Thursday, September 15, 2016


Something bizarre is going to happen related to the name "Logan," because it always does. Perhaps not as often as "Fayette," "Lafayette," "Fayetteville," and "Lafayetteville," but "Logan" is worth noting.

In the 1970s, in Fortean Times, I first wrote an article about the "name game." I then extended my thoughts on this matter in my book Mysterious America (starting in 1983, through the revised edition of 2007), I highlighted in one chapter, the "Name Game," adding to the historically gathered examples.

I had first noted,
...devils' names and Fortean places. The fact that some areas had strange and weird vibrations or events connected to them gave Native Americans and later settlers enough evidence to actually label these locales after the Ruler of Hell. In America, the use of the name "devil" regarding certain geographical fixtures, therefore, gives some indication of a history of mystery surrounding these spots.
Needless to say, through my other books and this Twilight Language blog, the "name game" has been revisited often.

In Gaelic the meaning of the name Logan is "from the hollow." In Scottish, the meaning is sometimes translated as "Finnian's servant."

I pinpointed Logan as a "power name" in my 1983 (rev. 2007) book.
"Logan" is another one of those words. Rocking logan stones are a part of ancient megalithic research. My brother [Jerry Dale] and I interviewed the Lowe family about the big birds' attempted abduction of Marlon from their front yard, in Logan County, Illinois. Another Logan County, this one in Colorado, has had an unusually high number of cattle mutilations and one 1975 mystery helicopter report. Logan County, Colorado, also has had an 1897 airship account, as has Logan, Ohio. Loganville, Wisconsin, sits but a stone's throw from the woods around Baraboo, said to be haunted by ghost elephants. A lake monster supposedly made an 1835 appearance in Logansport, Indiana. Logan Peak, near Huntsville, Alabama, the location of UFO, Bigfoot and mystery explosion reports, is a short distance north of Hobbs [="devil's"] Island. Logan, Kansas, saw some unexplained bird deaths in 1978. Logan, Utah was frequented by UFOs during the late 1940s and early 1950s. A May 1, 1954, flash of light was followed by an explosion and huge crater in Logan, Utah. In the 1980s, women were disappearing from Boston's Logan Airport and thus ending this list unended. Mysterious America: The Ultimate Guide to the Nation's Weirdest Wonders, Strangest Spots, and Creepiest Creatures, NY: Simon and Schuster, 2007.
It was on St. John's Day, June 24, 1980, when locals had several Bigfoot sightings, in Logan and Union counties, Ohio. Logan County, Ohio was the site of a past school shooting, as well. Scott Moody, 18, just hours away from graduating from high school, fatally shot three family members (his grandparents and mother), two friends and himself on Sunday, May 29, 2005, in rural Bellefontaine, Ohio - Logan County.

In 2014, the Logan name under a synchronicity microscope was Logan airport due to Ebola in Boston, a killing in a community with that name in Utah, and other Logan incidents. The Year 2015 ended with a horrible killing of a young child named Logan.

What's in the wind now? Something presidential on the horizon?

Written 9:30 am, September 14, 2016, to be posted on September 15, 2016.


Syncra said...

Amazing, Loren, the name Logan, is so loaded up with significance, and it's not a common name.

Perhaps more syncs can be found with the 1976 sci-fi movie, "LOGAN'S RUN". The plot revolves around a bio-dome utopia in the 23RD CENTURY revealed to be a dystopia as everyone must DIE AT AGE THIRTY to prevent over population.

While critically rejected, the movie won awards and nominations, and even spurred novels, TV series, and comic book adaptions. So it is imbedded in the collective conscious.

LOOK FOR: ankh symbol; Runners; Sandmen; Deep Sleep; Assignment 033-03; Washington D.C.; U.S. Senate Chambers

Here's a link to Wikipedia if you want more.

The film was shot in several places in Dallas, TX (including a site on BLOODY ELM ST.) Other Texas sites include; Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, Irving. And in California: Malibu and El Segundo.

Tom Mellett said...

Don't forget that on 9/11/2001, American Flight 11 and United 175 took off from Logan Airport in Boston both bound for Los Angeles.

And Loren, you recently posted the photo of the 2 hijackers, Atta and Alomari, at the Portland, Maine airport going to board a commuter flight to Logan Airport where they then boarded American Flight 11

And 5 years ago you posted about the Maine link.