Sunday, February 03, 2013

Destiny's Child Reappearance Predicts Future? [Darkness Update]

Darkness Update:
"Officials: Superdome outage occurred when sensing equipment detected an 'abnormality'," according to the Associated Press.

This is what it looked like:

Below was what was written before the event. Did Enki's written insights and my imagery choices sense what was to occur??

Live blogging updates at the end too.


Rumors are developing early on February 3, 2013, that Beyoncé's Destiny's Child may reappear to perform at the NFL's Super Bowl XLVII's Halftime Show. What does it mean? What if it is only Beyoncé?

Enki sent in the following earlier, and I reproduce it below as a guest blog at 8:30 AM on February 3, 2013:

The day before the Phoenix shootings, another high-profile shooting took place. In Alabama, Jimmy Lee Dykes shot a school bus driver and took a boy hostage. The name Dykes originally referenced Hadrian's Wall (also known as Hadrian's Dyke), the most heavily fortified border in Roman Britain. This resonates with what RDR mentioned about Hummels's concern about border security.

The ongoing Alabama standoff is near Destiny Church. Destiny's Child has been in the news recently, as there has been speculation that the three woman singing group [which syncs with Anon's Singer (sing), Hummels (hum), Harmon (harmony) observation] will make their first (phoenix-like) public reappearance during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Destiny's Child's Beyoncé Knowles was in the news recently when she performed at Obama's inauguration. Public attention on this event increased when it turned out that she had sung along to a recording of the national anthem. Obama and football are also linked by a statement he made in a recent interview in which he criticized football as being dangerous.

The trailer for Scientologist Tom Cruise's new movie Oblivion shows a bombed-out football stadium. The "Birthplace of Scientology" is Phoenix, Arizona. The Dark Knight Rises also had a scene where a football field is destroyed. As mentioned in this post, the Phoenix Police Media Relations Officer is named James Holmes.

Obviously, my attention has been drawn to the upcoming Super Bowl game. In some of my writings on this blog, I have used the metaphor of an alchemical current connecting Red Dawn events, and alchemical symbolism is to be found in this year's Super Bowl match-up between the Ravens and the 49ers.

Alchemists used the raven to symbolize the nigredo, or blackening, stage of the alchemical process. The alchemist experiences a dark night (Dark Knight) of the soul during this phase as he begins the journey of creating the Philosopher's Stone, a substance which can turn base metal into gold. Gold resonates with the Ravens' opposing team, as the 49ers were named after the prospectors who arrived in California around 1949 during the Gold Rush.

In the Downard/Hoffman reality tunnel, one of the primary goals of alchemy was the creation and destruction of primordial matter, a feat which was accomplished with the detonation of an atomic bomb at the Trinity Site. Destiny's Child recently released their first song since 2005: "Nuclear."
The alchemical current seems to be winding its way to New Orleans.

Let's hope it does not spark yet another tragedy.


Jim Brandon, author of Weird America, emailed me a message after this was published: "Referring to the fourth paragraph [above]: Hummel is bumble-bee in German. I wonder if that adds anything."

Sunday Night Blackout Update

At 8:37 pm Eastern/7:37 pm Central, the Superdome experienced a blackout of half of the dome's lights during the Super Bowl game. This seemed to be an interesting event, in light of Enki's predictive notion that an "alchemical" dark k/night might be in play on this February 3th. Various people shared the following reactions and insights.

Brizdaz wrote in "Black Sunday: Loren Was Right, Sort Of," about the Black Sunday image I'd posted (before the game) above: "I remember seeing this poster that he used and thought, 'What's he saying that half the stadium lights would be knocked out on the night?' Well it turns out that they were, more or less."

A tweet from tobadzistsini noted this from Bane, in The Dark Knight Rises: "I was born in the darkness, molded by it, I didn't see the light until I was already a man."

