 33rd parallel.

-One of apparently several dating profiles, this one:

as "ironcross45"

-The Delta State University shooting was in Cleveland, MS. Cleveland is the name of a community outside of Roseburg. (Also several roads)

-Roseburg - Town of Rosicru...?
-Roseburg - Town of Roses (Roses are big in Masonic symbolism)

Super Comic Fun Time! said...

Mercer: Wilbur Mercer is a character in Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Mercer has created a religion based on people collectively joining consciousnesses together to experience the suffering of Mercer through what is called an empathy box. Mercer, at some point, has been thrown into a pit, as Mercer attempts to ascend out the pit, enemies appear at the top and throw stones at him. If Mercer is hit with a stone while a person is connected to the empathy box, that person experiences that wound.

Mercer stands opposed to and is opposed by the androids of the novel who cannot experience empathy and eventually out Mercer as a fraud and even claim that Mercer is an android.

Later Mercer appears to the novel's protagonist, Richard Deckard, and warns Deckard that the androids Deckard is hunting have laid an ambush. Because of this, Deckard is able to kill the androids and set a record for the number of androids killed in a single day.

Deckard uses the bounty money earned from the kills to buy a real live goat to replace the electric sheep Deckard is forced to maintain since his real sheep ate a bit of wire that came in a bale of hay and died of tetanus.

An android woman whom Deckard has had relations with kills the goat by pushing it off the roof of the building Deckard lives in, which I assume is the scapegoat that absolves Deckard from the sin of killing the android. Still this causes Deckard to flee to the desert where he finds a toad, thought to be extinct. He returns home to his wife who discovers the toad isn't real. This is not welcome news to Deckard but he says he prefers to know the truth instead of living a lie.

The story ends with Deckard's wife, Iran, ordering electric flies with which to feed the electric toad.

Mercer is a loose parody of L. Ron Hubbard and the empathy box is, of course, a parody of the infamous e-meter. The leader of the renegade androids is named Roy Batty, is a pharmacologist who attempts to lead the androids to higher consciousness via drugs and is a loose parody of Timothy Leary.

Dennis/87 said...

40 miles as the crow flies, from my home. Listen to the advertisement for Black Mass ( the devil is alive, the devil is alive). With such tomfoolery it is no wonder these gamers( shooting electronic images of humans) Are so keen to act out their sick adventures! Do not let your loved ones to play such de-humanized garbage. Shine forth brave souls. Respectfully, Dennis.

Cory Panshin said...

The sheriff handling the case is a Sandy Hook truther. Crazies on all sides in this one.

cursichella said...

Cory, that may very well be why the shooting happened on this particular Sheriff's watch.


Talking Points Memo's article offers no actual evidence that the Sheriff had posted this particular (or any video) related to the Sandy Hook shooting.

The letter to Biden, if legit, doesn't mention the Sandy Hook shooting at all. The letter does state how he (the Sheriff) plans to follow the letter of the law with respect to the U.S. Constitution, decisions by the Supreme Court and his opinion on Gun Control, the 2nd Amendment and he makes a declaration about putting citizens rights above any questionable moves by Congress to undermine the Constitution. He's entitled.

The claim by TPM that this particular video was "debunked" by Huffington Post and Glenn Beck's minion is irrelevant until there's evidence indicating that the Sheriff did post that particular video. Even if he had, their "experts" are hardly in a position to debunk anything as complex as Sandy Hook. They are, however, experts at attacking anyone questioning the Official narrative. I'll give them that.

cursichella said...

Interesting find on Wilbur Mercer, Douglas. Thanks for detailed summary - even Iran is in there! Wild.

Unknown said...

The teacher, Larry Levine, was a writer and an avid fisherman. Note Richard Brautigan, an Oregonian writer whose most famous book was "Trout Fishing In America", who shot himself in early October 1984.
Larry Levine was shown in photographs fishing with a pipe in his mouth.
Also, one of the victims, Treven Anspach, is shown holding a fish that he just caught in his photo circulating in the media.
Furthermore, Anspach = Ansbach, the town in Bavaria where, on 10 July this year, there was another amok shooting.
Note that besides the noted werewolf-story, the coat of arms of Ansbach depicts three fish in a stream.

