Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac Laughs

Hurricane Isaac penetrates New Orleans with more than a tickle, a giggle and a trickle.
One meaning of Isaac is "he will laugh." 
So he may.
As it is above, so it shall be below. 
Here you see Katrina above and Isaac below. 
Hurricanes separated by seven years, to the day on August 29th, 
are mirrors of each other.
Hurricane Isaac is pulling media attention from the Republican Convention of 2012, where various people, such as Governor Christie, are praising the man of many states, tax havens, and positions.
Ah, Governor Christie gives forth with a Masonic signal to the faithful, which he appears to be practicing for his speech tonight. 

Meanwhile, Karl Rove (R), former Deputy Chief of Staff to former U.S. President George W. Bush engages, no doubt, in the five points of contact in the Masonic semi-hug with U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) on the floor before the start of the abbreviated first day of the Republican National Convention on August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

Cartoonists will note the turmoil that Isaac has brought to this political week.
 But most of the imagery will be more about hurricane clouds than Republican ones.

The obviously juvenile game to be played more often, I'm afraid, will be a secret one to see how many unfortunate meteorologists and meteorology-wanabes stand in front of their maps filled with penal graphics versus weather patterns. This is necessary for human survival, via comedic relief, of course.

The first winner for 2012 goes to KJRH, Tulsa, Oklahoma weatherman Taft Price, who walked right into the deadly "Hurricane Weather Dong" trap, when he was discussing Tropical Storm Isaac, above. Discovery credit to Patrick.

Taft joins the Hall of Weather Map Shame occupied by these gentlemen.

Our well wishes for safety and health to all in the path of Hurricane Isaac


Red Pill Junkie said...

I agree it's no laughing matter, but I nevertheless LOL'd with the weathermen ;)

Eugene said...

As shared previously about"

Age 90, SaraI to SaraH = I to H, symbolically she has her hand/penis, as I, to window or see through, as H.

Age 100, Abram to AbraHam = insertion of H, symbolically has his middle windowed or seen through, as H.

Together they 190/191 or "when you make the male female, and the female male, the kingdom of heavens will be at hand. The concept as hand or maker or active agent above the event horizon as involved in the letter/symbol game of "Isaac" parent's is also in his name.

Laughter, as the cathartic result, is the fruit, ie son, of a most dangerous game of two polarities at war.


"Yitzhhaq ( the no. 2 of the Abraham-Isaac-Jacob triad. This schema is a paradox. Essentially it belongs to a triune movement. In its physical disposition it is twofold, and has to be so, as a link between the conqueror 3 and the conquered 2 (duality as symbolized by Canaan). Its structure is ingenious. Its 8, between the 90 and 100, is almost farcical. No wonder that Yitzhhaq means "he laughs."

But the 3 in disquise, the comedy, the laughter are playing a deadly serious game, at its most critical stage. Isaac must give birth to Israel. In his schema is the seed of man-made-perfect, but in such a condition as to have no possibility of action. Yitzhhaq is a paradoxical balance of a pre-evolved 8 and a totally evolved (female and male) 90 and 100. In the schema the beginning is included in the end: the entire evolutionary process is out of its range."

Carlo Suares, Cipher of Genesis p.166

Carlo says it all with "Isaac must give birth to Israel" and this is the play on of wrestling all night with God/Angel and his hip is displaced .. meaning his metal-smithing leg must re-genesis a new prince. Penuel and Isaac take the place of AbraHam and SaraH as two males birthing the new deal, the Prince heir to the kingdom.

The game of




Is the same game.

Carlo did not use the obfuscated tarot or number sets of the "0=1" crowd. His Chariot is 8, 80, 800, and is the OPEL of "Opel lope pole".

daft vader said...

Those weathermen are obviously overcompensating.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I laughed my head off at this post Loren.
Being from Australia I didn't get to see these weathermen feeling like big dicks in front of their monitors.
So this was the first time that I got to see these guys in compromising positions on national TV.
I just hope Isaac blows over...but not on them.-)
Sorry,but this post has bought out the juvenile in me.Let's hope there are no copycat effects here.-)

aferrismoon said...

' You don't need a weatherman to know which way your dick grows '

Knob Dylan


Eugene said...

The overlay here, and you don't even have to be a symbol reader, is that Katrina has a strap on, and that she is now he-ing. The joke is in/on US.

The pun .. Ron Paul got 190 delegate votes.

Having shown the power of the hand as "10", and the bricks or potential pools as "8", and the two parents as "100 + 90" .. all that's left to show is how "Israel" comes about after the wrestle.

Brace yourself.

Mark said...

Completely hilarious, and yet interesting.
The weathermen seem to be a phallocentric lot. Thanks!