Thursday, August 23, 2012

Route 66, Weld, JFK, and To Kill a King

Tuesday Weld, at 18, played a 25-year-old on Route 66. In this extremely synchromystic program, you never know who or what you will see.

Students of Forteana, political assassinations, and the unexplained are familiar with how symbolic this program remains tied to this road's number. One of strangest cases I ever investigated in Illinois was “the Blue Phantom of Route 66," seen during the 1950s, as I document in Mysterious America. Jim Brandon in his The Rebirth of Pan: Hidden Faces of the American Earth Spirit notes the significance of 33's "second multiple" being 66, and how roads designated "66" appear in the midst of strange situations, as, for example, during the specific key Mothman years' sightings along West Virginia State Road 66.

It's a small world, after all. Above is Glenda Jennings, shown in the February 15, 1963 episode of Route 66, "Somehow It Gets to Be Tomorrow," filmed in Corpus Christi, Texas. Red Dirt Report editor Andrew W. Griffin's godmother, who had married his mother's oldest brother, played a carhop in the episode.

Griffin mentioned this to me as we discussed the strange, pre-JFK assassination episode, "Love is a Skinny Kid" on Route 66, released on April 6, 1962, filmed in "Dallas." This episode has become a focal point of discussion within JFK assassination forums.

Jerry Organ, who compiled the following visual overview of the episode, noted, "Weld is distantly related to Charles J. Guiteau, who assassinated President James A. Garfield."

Kenn Thomas notes about the episode entitled "Aren’t You Surprised To See Me?" that "it opens at Love Field and someone on the phone mentions Earle Cabell, Dallas mayor whose brother Charles was fired from the CIA by JFK over the Bay of Pigs. Earle Cabel is the person who changed the route of Kennedy's motorcade for November 22, 1963...JFK was headed for the Trade Mart [when he was assasinated] where Buz gets a job in this episode."

Organ also posted this:

I'm Here to Kill a King
The fourth season has the show's most-direct "connection" to the Kennedy Assassination: the "I'm Here To Kill A King" episode scheduled to run Nov. 29, 1963. Some sources claim the episode aired March 20, 1964 (the week after the series finale); it certainly made it into syndication. The episode scheduled to run Nov. 22nd ("Kiss the Monster, Make Him Sleep" filmed in Minneapolis with James Coburn) was pre-empted and ran Jan. 24, 1964.
The "King" episode--with Robert Loggia, Tina Louise and Frank Campanella--was one of two from the series that were set in Canada. A close confident of the King of an oil-rich Middle-Eastern country hires a mercenary to assassin the leader while visiting the world-famous Niagara Falls. Tod is working at the Falls when he is mistakenly given an itinerary because he looks near-identical to the "assassin" character (Milner in a dual role). Word gets back to the plotters, who then attempt to frame Tod as the assassin by kidnapping Tod and having the "assassin" take his place at Tod's work-site.
Among the "King" episode's purported similarities: the assassin plans to shoot the King through the head, a character's father name is Lee, the King deplanes and travels in a motorcade, the assassin uses a rifle and intends to fire from a knoll. Dallas is mentioned as a place for the King to discuss oil deals.
Martin Milner seems to bear somewhat of a resemblance to Texas Tower sniper Charles Whitman.

The captions in this panel overview of "Love is a Skinny Kid" are Mr. Organ's, not mine.


Eugene said...

The mystical toponomy woven into Route 66 is..?

Having read Downard and Hoffman I paid attention to it when it comes up.

It came up with the run-away bride, a phone booth and a hotel.

Then I chanced upon the Sunshine Building, ie the only place where Route 66 crosses itself, being in AL-BOO-QUEER-KEY.

Sunshine Building is the origin of Scaramouche. This ties immediately to the Dionysiatic cult of Rock and Rock and its being built from template of cymbal, wild music, carnival, homosexuality, all marks of the castration cult of Attis in service to Kore/Kybele.

