Friday, November 16, 2012

Bolivar, Breaking Dawn, Red Dawn, Llamas, and Lammers

The Bolivar man had purchased tickets to the Sunday screening of the new Twilight movie, with the express purpose of shooting up the movie theater, said authorities.

Polk is a power name, and it is in Polk Country, Missouri, where this possible new movie violence almost occurred. See more about the past events in Polk County, Arkansas, here.

If it was not for an alert mother contacting the police, a tragedy might be what we would be reading about now.

Summarizing what local media reported,
Blaec Lammers, 20, of Bolivar, is charged with first-degree assault, making a terroristic threat and armed criminal action. He was jailed in Polk County on $500,000 bond....
His mother contacted authorities Thursday, saying she worried that with this weekend's opening of the final film in the popular Vampire movie series, her son "may have intentions of shooting people at the movie," police wrote in the probable cause statement.
She said she thought the weapons — two assault rifles and hundreds of bullets — resembled those used by a gunman who opened fire inside a theater in Aurora, Colo., during the latest Batman movie in July. That attack killed 12 people.
Lammers was questioned Thursday afternoon and told authorities he bought tickets to a Sunday Twilight screening in Bolivar and planned to shoot people inside the theater. The town of roughly 10,000 people is about 130 miles southeast of Kansas City.

According to the probable cause statement, Lammers also planned to "just start shooting people at random" at a Walmart store less than a mile away. He said he'd purchased two assault rifles and 400 rounds of ammunition, and if he ran out of bullets, he would "just break the glass where the ammunition is being stored and get some more and keep shooting until police arrived," investigators wrote.
Lammers stated he wanted to stab a Walmart employee to death and followed an employee around a Walmart store before officers got involved in 2009, according to police.
When asked about recent shootings in the news, Lammers told police "he had a lot in common with the people that have been involved in those shootings," the probable cause statement said. Investigators also wrote that Lammers said he "was quiet, kind of a loner, had recently purchased firearms and didn't tell anybody about it, and had homicidal thoughts." Times-Union
Lammers was approached at the Sonic Drive-In at 404 South Springfield Avenue, Bolivar, Missouri, and asked to come to police headquarters for questioning. It was there, while being interviewed, that he confirmed his plot.

Bolivar is of Polish and Spanish origins, and means "mighty, warlike." The city of Bolivar, Missouri, was named for Bolivar, Tennessee, home to many of the original Bolivar, Missouri settlers, and like that city its name is pronounced to rhyme with Oliver. Bolivar is named after the South American historical figure, Simón Bolívar, who was nicknamed El Libertador (The Liberator).

Correspondent Enki King writes: "A major sync hit is the would-be shooter's first name, Blaec, which is an English name meaning black or white. His surname, Lammers, derives from the village of Lamas or Lammas in Norfolk. James Holmes received the nickname 'The Llama' after submitting a photo [shown above] of himself feeding a llama with his university application."

Llama en la plaza de Bolivar

Enki has given me permission to post tonight the following essay that he shared with me at 8:01 am on November 15th:

An Alchemical Dawn

Given the intensity of the synchromystic shock waves that have reverberated from the July mass shootings at a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado (Colorado = red, Aurora = dawn), perhaps further analysis is in order as the release date of the new Red Dawn motion picture approaches. The fact that another “Dawn” film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, opens less than a week before Red Dawn is scheduled to hit screens seems significant, and provides a place to start.

Dawn = Aurora, and Aurora has repeatedly shown up in syncs since the Colorado shooting tragedy. (E.g., I noticed that Florida's Joker copycat Christopher Alex Sides' former residence was 1802 Aurora Park Circle, and I discovered shortly before a mass shooting at a spa in Wisconsin that there is a spa at the Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes called The Aurora.) Interestingly, Aurora repeatedly shows up elsewhere - in alchemical literature. As Jesus Cora Alonso notes in “'This dream is all amiss interpreted': Julius Caesar, Shakespeare's Alchemical Tragedy”:

Dawn, aurora in Latin, symbolises the production of the red tincture or Philosopher's Stone in several treatises throughout the history of alchemy, for instance in the 13th century Aurora consurgens attributed to Thomas Aquinas, Gerhard Dorn's Aurora philosophorum (c. 1565), Henri de Linthaut's L'Aurore and L'Ami de l'aurore (early 17th century MSS, published in 1978, see Linthaut 1978) or Paracelsus's (attrib.) Paracelsus His Aurora, & Treasure of the Philosophers (1659).

