Thursday, November 08, 2012

Aurora Again: Skyfall Anew

We are entering a powerfully synchromystically, yes, synchrocinematically significant weekend. Veterans Day (old style, November 11; new style November 12), plus the opening of Skyfall, Lincoln, Citadel, and even A Royal Affair, is one of those conjunctions of metaphors we have grown to view with some caution.

Midnight showings on November 9th, hopefully, for Skyfall will be without any Aurora surprises or undertones, which occurred when The Dark Knight Rises opened.

Colorado's Aurora shooting appeared to have been a "red dawn" event, a milestone awakening incident of which we can only guess what it might mean in the future. The word, Colorado (red) and Aurora (dawn), were a rather meaning combination, a lexilink of some note, as it turns out.

You may recall, Skyfall was there from the beginning. Literally.

I went to see The Dark Knight Rises with my 22 year old son, at 3:15 pm, on Friday, July 20, 2012. One of the first visuals that stuck me, before the film, was what I saw in the preview to the then-forthcoming James Bond movie, Skyfall. At the 39-40 second mark of the trailer, quite readable on the IMAX screen, a frame appeared with a vivid skyline. Right there, up front was a building with a red sign that read clearly, Aurora

Aurora screen capture from Skyfall, from the July 20, 2012 trailer.

This is the Aurora Plaza building in Shanghai, China. Therefore, even though The Dark Knight Rises shooting took place only in Aurora, Colorado, due to the Skyfall trailer being shown with the opening of the Dark Knight film everywhere, Aurora was "in" all of the Batman/Bane showings too.

Three movie openings to be aware of for November 9th:

In Skyfall, Bond's loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Steven Spielberg directs Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln, a revealing drama that focuses on the 16th President's tumultuous final months in office.
The Norwich Aurora [of Connecticut]...reported that Mr. Lincoln had been beaten for Congress in 1848 by Thomas L. Harris, a "glorious Norwich boy" and then beaten for the Senate in 1858 by Stephen A. Douglas. Democrat Harris had indeed been elected to Congress from Springfield in 1848, but he defeated Mr. Lincoln's former law partner, not Mr. Lincoln. But the facts did not get in the way of the Norwich newspaper's tirade against Republicans "and the other eminent prophets and saints of the abolition." Source.
The new movie ends with the assassination of the President.

This Lincoln movie is not to be confused with the project that the late Tony Scott had been working for the National Geographic Channel, entitled Killing Lincoln. The two-hour Killing Lincoln, which was being produced by Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free Productions, is based on Bill O'Reilly's best-selling book Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever. The film is due to air in early 2013 and production began in Richmond, Virginia in July 2012.

In the Irish horror film Citadel, Tommy Cowley lives a quiet life in a decaying tower, an apartment complex, with his highly pregnant wife. The couple is attacked one day by a group of hooded alleged young thugs. CiarĂ¡n Foy's Citadel envisions a towering U.K. housing project that must be destroyed to kill the inhuman creatures breeding within.

This Citadel is not to be confused with the Mass Effect fantasy site that is a space station named Citadel, where the Task Force Aurora is located, headed by Dr. Garret Bryson, a group created to investigate ancient legends about the Reapers.

Will 11-11 be a special anniversary of note this year? Or maybe 11-12?

President Obama was declared the winner of the election at 11:12 pm on Tuesday. I think someone said Nate Silver predicted MSNBC would declare Obama the winner of the Electoral College at exactly 11:12 pm.

Sources for new opening movie info included Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Wikipedia.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Googling James Bond + 11 gets you 'Moonraker'.

I read today that NASA might be announcing a new Moon mission very soon.

Also, I can't get out of my head how Colorado is on the front news now that they voted to make recreational marijuana legal. A new dawn indeed.

Kami said...

How strange, the Citadel's poster resembles one of The Dark Knight's posters:

Enki said...

