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In the wake of my earlier blog about 2019's Joker, Enki King has submitted this guest essay:


by Enki King

“Nobody likes a clown at midnight.”Stephen King

On August 10, 2019, after learning of a bizarre police incident involving a clown on the seven-year anniversary of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, I found my syncy-sense tingling. I subsequently predicted that Joker’s Venice Film Festival premiere on August 31 and wide release date on October 4 would be days of violence. I was correct about the first date, which saw police using excessive force against protesters at Boston’s Straight Pride Parade (attended by at least a couple of men dressed as clowns, it should be noted), a knife attack in France that left one person dead and eight injured, and most synchromystically significant, a mass shooting in Texas that ended with eight dead and twenty-one injured. The Aurora incident of 2012 resonated in this case – the gunman’s rampage was put to a stop in the parking lot of a movie theater, and this was a day of intense, aurora-producing geomagnetic storms.

Joker’s advertised wide release is October 4, but Warner Brothers is allowing preshows in the U.S. on October 3 starting at 4:00 PM. This is now only a few days away, and I continue to stand by my prediction that violence will occur, though I am now leaning toward the 3rd rather than the 4th. Interestingly, the number of days between August 31 and October 3 is 33, a number of power to Freemasons, mystics, and occultists. (And possibly evil clowns – killer clown John Wayne Gacy was convicted and executed for the rape and murder of 33 victims.) Regions close to the 33rd parallel have had more than their fair share of high-profile violent events, which include the first shots of the Civil War fired at Fort Sumter, the first atomic blast at the Trinity site, and the assassinations of JFK and RFK. This latitude is one to watch closely for a Red Dawn event next weekend.

Something interesting I did not predict was that clowns and clown-related events would make the news repeatedly during this 33-day period. Here is a timeline of what I have encountered so far:

September 5 and 6 – It Chapter 2 had preshows on the 5th and went full grind on the 6th. No Red Dawn events were associated with the film’s opening.

September 7 – In Penryn, west Cornwall, a Pennywise-style mask-wearing individual toting a long sharp object was reported to be approaching children and possibly trying to abduct them. The creepy clown was sighted again on Friday the 13th.

September 11 – On this synchromystically heavy day, Twilight Language’s Loren Coleman had a stroke. Loren has documented creepy clowns of all sorts for decades, and even coined the term “phantom clowns.”

September 14 – In an auditorium showing It Chapter 2 at a Regal Cinemas theater in Arlington, Virginia, an individual yelled something about an active shooter. Panic, an evacuation, and a massive police response followed. The incident was determined to have been a false alarm.

September 17 – A man in a “killer clown mask” showed up in Brentford, west London, and terrified at least one child.

September 18 – An email warning service members of possible incel violence at Joker screenings was circulated. An Army memo with more specific information was released five days later.

September 21 – Actor Sid Haig, who portrayed evil clown Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s horror films House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, and 3 from Hell passed away.

September 23 – A Russellville, Arkansas teen captured video of a creepy clown digging a hole on the side of the road.

September 24 – Police responded to a report of a church’s being spray painted with graffiti. On one wall was the Joker’s famous quote, “Why so serious?”

September 24 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the initiation of a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump. Trump, with his orange skin, odd hair and oversized tie, is frequently described as clownish. In his book about the 2016 election, Matt Taibbi dubbed Trump "Insane Clown President." At the heart of the impeachment inquiry is a call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian who has been criticized as being nothing more than a clown. Zelensky has taken the criticism in stride, and even posted a photo of himself as a clown on Instagram.

September 27 – The South Florida Sun Sentinel website published excerpts from accused killer clown Sheila Warren’s correspondence, obtained through a public records request, to friends and family. Accused of painting her face, donning an orange wig and a red nose, and gunning down a woman whose husband she would later marry, Warren maintains her innocence.

Arriving in cinemas alongside Joker this weekend will be Wrinkles the Clown, a documentary about a creepy clown who scares misbehaving kids for moms and dads with questionable parenting skills in exchange for cash. It Chapter 2 is still drawing business, and will continue to play widely across the U.S. as well. No one likes a clown at midnight, yet cinemas will provide an assortment of Midnight Clown-Boys this weekend as the curious clown currents converge and the 33-day period of clown creepiness concludes. Stay safe.


Guest columnist Enki King is connected to the film world. He is a researcher and occasional Twilight Language guest blogger who uses synchromysticism as a predictive tool. See here and here for examples of earlier successes.


Anonymous said...


Clown psychology is celebrated as 'make others happy whilst remaining sad inside' - this essential dichotomy is the totality of (contemporary) public/non-clown ideas of what makes a clown an actual authentic honest to goodness "take my money!" clown. "Krusty the Clown", who'd give "Joker" a run for "It's" money as to who's the most famous clown on Earth, is a perfect example of this mess made even more potent due to being a cartoon (another 'foolish' thing aimed at children, "The Simpson's" being one of those series, of which so many followed "It's" example, acting as template programming the production of televisual programme mise-en-scène, plotting & promotion "Itself" that "It's" own decline as pop-cult icon does nothing to sabotage, "Its" lasting legacy being one of the more effective contributors to 'kidultisation' of social mores as a whole).