This cult ruled by steering the male energy through fashion and ritual combat. You only became a male if you fought your way there.

Harry skinny dipping and the pool is also symbol layover to the King in the Waters.

The idea is capturing regeneration for a new spring. The sheaves are all husks, the energy that used to flow in dragon lines is all but gone. The imagination of man is so far in the kernel/prison of its mother .. it may not escape. So the meaning of apocalypse, ie the "heaving of the sheaves" is apt. The kellipot are everywhere.

66 = 2/3rd as .666. A third of the messengers rebelled and fell down as the watery messengers. Two thirds remained with God. The inversionary ratio shows how the water quadrates itself. Once again the Baphometis.

Anointing with oil is the mark of the King. Oil used was essence of a plant or animal.

The oil/fat mark of all men is the width of their shoulders. The oil/fat marker of women is the width of their hips.
These two lines of width are above and below the event horizon of the heart.

Baphometis means immersion in wisdom. To make men women you make them fat, ie you invert their potential. To make women men you do the same. Once this is done, ie men as women and women as men you forge, aurifice, the kingdom of heaven.

Make all one since their is no resistance. Resistance in men is how their shoulders wield arms. Resistance in women is how they bear warriors.

Women now murder their future protectors in utero. Men now murder their women by being drawn into other men.


Eugene said...

Another item of note. The miles on the sign add to "222". This plays on the duality of 111.

ALP, the potential energy, is A=1, L=30, P=80, all add to 111.

Eugene said...

Tuesday Weld is Mars flowing or Mars making. The kingdom of iron is Rome, aka the law that makes peace, to make the water still, to obey. The kingdom of iron is agriculture, the power of iron to fence and plow. Vulcain as city maker, ie to control or shape the auri-fice by artifice.

Marine means water.

Merriam as Mare, latin for water.

A marine "arrested" is to make water stop, or to dam flow. A test. Knowledge would be to see the dam. Wisdom would be to overcome the dam.

Brandon Raub

Holy Batman is right!

Brandon means "hill covered with a broom" (or wicca) and as variant Brendan means "prince".

Raub means "rob, plunder, hijack, booty".

That floor is tessalated and hairy.

Eugene said...

In perusing the show stills:

$1.19 as the price of truth.

119 is the part of the "masked" Square of Saturn, the box of 9, that controls the last aurifice.

Here is masked Saturn Square =


999 is the event horizon, the two sets of 111 are the two polarities that "union" at the event horizon.

Here is the unmasked Saturn Square =

852 is the event horizon. 147 and 369 are the two polarities who "union" or sex the event horizon.

147 369 258
174 396 285
417 639 528
471 693 582
714 936 825
741 963 852
2664 3996 3330 = 9990

2664 is father polarity, mountain
3996 is mother polarity, valley
6660 is the beast of two backs, sex, union, six as bra-shith.

2664 = 4 x 666
3996 = 6 x 666
3330 = 5 x 666
9990 = 15 x 666

15 as in "I died in the asylum when I was 15".

The offspring of this father, who overshadows the virgin mother, is the 3330, the son of the widow. Why widow? Poppy cannot be found. He as the Phoenix has eaten his father. Zeus and Chronos.

As the 3330 he is the event horizon, mediator of heaven (2664) and earth (3996).

Lydia = seller of purple. Purple is the color of Kybele. Lydia was the lady who opened the "gate" or orifice to Paul and the Apostles into "gentile" lands.

Texas is the judge who cries Civil War, ie heralding division and union of the beast with two backs. Note - we emancipate the slaves held in the other's box.

V for Vendetta is "guy faux", the spelling used by Guido Fawkes for his name. The idea is that the terrorist is a fake fella. The system makes fake identity in your pocket, in your mailbox, on your papers, etc etc. We destroy our own being by becoming our paper attachments. Our attachments are then shepherded by how our appetite, ie aurifice, is shaped to consume.