Cory Panshin wrote, "Power outage? Well, I guess it's a more benign form of 'dark night' than many....It seems that only half the lights went out in an exact semi-circle. How yin-yang -- or Manichaean -- or something."

One of the more popular ads was one that goes into a blackout midway through it: "Wheat Thins - Night Vision Googles."

How about the links to the movie trailers appearing during the Super Bowl? Or the others mentioned or not mentioned?

Various movie trailers shown during this Super Bowl seemingly picked up on the "dark theme," included Iron Man 3 (May 3, 2013), Star Trek into Darkness (May 17, 2013), The Lone Ranger (July 3, 2013), and with this one mentioned, Thor: The Dark World (November 8, 2013). 
Intriguingly absent from the Super Bowl was a trailer for Man of Steel, producer Christopher Nolan's and others' dark film opening June 14, 2013.

Then there were these attempts at fast marketing, post-blackout:


Red Dirt Reporter said...

Your mention of the Trinity Site is interesting in that a few days ago I met with a friend who was going on and on about wanting to go to the Trinity Site in New Mexico. He said they only allow people to visit once a year.

Rob Sullivan said...

Enki, very interesting post. The use of the word resonate sparked quite a bit of resonation of past events in my perspective. The first being the hostage situation in Alabama. With the mention of the music group Destiny's Child and the situation being near Destiny Church, the hostage is a 5 year old boy. This can lead one to think the boy is a "child of destiny". Additionally, the boy also has Asperger's or a form of autism which resonates Adam Lanza.

If one was to search Destiny in an engine, one would come across an article about a mall in New York, Destiny USA. The developer Robert Congel is receiving a 56.1 million dollar tax break through a controversial environmental clean up program. While this has nothing to do with a mass shooting or gun violence it resonates the Clackamas Mall shooting in Oregon in December 2012. Interesting that both malls main anchor for business is Macy's.

Destiny USA's developer Robert Congel also founded the Pyramid Company a real estate company that develops malls. Pyramid resonates, as it would with most, the Egyptians. Interestingly enough the Egyptians to some were experts in alchemy, with their expertise being displayed in their amazing knowledge of mummification.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday hope all can enjoy the game.

StrangEye said...

The synchronicities surrounding this Superb owl 47 are all so damn fascinating!

I remember in 2007 there was the USA's BENT SPEAR EVENT.
(Nuclear missile event)

From the Wikipedia article

In March 2007, the USAF decided to retire its AGM-129 complement in order to help comply with international arms-control treaties and to replace them with AGM-86 missiles. In order to do so, the USAF began to transport its AGM-129s stored at Minot to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana by B-52s for ultimate disposal. According to the Washington Post, by August 29, 2007, more than 200 AGM-129s had been shipped from Minot to Barksdale in this manner.


StrangEye said...

But I was considering along the lines of your remarks about scientology, that in this context Destiny'S Child NUCLEAR might have another meaning!


As scientologists refer to the state of being "CLEAR".

But this Mercedes-Benz (ANTICHRIST / Green-Goblin) Willem Dafoe commercial for Superbowl 47 surely takes the "WTF? Award"!

Check out the Freemason square and compasses on red background ring, shown clearly at 0:13 and again at the end of the ad.

Weird stuff!

I hope the game is as interesting as the synchronicities surrounding have been thus far!


Miss Kathy said...

In Lady Gaga's Telephone video Beyonce plays the character Honey Bee.

Here's Beyonce last Halloween:

Through history the bee has symbolized royalty,immortality, wealth,and industry. In modern times the bee relates to fertility as in "the birds and the bees" or colony collapse disorder.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if some people decided 'not to go' to the Super Bowl for similar reasons. Meaning the Sandy Hook shooting - noted name in the Dark Knight movie - along with what you note. Not enough to make a difference in attendance, but a big difference to them if something happens out of the norm.

StrangEye said...