The alchemical process can be broken down into three major processes: nigredo (blackness), albedo (whiteness), and rubedo (redness). Three films, three alchemical workings. It is time to dig for syncs.

Nigredo, the initial stage of the alchemical process, resonates with The Dark Knight Rises. The alchemist begins his self-transformation at this point, and encounters a long dark night (Knight) of the soul. Alchemists associate the raven with nigredo, but a bat would seem to be an appropriate stand-in.

In this stage, the inner fire is kindled by the application of external fire. This is analogous to the initial stage of Eastern mystical work, when the kundalini energy is activated and begins its ascent.

“The fire rises!” - Bane

It is worth noting that James Holmes' middle name, Eagan, means “fiery,” and that a deadly fire engulfed a building about 100 yards from Holmes' apartment a few weeks after the theater shooting.

Albedo (whiteness) is the second major stage of the alchemist's Great Work. In this stage, male and female are united, and the hermaphroditic nature of man is recognized. This certainly resonates with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, as in the months leading up to the film's release, Twilight's celebrity couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up and reunited into, as the gossip mags say, “Robsten.” The whiteness of albedo is reinforced by the pasty white complexions of the vampire characters, and the synchromistically significant fact that Kristen Stewart recently portrayed Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman. In an interview, Snow White director Rupert Sanders, with whom it appears Stewart had a brief affair (a story that shared headlines with the Aurora shooting in July), had this to say about Stewart:

“She's incredibly spirited and very kind of wild and 
also she's got this kind of alchemy to her.”

Alchemists associated the swan with albedo. In the Twilight films, Kristen Stewart plays a character named Bella Swan. Also associated with albedo is the Roman goddess Aurora.

The third and final alchemical stage is rubedo, the reddening process which is represented by the phoenix, and this phase is associated with resurrection. While The Dark Knight Rises and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 are the final films in their franchises, Red Dawn is a remake, or resurrection if you will, of a 1984 film with the same title. In both versions, communist “Reds” invade the United States. Interestingly, the original film featured a character called Colonel Bella, a Cuban officer, and the remake stars Chris Hemsworth, who starred with Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman.

“Red sky at morning [red dawn], sailor take warning...” 
- Nautical rule of thumb for forecasting bad weather

“The night [Knight] is darkest just before the dawn. 
And I promise you, the dawn is coming.” 
- Harvey Dent

“There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.” 
- Selina Kyle

Loren Coleman defines a “red dawn event” as “a milestone manifestation of unfathomable future dimensions.” The Aurora tragedy was one. Might we see others when the Aurora-resonating Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and Red Dawn are released?

The 2012 release of Red Dawn is scheduled for November 21. This date will mark the 92nd anniversary of one of Ireland's “Bloody Sundays,” which certainly seems ominous. It will also be the birthday of rodeo champion Larry Mahan, who recorded the 1976 album Larry Mahan, King of the Rodeo. Several tracks stand out as being significant. The first song, “Freckled Face and Pretty Ribbons,” resonates with Aurora, Colorado. (Freckles are associated with red hair, and James Holmes dyed his hair red before the attack; a bald “woman in a red dress” (who I have reason to believe was a man in drag, but as to say this individual is highly litigious would be an understatement, I will not mention his name) appeared at a James Holmes hearing with a spool of blue ribbon.) Track eight is the spa-resonating “Rosie's Palace of Pure Love and Fingertip Massage.” The Joker comes to mind with the album's final song, “Ha Ha.” As November 21 is the 92nd anniversary of a “Bloody Sunday,” synchromystic “logic” dictates taking a close look at tracks nine and two. These are “Smokey Mountain Cowboy” and “There's More to a Cowboy,” respectively, and the repeating theme marks a direct sync hit.