Waiting at the gate for the child is "the hope of the mother for a son", a son who will redeem the future. If the mind of the mother can be shaped so she raises the son to "hero" for profit by prophet, the son will be a tool for others, not her.

The hand that rocks the cradle does not rule the world, the hand that forms the mind of the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Rome makes the mother box one came from the focal point, it shuns the the Magdalene since this tower would give man the vantage point to overcome. To focus on the box one came from is to make Aedipus Rex.

"Can one be born again from entering into his mother?"

Prince Harry's grandma is secretly touching herself looking at the pics. Such is the spell here.

The Square of Saturn or the Lo-Shu is the mandate of present heaven, it makes all kingdoms .. iron, all kingdoms based on agriculture, tending of fences, sheep.

The lines across the earth's face are false fella fictions. The illusion they hold makes "brandon raub" or boy prince who robs by the power of his mother's broom.

Her two grandson's are the two riders of this bike.

Ahouse divided game, dated to expire 616.

Our "bard" was also born 616. The message of June, in the sides of the North (read Draco) is the death of the light. It lays seeds for next spring aka it takes the head of its cousin off by alluring curves, songs of cymbals, and incestuous magic.

The game of scapegoat. One is seen by none, ie Judas. One is seen by all, or at least made to kneel to the witnesses who are but fishers of men, ie Jesus. One is not seen, it hides behind girls clothes, and manages the profit of the last two shells.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Well, this certainly dovetails with everything I have been writing for eons. Tuesday Weld wears the Mask of God--or, rather, the Veil of Isis; she is Philip K. Dick's Zebra-VALIS as St. Sophia, who invades the fallen universe to avenge her own death. It is precisely Love, personified by a young girl, that she mourns. "Love is a Skinny Kid."

Such a simple and powerful message is entirely lost on most.

The JFK subtext is hidden, and not revealed. The King's killing is presided over by Jackie (who, as Isis, gathers up his brains) to atone for Marilyn (d. 1962).

Chris said...

That is the creepiest mask ever. I've heard it said "Ruby Tuesday" is a song to her.

Eugene said...

Death of river horse in a pool.

The King is dead, long live the King.

Stripping naked of a 7 (read chariot) time super cyclist (read OPEL LOPE POLE references) his Kingly metal.

The King is dead, long live the King.

And to top off today's synchronous news trifecta...

Jesus painting becomes Jesus cartoon becomes Jesus picture pasteover. A double fauxcimile.

Note "cartoon" is Pied Piper song that makes the chariot roll, this is the message of the Route 66. The Queen of Heaven, ie the Ace of Spades, will clean up every mess the King makes .. down to the last atom.

The King is dead, long live the King.

Should you wish to see synchronicity at work .. go to unabridged Golden Bough and see reference note 808 which just happens to be the very last one.
Having shared the revealing message of Judas it will not be lost on any who so happens to be possessed of a certain spirit.



Math for simpletons. Afterall math (golden) means what you learned at your mothers teats. One peak under the veil of Isis is all you need.

Be warned it is XXX rated. The message is clear .. how one extends one's arms, again Baphometis, is how one swims or sinks .. in the water hidden above the event horizon.

Atlanta Fugiens!

Charles Charlie Teague said...

Want to know more about Tuesday Weld read my article Tuesday Weld "Lord Love A Duck" The Initiation-Orientation and Presentation of The Illuminati Priestess. By Charles Charlie Teague. I believe Adam Gorighty has it on his web page or you can go to my facebook page and go to the Missouri Mystery Mound page and click on the article section.
Tuesday is a more complicated person than people realize.

Charles Charlie Teague said...

If you want to know more about Tuesday read my article Tuesday Weld "Lord Love A Duck" The Initiation -Orientation and Presentation of The Illuminati Priestess. It is on Adam Gorighty web page. Charles Charlie Teague It will open your eyes about a very complex individual.