@Miss Kathy

Greek Priestesses at Aphrodite's temple were called the "Melissai"

Honey Bees

The Romans called Aphrodite, Venus.
The planet Venus is referred to as The Morning Star (Lucifer) when rising and setting before the Sun and The Evening Star (Vesper) when rising and setting after the Sun.

The french preserve this etymological origin of melissai an bees in their word for honey, miel.

you can find Beyonce as Sasha Fierce in her "Baphomet" Goat's head dress here...

(and keep in mind most of this is really nothing more than slick marketing schemes!)


Enki said...

Interesting comments, everybody!

I am working a double today, so I just have a minute. The bee has another sync - the Super Bowl is being played in New Orleans, and the New Orleans football team, the Saints, uses the fleur-de-lis as their symbol. According to Manley P. Hall, this symbol is a stylized bee.

Let's all hope tonight's game is fun and safe!

Miss Kathy said...

I forgot to mention Beysus' personal resonance with New Orleans through her mother, Celestine Knowles, who claims Acadian hero Joseph Broussard, aka Beausoleil, as her ancestor.

Enki said...

I checked my Twitter feed from time to time during the game while at work, and the other big story was about another tragedy involving a bus. During the Super Bowl, a bus crashed in California, and it appears several passengers were killed and many more were injured.

The blackout and multiple references to darkness seem ominous. I am reminded of the Harvey Dent line in The Dark Knight: "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming." Let's hope it's not red.

Michael said...

New Orleans uses a Fleur De Lis as a symbol, also associated with bees, royalty, etc. See the New Orleans Hornets logo for example. Oh wait, I see Enki has already added that, sorry.

I watched the half time show of the three fates. "put a ring on it" resonated for me, considering the famous Superbowl ring and The Hobbit, where Bilbo finds the ring. These are all gold rings, for which the miner 49'ers are always digging.

StrangEye said...

Thanks for this article Loren!

Well this game was certainly interesting - right to The End!

Metaphorically, and via gematria, "NUCLEAR"

NUCLEAR = 74 in simple gematria

Game final: 34 to 31.
3+4 = 7
3+1 = 4

34 minute "BLACKOUT":
since I've mentioned the upcoming OZ (Australia) BLACKOUT via Solar Eclipse on 5/10 in previous article comments on your blog, it's proably worth noting that the word "BLACKOUT" = 510 in old english gematria.
(Calculated by simple value x 6

In the Canadian CTV broadcast of the game we saw many ads for the upcoming movie "OZ The Great and Powerful" which is due to be released in "34" days from game day, on March 8

Superbowl 47 was played on the 34th day of 2013.

Just before the BLACKOUT the game score was 28 to 6.

28 + 6 = 34

It might also be worth noting that both a NUCLEAR explosion event and an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) will disable electrical devices... leaving us all plunged

Probably should also mention...

EMP = 34 in simple gematria

Is it odd that this 'coincidence' reminds me of the PEMex explosion recently in Mexico??

That "Holy Grail" cup formed between the 2 faces during Beyonce's performance also caught my attention.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I'm truly impressed by the connections you made here,intentional,or not.
So,I just had to do a post about it-

You do have an uncanny ability,Loren.
I'll give you that.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Lauren, thanks for the comment.

Is the bee/fleur-de-lis not symbolic of the Merovingians. Is it perhaps to do with colonisation, something bees are fond of.

You might be interested in this from 1st Feb, given the Loch Ness Monster and churches. St Columba of Iona being the (alleged) "bringer" of "Christianity" to Scotland - something we exported. Plus Columba "fought" the beast in 565. Note too the reference to "bullet holes"

cheers, brian

Newspaceman said...

Apologies for spelling you'r name wrong. Have a manic 5 year old boy, and forgot to check before submitting comment.


Newspaceman said...

Sorry, never 2 but 3.

Paul Gascoigne, ex Glasgow Rangers football "legend", plus other teams.

Heads USA, prob Arizona, has been there before.