Clowning is a service industry role reduced to "Its" absolute barest of essentials, albeit guised otherwise. Service industry occupations make YUGE demands on those employed so, those working in this way oft overdo their own 'R&R' resulting in burnout & calamity for themselves & others, "It's" an extremely unhealthy line of work the commitment to which puts those working so at risk of encountering severe & (often) life-ending consequence (sooner or later), so who'd be a clown? Who would find a home (of the most uncomfortable kind) in such a role? What lies under the fake skin of motley Itself garbed in bizarre outfit calling out for attention?

Contemporary clownery finds fellow travelling form in the rage for cosplaying curated & proliferated by 'comic con' type events, attending costumed increasingly required so as to display one's devotion & 'get into the spirit of things'/"why not!", geek culture being another foolish & childish preoccupation formerly looked down on but now contagiously spreading throughout the culture playing host to stuff of a "poppy" nature. "Superheroes/villains" are clownish in appearance and live lives of a kind so outlandish & fantastical the average clown schlepping a living is a drudging sight to behold. "Superheroes" are the clown archetype weaponised & "It's" no happenstance that they've risen to share the same spotlight as the whole creepy clown craze stepped into view.

Child scaring of the kind "Wrinkles" is the activity du jour, some of the scaring's even being done by kids in clownish roles, Greta's spectrum of disorders would, in less 'political correct' times, have been the cause of misunderstanding & even mirth & hilarity, & that's even before we get to her being used as a 'useful idiot' as she clowns about on the world stage one moment a double act with Trump another with Trudeau (whose "blackface" controversy shouldn't come as surprise to anyone as he's famous for raiding the costume box & putting on a show of his clownish nature).

Todd Philip's is looking to evade responsibility for "Joker" saying "It's" the 'woke' culturisation of societal discourse & behaviour that makes "Joker" manifest, "social justice warriors" so often look like clowns themselves & regularly go out of their way to emphasise their revelling in absurdities (especially in response to the most basic and reasonable of questions posed to them). Whatever "Joker"/"It" & "Wrinkles", the latter of which channels similar cinema & epoch overturning modes that docu-drama "The Blair Witch Project" set in motion as the millennium turned (pain being so close to pleasure), further encourages to form as the century picks up the pace box-office & reviews will augur.

Anonymous said...


"Joker" has quite the promotional build-up going for "It", has any other movie ever had such a densely arrayed overlapping of simultaneous advertising campaigns disseminated in "It's" favour?
joker = jester = fool = performance & 'putting on a show/display' = attention sought, if for something requiring address then good, if attention for attention's sake bad, I think the former (as the latter as a facet of that), there's something deeply wrong with the societies on Earth that share the rise of this phenomena a cure of some kind though doesn't involve the further spread & mutation of the clown archetype.

Those staged as clowns are only given the chance performing for the public by those engaging in the kind of dangerous behaviours (without being glamoured in clown face pancake (pancake = "frying pan", "out of the ...", pancakes are associated with gorging/feasting/carnival = "farewell to flesh")) deliberated & machinated so as to maximise profit from our being prank'd & made fools of ourselves in the first place.

P.S. Loren I wish you well & thank you for your continued works, I've not read "The Copycat Effect" or exhausted your blog posts, so don't know if this topic is broached in any way, but do you have any thoughts as to how things accrue so very many layers of meaning & in turn give rise to their becoming texts/subtexts so to speak in the culture they're set in - especially in regard to specific clusters of association such as September / Harvest / 9/11 / Route 91 / showtime / clowns / "Joker"?

Anonymous said...

Penultimate 2 paragraphs ought to read:

joker = jester = fool = performance & 'putting on a show/display' = attention sought. If Its sought for something requiring address then good, if sought for seeking's sake then bad (the latter's a symptom of the former though). There's something deeply wrong with the societies on Earth that share the rise of the killer clown phenomena & a cure of some kind doesn't involve the further spread & mutation of this archetype.

Those staged as clowns are only given the chance to perform for the public by those "behind the scenes" of "the world stage" who engage in the most dangerous behaviours deliberated & machinated so as to maximise profit from the rest of us prank'd & made fools of. These clowns aren't glamoured in pancake (& pancake = "frying pan", "out of the ...", pancakes are associated with gorging/feasting/carnival = "farewell to flesh")) but if encountered face-to-face are readily identifiable due to their utterly bizarre mannerisms, modes of speech & anti-human belief systems.

& in addition:

The clown/cosplay/woketivist rainbow display has another group working the scene: "drag queens" "who dress in women's clothing and often act with exaggerated femininity and in feminine gender roles with a primarily entertaining purpose. They often exaggerate make-up such as eyelashes for dramatic, comedic or satirical effect."

Not one "drag queen" looks anything at all like an actual women, if indeed "woman" is what they're attempting to pass as, they're clownishly gross parodies of femininity increasingly put on the pedestal of 'good' example as part of the arranging & defining of curated from on high acceptable public discourse. Whatever's going on with them one thing's for certain they're increasingly making a circus of public libraries in the US & beyond & the increased promotion of so called "drag kids" emphasises a sickness is at work upon humanity.