As the symbolic alchemical fire rose this year, and as gunfire rang out across the land, one lonesome cowboy gazed down from on high upon the blood-soaked earth. That is, until his accidental immolation transformed him into a literal Smokey Cowboy. I am referring to the State Fair of Texas' iconic 52 foot statue Big Tex, which was destroyed by an electrical fire in October. The fire started in Big Tex's foot, and rose until the statue resembled a sacrificial Wicker Man. I discussed syncs between the Big Tex fire and the cult/occult film Wicker Man, James Holmes, and much more on Loren Coleman's Twilight Language blog.

Larry Mahan suggests that “There's More to a Cowboy.” There was more to Big Tex than met the eye in the 1983 comic book The Uncanny X-Men at the State Fair of Texas. In this issue (which was included as a supplement in the Dallas Times Herald), Big Tex saved the day by coming to life when no one was looking and (literally) kicked the supervillain Magneto's butt. This issue's main claim to fame is that it featured the one and only appearance of Eques, a mutant with the ability to transform into a winged centaur. Eques syncs with RFD TV's program Equestrian Nation, hosted by none other than Larry Mahan. X-Men name game syncs occur with Storm (a storm is coming), Wolverine (the guerrilla fighters in Red Dawn adopt the name “Wolverines”), and rubedo-resonating Phoenix. Also, the issue's editor-in-chief was James Shooter, which syncs quite closely with James Holmes.

The positions of Big Tex's arms and hands were peculiar. His right hand was raised to shoulder level, palm outward, as if implying one should stop. His left arm stretched out to his side, as though pointing. Big Tex almost gave the impression of directing traffic, of suggesting, “Stop, turn, and go this way.” Big Tex is now absent from Google Maps' Street View, but by analyzing old photos that have been placed online, I have come to believe that Big Tex was pointing southwest. I cannot help but wonder if he was somehow redirecting a hidden alchemical energy and pointing toward an upcoming red dawn event.

After spending some time map-gazing, I have only noticed one location to Big Tex's southwest that stands out – the Texas city of Coleman. As Loren Coleman predicted a Dark Knight-related event for July 20, coined the term “red dawn event,” and while traveling on cryptozoological business, happened to be in the vicinity of Big Tex around the time of the fire; Coleman, Texas seems like a place to watch.

Perhaps Big Tex's pointing southwest should be taken more generally. The reference could be to the regional area known as the American Southwest. If this be the case, likely states for an event might be Big Tex's home state of Texas or Colorado, which has seen more than its fair share of tragedy over the years. Phoenix, Arizona is situated within this region as well. The city of Phoenix and the mythological fiery bird after which it is named came up repeatedly in the sync community in September and October of this year, and the phoenix's association with rubedo, and hence Red Dawn, draws one's attention closer.

The new Twilight movie has a U.S. release date of November 16, with special late night shows on the 15th. Red Dawn's release date, as mentioned earlier, is November 21. These are key dates on which a red dawn event seem most likely, with the 21st being, my intuition tells me, the most probable; although I suppose any such event that syncs heavily with the people, places, things, and ideas discussed in this essay, and which occurs during Red Dawn's theatrical run, might still be considered a synchromystic hit.

Needless to say, nothing would please me more than being completely wrong.


Michael said...

Simon Bolivar is the South American "Washington".

For some reason I was watching time lapse images from the ISS space station today, of aurora borealis, which, BTW are green, not red.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Wow. Tip of my sombrero to Enki. What a way to connect the dots :)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Let's also consider that llama, apart for being the name given to those funky camelids, also means 'flame' in Spanish.

ELFIS said...

S.K. Bain's MOST DANGEROUS BOOK IN THE WORLD predicts a Black Christmas in Phoenix, Arizona:

"In a weighty addendum entitled, The Next 9/11?, Bain moves into the world of speculative fiction. Once again making use of occult symbolism and numerology, he warns of a possible new and even more horrifying act of mass terror, coming this Christmas to Phoenix, AZ, and the rest of the world."