Rob Sullivan said...

What a remarkable Super Bowl Sunday one I'm sure anyone who viewed, posted, contributed, commented anything will never forget. I have not been able to stop reading or researching the numbers and coincidences involving last night. The main one being number 34.

- The Super Bowl took place on Feb. 3rd, the 34th day of the year
- the blackout as it has been well documented lasted 34 minutes
- the score at the time of the blackout was 28 to 6, 28+6=34
- the Ravens totaled 34 points to win the Super Bowl
- the number 34 is the atomic number of the chemical selenium. This raised my eyebrow because of Enki's post/comments about alchemy. Oddly selenium is a chemical used to develop photographs in a dark room...very coincidental.

Johannes Kotze said...

Made for a wonderful parlor trick on my Facebook!

Adding to number 34 connection, last night's moon was last quarter which is half illuminated just like the lights on the stadium. A last quarter moon being 3/4th the distance of its orbit around the earth.

My wife and I were wondering if you thought that was a relevant connection?

Johannes Kotze said...

Any connection you presume to the moon entering the last quarter? 3/4 of its orbit on Feb 3. Also it is half illuminated but slightly to the dark side reminiscent of the half lit ceiling lights.

Curiouser is that the team representing black won by a small margin, much like the light on the moon.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of bees, the media in the SuperBowl press box noticed a loud buzzing sound right before those lights went out...

Anonymous said...

The lights went out in the 3rd quarter with 13 minutes left and it was 3rd and 13 yards to go. there sure were a lot of 13's used in a town based on voodoo. The sandy hook children were lined up in rows of 13.
Beyonces performance had a mirror behind her where she became 13 images.
destiny's Child appeared like sirens calling the masses. Each was in black which is the color of funerals. New Orleans is the city famous for funeral processions and the stadium was built on a graveyard. Did it symbolize the death of the world we know for the New World? They were called angels and there were three like in Revelations. When Beyonce was laying on the floor with her performers they formed a pentagram (Satanic?) (Voodoo?)The song 'single ladies' mentions a ring which is the symbol for union, completion of ceremony or deal. Obamas logo is a ring sybolizing 'change'. hmmmmm?
The Mercedes commercial was a deal with Satan, wearing a free masonry ring. i thought the taking of the pen by the mmale character symbolized a changin of the guard or New World Order. Kind of like Obama's use of the pen to perform executive orders to create his "Change". It said,"Here sign this go along like sheep and we'll give you nice things." Next thing you know the character is standing with a Monroe-like bombshell. Then he dances with Usher with an outline of two pyramids facing each other or as one person stated the holy grail. Inside were diamonds made up of other triangle shapes. Then he drives to Sin City where we all keep our little secrets, he becomes a celebrity demi-god with his arms out in a crucifixtion (sacrificial) pose, He is on the cover of 'wired' magazine which is a comment on the state of our society (Everyone is attached to electronics)and where were headed, ie: robotics, artificial intelligence, cloning, etc. Then he is the proverbial knight on the white horse, here to save the day on the cover of Vanity Fair with the key word being Vanity, the devil's favorite sin. The white horse could be the horse of the apocolypse in the book of Revelation. The text on the magazine states "New Class Of Man" which could mean New World Order. All the women then see him and chase him like the Pied Piper leading them away from freedom. The contract at the end had roman numeral 13 and the the 2013 had the 13 on fire at the end. I didnt pay attention to all the symbology all night, especially the darkness in the commercials until I heard others because it is after all hidden in our entertainment. Is it coincidence? Dont know. Remember always pay attention and keep your eyes open.
Does anyone remeber if the name of the gunrange in Jack Reacher was the same as the one in Texas? Thought it was weird a military sniper was killed at a range of the same name and the story in Jack Reacher was based around a military sniper who trained at that range. i'm sure we could find symbolism in everything if we wanted to. Food For Thought.