Friday, February 01, 2013

Texas, Columbia, Astronauts, Israel and Palestine

How do legends and legacies merge and synchromystically intertwine? Let's look at this first day of February.

On February 1, 1861, Texas seceded from the Union. The strongest opponent was Sam Houston (March 2, 1793 – July 26, 1863), who felt Texas should remain part of the USA.

On February 1, 1894, John Ford (real name John Martin "Jack" Feeney), American director and producer, was born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and grew up in Portland, Maine. Ford became famed for his Westerns. One of Ford's most famous proteges turned out to be John Wayne. Wayne's birth name was Marion Robert Morrison, which was changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison; he used the stage name John Wayne.

On February 1, 1961, Daniel Tani, American engineer and astronaut was born in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, but he considers Lombard, Illinois, to be his hometown. His parents, Rose and Henry N. Tani, (now deceased), during World War II, were relocated from their California farm to the Topaz War Relocation Center in Utah as part of the Japanese American internment program of the U.S. government. They lived for several months in converted horse stables at the Tanforan Racetrack. On December 19, 2007, during Tani's stay on the International Space Station as a member of Expedition 16, he was informed by the ground team that his mother had been killed when a freight train collided with her car.

On February 1, 2003, the Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-107 disintegrated during reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard. Those seven astronauts' names are:

Michael P. Anderson, American astronaut (b. 1959),
David Brown, American astronaut (b. 1956),
Kalpana Chawla, American astronaut (b. 1961),
Laurel Clark, American astronaut (b. 1961),
Rick Husband, American astronaut (b. 1957),
Willie McCool, American astronaut (b. 1961), and
Ilan Ramon, Israeli astronaut (b. 1954).

Ilan Ramon was the first Israeli astronaut. His first name, Ilan, means "tree" in Hebrew. Ilan changed his last name from Wolferman when he joined the Israeli Air Force. On June 7, 1981, he was the youngest pilot taking part in Operation Opera, Israel's strike against Iraq's unfinished Osiraq nuclear reactor, 10 miles southeast of Baghdad.

One location often mentioned ten years ago for where the parts of the Columbia fell was Palestine, Texas. The irony of that location was not lost on many at the time, considering the fact the Columbia carried an Israeli aboard. Even this remarkable "coincidence" is apparent in this Wikipedia mention:
Palestine entered the news in February 2003, as one of the East Texas towns that received much of the debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, where seven astronauts were killed, including the first Israeli astronaut. Palestine is also home to the NASA Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (renamed after the shuttle crash), which has flown 1700 high-altitude balloons for universities and research agencies. Source.

(Above) An FBI agent and a Texas Department of Public Safety officer looked over a 4-foot by 6-foot piece of the Space Shuttle Columbia that was found in the median along State Highway 155 north of Palestine, Texas on Sunday, February 2, 2003.

(Below) The space shuttle blew up over North Texas and pieces of the wreckage were scattered over East Texas and Louisiana.

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Red Dirt Reporter said...

It was a weird time. I was a reporter for a newspaper that covered western Louisiana where a lot of debris came down. I interviewed fishermen who were out on Toledo Bend Reservoir and heard the *plop* *plop* of something splashing into the lake (it was foggy that morning). What is weird on a personal level is that 22 years earlier a friend and I were talking about the upcoming launch of the Columbia. He asked me what I thought would happen to it - would it be successful. I picked up a Star Wars toy spaceship and threw it high in the air. It came crashing down to earth - as it would 22 years later, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Feb. 1 2013 - Ed Kotch dies, and on his tombstone is a Daniel Pearl quote: " "My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish."

Feb. 1, 2002 - Daniel Pearl dies.

Michael said...

Huh. Will Rogers you say? I've been watching some old Will Rogers flicks lately, his dog is named "bullet" and his horse is "trigger". Seems to fit right in here.

StrangEye said...

7 Astronauts die on Feb 1, 2003 in ** COLUMBIA ** disaster...

On Feb 1, 2013, 10 years later, 33 year old man "randomly" slashes / stabs 7 in Vancouver,BC - British ** COLUMBIA **

Has the goddess COLUMBIA been satiated by blood?
Or is LODGE COLUMBIA now feeling pleased with themselves?

.. shameful!

Feb 2 is day 33 of the year.


StrangEye said...

Both events occurred with similar astronomy.

Shuttle COLUMBIA 7 astronaut disaster at 13:59 UTC on 2/1/2003 over Tyler Texas.
AQUARIUS rising at east horizon
LEO setting at west horizon
SCORPIUS due south overhead
TAURUS due north under horizon

British COLUMBIA stabbing of 7 by 33 yr old J.B. at 03:00 UTC on 2/1/2003
LEO rising at east horizon
AQUARIUS setting at west horizon
TAURUS due south overhead
SCORPIUS due north under horizon

Both with Sun in the heart of the GOAT (Capricorn)


Bull, Man, Eagle, Lion is known as The Crown of the MAGI
(And the four faces of Ezekiel's Angels)

You can find the image of the crown on my blog HERE

from This Ke$ha article on my blog


Anonymous said...

".....more bodies from debris at the headquarters of Mexican state oil giant Pemex on Friday after a powerful explosion killed at least 33 people..."

alanborky said...


Good job I was born 6 Feb then!

Anonymous said...

Jose Navarro you say? A true revolutionary of the Lone Star state, born in Austin- lived as a citizen under 4 of the 6 flags over Texas (Spain, Mexico, Tejas, & USA- re: wikipedia), friend of Stephen Austin, nephew of Jim Bowie- one of the original signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

- and also wrote for the San Antonio ledger...