Red Dirt Reporter said...

Wow. There is a lot here to digest. I too wrote about the "Big Tex"/Wicker Man fire and his hand pointing Southwest could certainly be Phoenix or Roswell or El Paso. Of course this brings to mind James Shelby Downard and King Kill 33, which Loren wrote about in the Route 66 pieces earlier this year. And then there is Sonic Drive-In (based here in OKC and named so during the DAWN of the Space Age). That syncs with Felix Baumgartner creating his own "sonic boom" last month. On a side note, Brooks Agnew, who plans to lead the Inner Earth Expedition said the success of the high viewership of the Baumgartner stunt gives him hope that many viewers will try and see he and his team find the entrance into the Hollow Earth some time in 2013 - during the Solar Maximum.

Enki said...

Good call! We should add Washington state and D.C. to the list of places to watch. By the way, there was a minor sync with southwest - Lammers is from southwest Missouri.

Thanks for the compliment! That sync-hunting expedition took me to the heart of darkness, so to speak, and I will readily accept any kind words right now.

Speaking of the heart, Lammer's Texas-resonating "lone star" on the left side of his chest might be significant. This is a nautical star, which is a naval design often tattooed on members of the Navy and Marines. Lammer certainly did not serve in the military, though, as he claimed to never have shot a gun before Tuesday. The nautical theme also resonates with another Larry Mahan song - "Larry's Salty Dog Blues," as the slang term "salty dog" refers to a very experienced sailor. The red and black version of this star indicates port, while a green and black one represents starboard. When attempting to trace the flow of alchemical energy, maybe we need to take a left at Bolivar or something. The nautical star tattoo was also once used by lesbians to identify one another, which somewhat resonates with albedo's (whiteness's) hermaphroditic theme. (The reconciliation of opposites is also in play with the name Blaec, which means black or white.)

Can anyone identify the cartoon pig that Lammers used as a Facebook background?

It got cut off in the linked pic, but it says "TOOT" on the pig's overalls. Google tells me that Toot and Puddle are pig characters from Holly Hobbie children's books, but they do not look like the pig Lammers used (and I think Puddle is the one who wears overalls, anyway).

Did anyone notice that Lammers bought a ticket for a November 18 showing of the Twilight movie? The 18th will be the first Sunday on which the film will play. Let's all be thankful that Lammers's plan for a "Bloody Sunday" was foiled.

Enki said...

I was not aware of that book. I will have to check it out. Also...BAIN??? Wow!

I have been researching the red and black nautical star some more, and it is a common tattoo in Northern California, where it is referred to as the Nor-Cal star. It is sometimes used by gangs, apparently. Maybe Lammers once lived in Northern California. Anyway, Northern California should be watched, as well.

Anonymous said...


Most Dangerous is a good book. He relies on Michael Hoffman and William Ramsey quite a bit. The "Bain" thing threw me too. Don't know what to say about it though.

Enki said...

This business definitely seems to have the same heavy, negative vibe as the Downardian King Kill 33 current.

It is interesting that the sun has been going through one of its periodic phases of intense activity this week, and creating spectacular displays of the aurora borealis. Michael's mention of the green vs. red displays also brings to mind the starboard/port opposites mentioned earlier. Opposites again.

Speaking of opposites... I crowdsourced the pig question over at The Secret Sun Facebook group, and got an answer almost instantly. Hat tips to John Bonanno and Barbara A. Fisher for their help! Anyway, I was on the right track with Toot & Puddle. The images I was looking at on Google were the TV versions, which is why I did not think I had a match. Lammers's pig is Puddle from the original Holly Hobbie books. The pigs are opposites, as Puddle is a homebody, and Toot likes to travel. Lammers's Puddle identifying with his friend by having "Toot" on his overalls suggests another reconciliation of opposites, a theme of albedo.