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention the shooting in Troutdale, Oregon by Jared Michael Padgett.

... said...

Interesting to note one of the Paris Train ' heroes' Skarlatos is native to Roseburg. Convenient for a nice media storm!

cursichella said...

And now, another 'interesting to note' about another Paris Train 'hero' who has made the news. (Not sure what this has to do with Roseburg/Umpqua just yet save for the fact that Skarlatos, Spencer's co-hero, had enrolled at #UCC but was "saved" by America's favorite dumbing-down show, "Dancing With The Stars", so both were in the news, this time within a week of each other.

Roseburg, OR is a short six hour drive from Sacramento, CA. On the same day of the stabbing and also in Sacramento, CA Gov Jerry Brown signed the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act, kind of a very big deal. Try Googling MSM news stories on this and you'll find absolutely nothing, which is telling as to how much of an embarrassment the Act (heavily promoted by ACLU and EFF) is to the U.S. Surveillance State.

The new law protects Californians by requiring a warrant for digital records, including emails and texts, as well as a user's geographical location. The protections apply to devices and online services that store your data. Hard to deny that should have been front page news from sea-to-shining-sea, at minimum in California. Yet the bravery of twice-hero Spencer carried the day (as well as the day after).

"Spencer Stone Heroically Defended Girl Moments Before He Was Stabbed," Says Witness
FRIDAY OCTOBER 09, 2015 07:00 PM EDT

A witness has spoken to PEOPLE about the stabbing assault on Spencer Stone that took place Thursday on the streets of Sacramento – leaving the French train attack hero in hospital with serious injuries.

While doctors say Stone is expected to make a full recovery, authorities are continuing to piece together what led to the attack.

Eric Cain, who works at a liquor store near the scene of the fight, says Stone behaved heroically as tried to help a girl in trouble moments before he was stabbed.

"A big group was walking down the street and they went into the intersection," Cain tells PEOPLE. "One of the guys hit one of the girls and the guy who turned out to be Spencer Stone went after that guy. It happened really quickly."

Cain adds that he saw blood on Stone's shirt, but thought nothing of it since he walked away just fine. In hindsight, he says he should have alerted the police.

"They were all walking together from the direction of Badlands [a nightclub in the area]," he says. "Then the argument happened. The strange thing was that Spencer stuck up for the girl after she got hit and then that girl left with them [the men the police are going after]."

Stone left the scene with three stab wounds that were treated at nearby UC Davis Medical Center where doctors said that his injuries, while serious, were not life threatening.

After the stabbing, Sacramento police clarified that the incident was not a terrorist attack on the train hero.

"I don't think anyone knew that it was Spencer when it all went down," Cain says. "To tell you the truth, I didn't even know Spencer Stone's name or anything about the whole train attack."

cursichella said...

Uh oh. CNN is nervous and excited all at once: "The media is bracing itself for what looks like a new saucy chapter in this past summer’s Greatest American Hero story."

Apparently Airman Spencer and friends had left a gay bar called Badlands (or possibly another called Faces, also gay) before the stabbing.

It happened on "K" Street, K being (the infamous) eleventh letter of the alphabet.

Will this stabbing play into the "military need to be armed" cries post-Chattanooga military shootings?

Badlands is also the name of a 1989 arcade game by Atari. It's set in the aftermath of a nuclear war. "Three gun-armed cars race around to win prizes."

Videos of Spencer's Sacramento Stabbing and an interesting article on the discovery of where in Sacramento it took place:

cursichella said...

Part 2

A peculiar article on the other Chris from the Umpqua/Roseburg/Oregon shooting. We are told that this Chris, named Chris Mintz, apparently one of a recent string of heroic, unarmed off-duty (veteran in this case) military men (much like our two-time hero, "Paris Train" Airman Spencer Stone in Sacramento this past Thursday), was shot several times by alleged shooter Chris Harper-Mercer and miraculously survived.

