Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bane/Bain Continues (Part 2)

Since the Twilight Language's Bane/Bain: Batman's Villain and Romney's Curse  was posted on 15 July 2012, the Bane/Bain dots being connected have exploded in the mainstream media.

Weird America's / The Rebirth of Pan's Jim Brandon forwards a comment with his insights linking a couple of the recent postings here:
Once again, your work-up on pop culture esoterica is fascinating. I have long cited Diamonds Are Forever to surprised Bond fans for the amazing spoofed Apollo 11 moon landing (the one with a Masonic flag inside Buzz Aldrin’s space-suit), having been aware of it since Billl Kaysing first broached the idea in 1976 (We Never Went to the Moon), long before Kenn Thomas and Childress. Downard might have called this tidbit “revelation of the method,” via Hollywood.

Their Gemstone theorizings on Onassis and the JFK killing are intriguing but seem a plausibility stretch compared with the far more succinct recent E. Howard Hunt confessions, which, if true supposedly, lead to Lyndon Baines Johnson and the shadowy coterie of Texas magnates behind him.

Speaking of Willard Whyte in Diamonds Are Forever reminds me that this may be a lower-level name of power or at least significance, if memory serves, though certainly nothing like Bain. However, it is also the curiously unused first name of Willard Mitt Romney, for what it’s worth. A Masonic angle with Willard Mitt Romney would come in with the “Mormon undies” that he presumably wears as a high LDS official. “The garments” are reported to bear conventional Masonic symbols and therefore have to be carefully burned when worn out.

Another aspect to the Las Vegas saga would be the heavy Mormon role there. The earliest American settlers (Spanish explorers seem to have hit on the name, which means “the meadows”) were Mormons in mid-1800s setting up a trading post on what Brigham Young had dreamed of as the Mormon Corridor to southern Calif.

Mormons have been active ever since. As the Wikipedia article on Las Vegas formerly pointed out ~ but which has now been laundered out ~ while it was Mafia money that built the first big post-WW2 casino expansion, that was deployed through Mormon banks. Also, Howard Hughes was well-known for having a “Mormon Mafia” as his personal retinue and 24-7 body-guards – much to the detriment of the supposed Onassis kidnapping scenario of Thomas and Childress.

What is most ironic is that the LDS church forbids gambling to its members, as meanwhile Vegas has one of the newest and most lavish Mormon Temples, dominating the skyline east of the Strip. And let’s not forget the curious episode of the alleged Mormon will of Howard Hughes, pursuit of which allegedly came all the way down from the Salt Lake hierarchy, attempting to take over the Hughes empire. This was entertainingly presented in the 1980
flick, Melvin and Howard.
Jason Robards at Howard Hughes

Readers of this blog will be familiar with the fact that I have linked Texan Tom Slick with Howard Hughes, who were friends and lived in bungalows next to each other at the Beverly Hill Hotel. Hughes was in #4. It was in another bungalow there that Hughes kept his "third man" detail, supervised by his main Mormon man, Roy E. Crawford.
Records allegedly indicate that Tom Slick was the true first hidden funding partner of the Bugsy Siegel's and Mickey Cohen's initial casino in Las Vegas (the Flamingo in December 1946). While I don't see Slick in the Bond movies, with Ivan Sanderson being so close to Ian Fleming, maybe the Bond books just didn't want to go in that direction – or even mention cryptozoology (which was being used as a spy cover) at all. Hinting at the use of birdwatching in that vein, a la' James Bond's A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies (1936), was apparently overt enough for these old spymasters, I suppose.

What will be "revealed" in The Dark Knight Rises, in metaphor?

In the meantime, as Friday rushes closer, let us continue below with some Bane/Bain visuals.

For more videos, see clips from Jon Stewart's Daily Showplus also here.

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Anonymous said...

the villain reminds me of one of the opening scenes in Alien. Love your site sir

Ann said...

The town of Willard in "Night of the Living Dead" was where the people trapped in the isolated house were told by the radio to try to get to.

Anonymous said...

"I have no mouth and I must scream."
---Harlan Ellison