Thursday, November 22, 2012

Masonic Yeti

How might Freemasonry merge with hominology and cryptozoology, now and then?

I was involved in executively producing a cryptozoological event on November 15th, at the Grand Lodge on East 23rd and 24th Streets, New York City. For more details and photos, see here and here.

Specifically, on this blog, I wanted to share the event manager and host, ICM's Assistant Director Jeff Meuse's images, captured of the Yeti in the Grand Hall.

The Yeti. The Grand Lodge Hall. The Freemasons. Dos Equis.

Plus, this is artist Lee Murphy's created Sasquatch head.


Maximon said...

So! You happen to be a fellow traveler?

Steve D. said...

(Illuminati card game: 'Bigfoot')