Interesting in this case how until recently authorities and the press used the shortened version of Chris' (shooter) given name (as well as the myriad of surname combos), athough in this particular article they do go all out referring to the alleged shooter as Christopher, this wasn't always the case. We were first introduced to him as Chris and he remained so until recently. Anyway, in this article, at one point Chris (the hero) is referred to as a "she". "The hospital said she is (sic) fair condition."

Was this confusing "It's Pat!" moment intentional or did a politically gender-checking autocorrect misfire?

It's hard to believe someone writing an article about a heroic military man could possibly, accidentally call a him a her, a he a she...but like Pat (Patrick or Patricia?), Chris is one of those names (Christine or Christopher?) that could be for either gender unless given some extra hints (as in every other reference to Chris in the articles is as a he, so why not just go with it?) as to gender.

The article, by the way, is from the NYSE Post. To think they cared about anything beyond scr€wing the 99.9% and in a non-investment hub like Oregon is surprising, unless there's more to it. Despite being what appears to be a hasty paste compilation rolled into one article, IMO it is strategically worded and helps to explain the weird directions the article takes.

First, another Chris is thrown at us. Another unarmed military hero is taken down by a bad guy. We are distracted by the $788,000.00 our hero will receive from "internet strangers" (those two words together subconsciously inspire fear, when using "internet donations" would have been more appropriate and common) to pay his medical bills (that the V.A. should cover at 100%, so why the dedicated need?).

That is followed by an out-of-the-blue "After Chris Mintz fell", leaving us to wonder, what? How? Off a ladder? He fainted when he heard about all of that money he was getting from the "internet strangers"? When he was shot? Followed by the birthday line that confuses but makes us sympathetic. We are further mind-thumped with the he-she and Chris-Chris aspects...just in time for our rattled subconscious to be soothed into accepting unto eternity the one, clean sentence here, a comfortingly direct "fact", that "...Christopher Harper-Mercer killed himself following an exchange of gunfire...", the real purpose of the article (with a bonus hint at arming the military who are stationed in the U.S. so they can save us from mad young men with guns that want to kill us...).

No dash cam or smart phone video, no interviews with eyewitnesses of the young (white racist-yet-black, Texan, yet life-long Angeleno, Chris, yet Christopher, hyphen, yet hyphen-less, Catholic IRA supporting, yet Christian hating, all around limelight hogging) man having shot himself...and forgetting that for hours we were told by authorities that "he" (versus "the body") was "in custody" (so presumably alive).

By the way, remember the $788k from the "internet strangers"? 788 is an overlay area code in Vancouver, B.C., and once implemented, made seven digit calls there a thing of the past. The 788 area code serves 45 communities. Included among them, two surprises, the towns of Delta and South Delta. :/

cursichella said...

Part 1

Article from NYSE Post October 9, 2015

"Chris Mintz, the Army Veteran who has been dubbed the unofficial hero from the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon has received more than his share of media spotlight the last few days. But Mintz will be able to focus on his recovery without worrying about medical bills, thanks to almost 25,000 Internet strangers who by Wednesday evening had collectively donated more than $788,000 to a fund dedicated to paying for his recovery.

"After Chris Mintz fell", he told the suspect: "It's my son's birthday today". Chris Mintz, a 30-year-old student at the college, told classmates to remain calm and went to the door as the shooter came across the hallway in Snyder Hall. The gunman, 26-year-old Christopher Harper-Mercer killed himself following an exchange of gunfire with police. The hospital said she is fair condition.

(NYSE Post

cursichella said...

Posting this under Oregon shooting where the references begin, however it's really about the shooting near Syracuse University. These now daily* school-connected and other headline grabbing "shootings" connect well not only to other but to some interesting characters as well.

*21st Century Wire now has a program called "The Daily Shooter". "Murder Most Mysterious on Mass Ave" (This blog, Nov 2014) refers to a shooting that happened on Brighton Ave in Portland, Maine last year.