The Skyfall release is numerologically rich. It opened in the U.S. on regular screens at 0007 military time on 11/9 (or 9/11 for those, like Bond, who reside overseas, and write their dates in a different format). This kicks off Veterans Day weekend, and Veterans Day (formerly Armistice Day) is celebrated on 11/11 because the Germans signed The Armistice on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. The Elizabethan magician and spymaster John Dee signed his correspondence with the Queen "007," and spymaster Ian Fleming, who was knowledgeable in occult matters, was most likely referencing Dee when he gave Bond his code number.

These numbers resonate with terrorism, war, spycraft, and the occult - activities of darkness. It is always darkest before the dawn, and the new Red Dawn film hits theaters later this month. Honestly, this is the film I have had a bad feeling about for some time. Of course, I certainly hope I am simply suffering from a case of synchromystic paranoia, and that this film comes and goes without an associated "Red Dawn" event.

Loren Coleman said...

It is very telling that most foreign news outlets ended their death count of the victim toll for Hurricane Sandy with the number 111.

This is one of many examples to be found online: Sandy Claims 111 Victims.

Eugene said...

Having elucidated the iterations ALP (1+30+80) here many times ..

Breezy Point in Queens had 111 houses burn down.

Raysh - cosmic container, the Queen
births and contains (the sh at the end of Raysh) ...

The divine wind of Sheen.

Qph-Raysh-Sheen-Tau = QRST or Christ/Chrest.

The tabernacle of resistance (T) is the end result of the divine wind (Sh). It begins with a blow to the back of the head (Q) which wakes up the candy-date to the cosmic container (R).

QRST is both good and evil and is consolidating the two houses of water into greater ALP.

Lincoln's head is the baby in Kate's womb, see Samael Bacille, same as how "EVElyn Salt" means Mare my mother, the bitter waters of regression/petrefication.

Chris said...

On CNN Wolf declared Obama the winner at 11:18 pm. He really made a point of stressing that number. I had also seen that number pop up earlier in the night in different vote totals. If you add the digits of 11:18 together you get 11.
Also, I have been wondering if this will be the weekend that Obama is assassinated with the opening of Lincoln. I have been trying to see if he will attend a showing of the film. Wouldn't it be something if he were assassinated in a theater like Lincoln while watching Lincoln during a year of violence started by a theater shooting. It could all come full circle. Just a thought.

Chris said...

Petraeus has resigned today from the CIA after admitting to having an affair.

Anonymous said...

You state that the Aurora image appeared at 39-40 second mark. The first emergency call to police was made at 12.39am (00.39)local time.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Damn... In 2012 I turned 39.

dopestone said...

I wonder if you nailed it again. You might have nailed it harder on the head than with the dark knight rises.

have you looked into the "gas explosion/meteorite/drone strike" that leveled 5 homes and destroyed another 26 at exactly 11:10 pm on 11/10?

The guy who died was supposedly involved in super advanced audio video tech.

what say you loren? can you solve this one for us? were dying over here to see what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Hi, not sure where to put this. I just was glancing through a David Icke book apparently written in the 90's and noticed this reference to Aurora, CO. Just thought you might be interested:
The male presenter also told me of
an experience a policeman friend had while making a routine visit to an office block in
Aurora, near Denver, Colorado. The policeman had commented to an executive of one
of the companies on the ground floor of the extreme nature of security in the building.
She told him he should look at the higher floors if he wanted to know how extensive it
really was. She also pointed to a lift which only went to certain floors at the top of the
building and, as they chatted, she told him of something she had seen some weeks
earlier. The lift had opened and a very strange figure had emerged. He was white to the
point of being albino, but he had a face shaped like a lizard and his eye pupils were
vertical like a reptile’s. This lizard-like figure had walked out of the lift and into an
official-looking car waiting outside. The policeman was so intrigued that he used his
own time to check on the companies at the top of the building served by the mystlift. He found they were all fronts for the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA.

from 'the biggest secret'

Anonymous said...

007 = tubal-cain

Horselover Phat said...

007 was Dr John Dee's cypher...the kabbalistic enochian magick practitioner via Rabbi Loew of Prague...he was part of Elizabeth I inner circle.

Check out my TDKR post at

I link in TDKR/Rise of the Guardians/DC Comics/Hallowe'en II & III/Sandy Hook/Aurora etc etc