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237: Cryptokubrology, Cronenbergology, and Morrowology

Although the narrative gives the wrong date, we all know this occurred on 23 July (the 7th month), 1982. Was this "237" = "23/7" foreseen by Cronenberg, Kubrick, and others?

Under trivia for Twilight Zone: The Movie, from IMDb, the following was shared:

Vic Morrow's last completed film was 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982). In an eerily prescient scene that seemed to foreshadow his tragic death in this film, Morrow's superior says to him, "If you don't get the girl by 11 o'clock tomorrow, I'll have your head!" Morrow's character replied, "We'll fly her in, in a helicopter."

[Summer of '42's Jennifer] O'Neill has been married nine times to eight husbands (she married, divorced, and remarried her sixth husband). She has three children from three fathers.
Dean Rossiter (1965 - 1971) (divorced) (1 child)
Joseph Koster (1972 - 1974) (divorced)
Nick De Noia (1975 - 1976) (divorced)
Jeff Barry (1978 - 1979) (divorced)
John Lederer (1979 - 1983) (divorced) (1 child)
Richard Alan Brown (1986 - 1989) (divorced) (1 child)
Neil L. Bonin (1992 - 1993) (annulled)
Richard Alan Brown (1993 - 1996) (divorced)
Mervin Sidney Louque, Jr. (1996 – present)
Ex-husband Nick de Noia was later murdered in 1987 by one of his former associates.
On October 23, 1982, O'Neill suffered a gunshot wound in her home on McClain Street in Bedford, New York. Police officers who interviewed O'Neill determined that she had accidentally shot herself in the abdomen with a .38 caliber revolver at her 30-acre, 25-room French-style estate while trying to determine if the weapon was loaded. Her fifth husband at the time, John Lederer, was not in the house when the handgun was discharged, but two other people were in the house. Detective Sgt. Thomas Rothwell was quoted as having said that O'Neill "didn't know much about guns."
On October 12, 1984, O'Neill's co-star in the Cover Up television series, Jon-Erik Hexum, mortally wounded himself on the show's set, unaware that a gun loaded with a blank cartridge could still cause extreme damage from the effect of expanding powder gasses. He died six days later. Source.


Arthur Everett Scholl (December 24, 1931 – September 16, 1985) 53
Veteran pilot Art Scholl was killed when his camera plane crashed during the filming of Top Gun; stuntman Reid Rondell was killed in a helicopter crash on the set of Airwolf; actors Brandon Lee (Bruce’s son) and Jon-Erik Hexum (star of the NBC series Voyagers!) were killed by guns loaded with blanks. Stuntman Reid Rondell, 22, was killed and the pilot of the helicopter, Scott Maher, 36, suffered serious injuries in the January 18, 1985 crash near Newhall, California.

Brandon Bruce Lee (February 1, 1965 – March 31, 1993) 28
In 1992, Brandon Lee landed his breakthrough role as Eric Draven in Alex Proyas' The Crow (1994), based on the comic book of the same name, which would be his final film. On March 31, 1993, only a few days away from completing the film, Lee was accidentally killed after being shot on the set of The Crow by a prop gun that fired a bullet from a dummy round that was accidentally lodged in the chamber.

Michael Groo Massee (September 1, 1952 – October 20, 2016) was an American actor. In 1993, Massee portrayed the character Funboy in the film The Crow, starring Brandon Lee. Massee was the actor who fired the shot that killed Lee by accident on the set in 1993, due to an improperly prepared prop gun. He was so traumatized by the event that he returned to New York and took a year off from acting and never saw the film. In an interview in 2005, 12 years after the incident, Massee revealed that he still had nightmares about it, going on to say, "I don't think you ever get over something like that."
He guest-starred in The X-Files episode "The Field Where I Died". He appeared as a hunter, Kubrick, on the series Supernatural in 2007. Massee died of stomach cancer in Los Angeles on October 20, 2016 at the age of 64.
 Jon-Erik Hexum (November 5, 1957 – October 18, 1984) was an American actor, known for his lead roles in the TV series Voyagers! and Cover Up, and his supporting role as Pat Trammell in the biopic The Bear. He died at 26, as a result of an accidental self-inflicted blank cartridge gunshot to the head on the set of Cover Up.

Credit to Gary W. Wright, Andrew W. Griffin, Alex Fulton, Shawn Montgomery, and Max Hopewell.

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