So...there's Portland, Maine and then Oregon has it's own Portland, then Wednesday's shooting in NY near Syracuse University on Hope Ave which happens to deadend on Brighten Ave...a block from Brighton is W. Lafayette Blvd and a short 10 miles to the East of the shooting, the town of Fayetteville.

If you head the opposite direction from the shooting following Route 11, you [I]cross[/I] Kennedy St, Furman St and Dr MLK Blvd aka Route 175 , continuing straight ahead and a quick left puts you on Clinton Street. And what does Clinton Street intersect with? Why, W. Fayette Street, of course! And what's just across the Onandaga Creek as Dr MLK Blvd comes to an end? Cheney St.

Murder Most Mysterious on Mass Ave

Teen killed in Syracuse shooting was friends with 3 other homicide victims

Map of Syracuse

cursichella said...

Swarm of earthquakes (29) today near La Pine, Oregon, about 100 miles (as the crow flies) from Roseburg.

cursichella said...

Sponsor of Gun Bill ‘Related’ to Victim in Umpqua College Shooting

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkleey claims one of the UCC victims is related to him, his first cousin's great granddaughter, so his first cousin thrice removed:

“So she is MY cousin,” he said amid the clicks of hundreds of cameras.“

This same victim was apparently the niece of a local paramedic.


cursichella said...

Paris Train Hero's Father Among Three Charged in Arson Scheme 3/19/2016

by Elizabeth Chuck and Lauren Prince

Three people, including the father of France train hero Spencer Stone, are accused of lighting multiple buildings on fire in a scheme that got them more than $1.5 million in insurance money, prosecutors said.

Businessman Jamal Shehadeh, 57, was charged as the ringleader of the Sacramento, California-area ploy, which allegedly entailed setting six commercial buildings on fire from 2009 to 2013, according to an indictment unsealed Friday.

Stone's father, Brian J. Stone, 57, a business consultant for Shehadeh, helped with the fraudulent insurance claims, prosecutors said. Stone was charged with 13 counts of mail or wire fraud, while Shehadeh faces seven counts of arson and 52 counts of mail and wire fraud.

A third defendant, Saber A. Shehadeh, 73, was charged with three counts of mail fraud.

The defendants cashed in after Jamal Shehadeh set seven fires at six buildings in Sacramento and nearby Carmichael, where he operated businesses, the indictment said.

"Once Jamal Shehadeh knew that insurance policies existed, he deliberately set fires or caused fires to be set that damaged the businesses and at least one vehicle," it said.

He then allegedly lied about the value of the property damaged in the fire and the amount of lost business income.

Defense attorney Benjamin Galloway said in court Friday that Shehadeh denies the allegations, The Associated Press reported.

Brian Stone's attorney, John Manning, argued that his client should be granted bail because he's "not any flight risk whatsoever," according to the Sacramento Bee. But bail was denied.

When contacted by NBC News, Manning said he had no additional comment.

Spencer Stone, a 23-year-old U.S. Airman, was hailed internationally as a hero after he and his friends thwarted a terror attack by tackling a man who was toting an AK-47, a pistol and a box cutter on a Paris-bound train in August while they were on vacation in Europe.
Image:U.S. Air Force Airman First Class Spencer Stone
U.S. Airman Spencer Stone during a news conference at the U.S. Embassy in Paris on Aug. 23, 2015. ETIENNE LAURENT / EPA

Related: French Train Hero Spencer Stone Earns Promotion to Staff Sergeant

The three, all from the Sacramento area, were celebrated with a parade when they returned home. Spencer Stone was also invited by Michelle Obama to attend the State of the Union earlier this year.

He made headlines again in October when he was seriously injured after getting stabbed during a fight outside a Sacramento bar. He spent a week in the hospital recovering.

The younger Stone told the Sacramento Bee he didn't know about his father's charges, adding that he hasn't known what his dad does "for a long time."

Shehadeh Name Meaning
Muslim: from a personal name based on Arabic shahadah ‘testimony’, ‘belief in Islam’. The shahadah is the declaration of faith by Muslims, ‘I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.’ New converts recite the shahadah when they become Muslims.