Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nelson Bus Accident Weirdly Touched By Masonic/Fayette Factors

At a celebration of the Festival of St. John the Baptist in 1844 at Portland, Maine, R:.W:. Brother Teulon, a member of the Grand Lodge of Texas, in reply to a toast complimentary to the Masons of that Republic, observed "Texas is emphatically a Masonic country: all of our presidents and vice-presidents, and four-fifths of our state officers, were or are Masons; our national emblem, the 'Lone Star,' was chosen from among the emblems selected by Freemasonry, to illustrate the moral virtues -- it is a five-pointed star, and alludes to the five points of fellowship." Source.
The city of Sulphur Springs, Texas, was first named "Bright Star," in the same tradition that found Texas being called the "Lone Star State."

Has the Mason Road come into play again?

On Saturday, November 23rd, around 3:30 a.m., on Interstate 30 near Sulphur Springs, 75 miles northeast of Dallas, singer Willie Nelson's band bus was in an accident.

Singer Willie Nelson has announced he has suspended performances until December after three of his band members were hurt when their bus plowed into a bridge pillar in East Texas during rainy conditions.

Nelson spokeswoman Elaine Schock says Paul English broke his ankle, his brother Billy English suffered a bruised hip and Tom Harkin has a cracked or bruised rib.

It appears Nelson's schedule also certainly flirted with the Fayette Factor: The four remaining November tour dates for Nelson are Robinsonville and Jackson, Mississippi; Fayetteville, Arkansas; and Lafayette, Louisiana.

Sulphur Springs, Texas, Masonic Lodge 22

The village that is now Sulphur Springs became a city in 1854 when the first post office was established. The city's name was originally Bright Star. Mail to and from the city was delivered by the Pony Express. On May 18, 1871, the county seat of Hopkins county was moved from Tarrant to Sulphur Springs, and the name "Bright Star" was removed from the postal directory.

Although it is not on the old Route 66, the city of Sulphur Springs has a Route 66 Interpretive Center.


aferrismoon said...

Sulpher Springs sits on the 33degree line.

Crash happened at around 3.30 , on Interstae 30 and 3 were injured.

Oddly Sulpher Springs spell Sulpher the 'English' way , rather than US way. Anyway it allows 7 letters in each word


Daurade said...

If I may self-advertise, I've written a rather lengthy post about the Masonic roots of Texas and other attempts to set up Masonic states south of the border. It may be of some interest to your readers.

Lone Star Republics

Daurade said...

Sorry to post twice. I should have also included the following "Lone Star" post as well:

Lone Star: Back to Africa said...


Get Dead, also on tour, had a crash on 22.11 -

Occurred near Stuart, Iowa.

There is a Mason City in IA as well as the Dallas Lake State Wildlife Area.

Get Dead dubbed their tour van "Rose"...

Andrew said...

Eerie. Last night, while driving from Stillwater, Oklahoma (coming back from OSU/Baylor football game) to OKC, I was on Highway 33 (parallels nearby Rt 66), heading into Guthrie (largest Masonic temple in the state) when "On The Road Again" by Willie Nelson came on. Ir recall, driving in the darkness, really paying attention to the lyrics and thinking about Willie and how long he has been around.

Unknown said...

Coleman Park and Lake, on the north side of I-30 and east of Highway 11, is a nice touch!

Unknown said...

The crash was near mile marker 122, the overpass on I-30 of Highway 11.

There's an out-of-business Phillips 66 on the southwest side of Exit 122.

aferrismoon said...

Dave Ashmore.

Couple of Days ago I did a post on JFK and it appears a Mr.Bryan made claim to the area of land that would later become DEaley Plaza and environs on or about November 24th 1841 which id 122 years before the assassination there.