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Who Played Dana Scully's Father?

Who played Dana Scully's father?

Don Sinclair Davis was born on August 4, 1942 in Aurora, Missouri, and ended up playing a military individual in science fiction movies and television series during most of his life.

He died ten years ago this year, on June 29, 2008, of a heart attack at age 65.

In terms of synchromysticism and the twilight language, Davis hit the mark on many fronts, from "42" to "Aurora."

In ufo researcher Budd Hopkins' 1981 book, he makes the case that the year 1942 is significant in terms of several abductees being born during this year. (Look for scars on the back of their knees.)

Furthermore, synchromystics Douglas Bolles and William Morgan host a lively weekly conversation via the flagship podcast of Sync Books, called "42 Minutes."

Davis had a livelong career in many powerful roles, from Twin Peaks and Stargate, through The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and The Outer Limits.

Major Garland Briggs in Twin Peaks (various 2017, 2014, 1990-1991 )

Major General George Hammond in Stargate (various 2009, 2008, 1997-2007)

Neil Chapman in Beyond Loch Ness (2008)

Dr. Tate in The Twilight Zone (2003)

Colonel Zapf in The Prisoner of Zenda, Inc. (1996) 

Harold Taggart in Poltergeist: The Legacy (1996) 

General Callahan / Detective Wilson in The Outer Limits (1995)

Captain William Scully in The X-Files (1994)
Dana Scully's father, dies of a heart attack at the beginning of the episode. 

Jake Madison in Omen IV: The Awakening (1991)

In 1970, Davis received a Master's Degree in Theatre from the Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU-C); his thesis was Design and Construction of Stage Settings for Black Comedy and The Two Executioners. He taught for several years before returning to SIU to complete a Ph.D. in Theatre; his dissertation was The Evolution of Scenography in the Western Theater.

[Of course, having received my B.A. from SIU-C, that note in someone's biography always strikes a personal cord.]

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