As a final bit of weirdness, on Thursday, hours before the new Twilight film had its first showing, James Holmes missed his court hearing because he was injured after what was perhaps his third suicide attempt since becoming incarcerated. He ran as fast as he could and smashed his head into the wall of his cell. I read this last night right before I left home last night to take a much needed reprieve from this research. On my way to a club, where I saw my friend's band play, I stopped at a convenience store to grab a snack. The cashier was holding paper towels to his bloody head. I asked him if he was okay, and he said that he didn't understand what happened. He was walking quickly, and he somehow smashed his head into a wall! My life's weirdness level is approaching maximum.

Anonymous said...

Red star (or blue star?)
Skyfall Breaking Dawn Red Dawn

Anonymous said...

The trademark symbol for Heineken beer is a red star (pentagram). A new TV commercial for Heineken features Daniel Craig, fresh from the latest James Bond movie 'Skyfall'. Felix Baumgartner recently performed quite a skyfall to the Earth, landing in the direction that Big Tex was pointing...

Enki said...

The red star is associated with the former Soviet Union, and hence the old Red Dawn, and North Korea, thus the new Red Dawn. Lammers's alternative target was Walmart, and their old logo had a star separating the company name's syllables. Lammers's mirror pic from his Facebook page shows him holding a phone with a star on the case, as well.

We have looked at the stars of the "Dawn" films and their symbolic alchemical significance. Kristen Stewart was albedo-resonating Snow White and Bella Swan; and Chris Hemsworth, who stars in the 2012 Red Dawn, co-starred with Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman. Hemsworth also starred in Thor, and toward the beginning of that film, when Thor falls from the sky (Skyfall), scientist Erik Selvig exclaims, "I thought you said it was a subtle aurora!"

Jason said...

Nice essay Enki!

Enki said...

Thank you! I pulled an all-nighter in order to have it read before the first showing of the new Twilight hit screens, and the altered state created by sleep deprivation was probably responsible for the surreal take on an already surreal topic, and for the occasional typo, as well.

Tonight is not looking good for sleep either, since I just watched an advance screening of Red Dawn (2012) at midnight, and I have to be at work at the crack. I do not have much to report in the sync department, except for the fact that the new film takes place in Spokane, Washington instead of Colorado, and as Michael noted, Simon Bolivar is considered to be the George Washington of South America. The school shooting from the first film is absent from the remake, which was probably a no-brainer decision on the part of the filmmakers, and another memorable and unsettling scene from the original was altered to be less disturbing.

Let's all cross our fingers and hope that the Lammers red dawn near-miss was the worst to come from this sync-heavy film cycle, and that Red Dawn comes and goes without incident.

Enki said...

I checked my news alert after posting my last comment, and I read something noteworthy. On the opening day of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, there was a gunfire incident in Sonora. Here is another one to file under "It could have been much worse."

Enki said...

Lammers allegedly planned to shoot up the B&B Bolivar Cinema 5, which is located on Bolivar's East Aldrich Road. Aldrich = old or wise ruler, which makes me think of a king. The accidental gun discharge took place at king-resonating Regal Cinemas on Sanguinetti Road in Sonora. Sanguinetti = little blood. The King-Kill current I was sensing seems to be coming to the surface. Might the next red dawn event be a political assassination?

Jason said...

Hope not. Like you I hope the near-miss was all she wrote. Enough violence going on already.

Nettie Mac said...

I Have been curious what the Llama symbolises. After seeing a Llama in the Super Bowl add with Don Cheadle in a lift seemed so out of place .. The add was for Budweiser , the whole add seemed strange, Llamas and twins, and so on. So I did a bit of research and discovered that an episode of twin peaks had a llama in it, and Twin Peaks was filmed in Aurora Colorado. Another strange anomaly is that in twin peaks there is a map in one of the episodes, the map is the "owl cave map" the same cave was used in the batman tv series. I maybe stretching it a bit here but the owl cave map is a touch similar to the map in The dark knight rises. It's not identical but some resemblance what I am curious about is the Budweiser commercial in the, Don Cheadle and the Llama, lots of female twins, Arnold swarheneeger as Bjorn Borg and OneRepublic, the add was very odd.