Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Does Sandusky Have Links To Hellfire Groups?

If you live under a rock or are outside the influence of American media manias, you may not be aware of the fact that there is a major sexual abuse/molestation scandal involving Penn State.

The details of the scandal incidents are horrific. The Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal involves allegations made in 2011 against former Pennsylvania State University football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and allegations of a university cover-up of those incidents. Sandusky, a longtime defensive coordinator under head coach Joe Paterno, retired in 1999 but retained access to Penn State's athletic facilities. 

A 2011 grand jury investigation and other accounts have reported that Mike McQueary, then a graduate assistant, who found Sandusky raping a young male, stopped the interaction, allegedly talked to the police (via Penn State V.P. Gary Schultz, who oversaw the PSU police department) and told Paterno in 2002.

What McQueary said he reported to Paterno is that he had seen Sandusky performing a sex act on a 10-year-old boy in Penn State football's shower facilities. Paterno then reported the allegations to Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and Schultz was informed.  Reportedly, Curley and Schultz (both indicted for perjury) interviewed McQueary. 

In November 2011, Sandusky was arrested on 40 counts of molesting eight young boys over a 15-year period. (See 23-page transcript here; warning, the contents are graphic.)

These alleged sexual assaults may date back to, at least, 1995, see here, but could they really have begun in the late 1970s, when Jerry Sandusky created his Second Mile charity, which has allegedly been the recruiting grounds for his alleged youthful victims?

Is anyone trying to connect all the dots in the Penn State sex scandal?
The time has come to inquiry more deeply than some wish to go. 
Why are so few people talking about the questions surrounding the victims?
How many have vanished? How many have died by suicide? Been murdered? Are in prison?

Are all of Sandusky's alleged victims African Americans? Why is it only a few people (see here) in the African American community the only ones talking about Sandusky's alleged fetish for "black boys"? Was his choice of black young males because of Jerry Sandusky's sexual preferences or something more sinister?  Was part of Sandusky's possible master plan to keep his alleged sexual assaults as quiet as possible, by taking advantage of the underlying racial, power, and macho issues?

Eight victims are noted in the Grand Jury report. How many more are there? Ten, twenty, or the estimated average of 260, noted by professionals as the number per molester?

What happened to Ray Gricar (above) ~ murder, suicide, or a not-so-simple disappearance? And why? District Attorney Ray Gricar, 59, went missing on April 15, 2005, when he vanished under mysterious circumstances, after his car was left in a Lewisburg parking lot, not far from the Susquehanna River, and he could not be found. Did he kill himself, as his brother seems to have, by drowning, in May 1996? 

Cigarette ash and the smell of cigarette was found in Ray Gricar's red and white 2004 Mini Cooper, although he did not smoke and did not let anyone in his car who smoked. Who was in his car before he disappeared? Was he pressured to not charge Jerry Sandusky with sexual molestation when Gricar investigated the 1998 incidents? Could Gricar not live with himself about this? Or worse?

Did Gricar, who set up the sting against Sandusky, learn of a group of men who are rumored to have partaken of Jerry Sandusky's alleged pimping of African African youth for their sexual "Hellfire Club-like" pleasures?

Why, really, did Joe Paterno (right) force Jerry Sandusky (left) to retire in 1999, after the first hints of the sexual abuse was revealed to police in 1998? Why would no one hire Sandusky elsewhere?

With what kind of people does Jerry Sandusky surround himself? How about someone like Sandusky's lawyer who made a past major questionable judgement about sexual boundaries?

Joe Amendola (above), Jerry Sandusky’s attorney, impregnated a 16-year-old client and married her in 2003. They separated later. Amendola was around 49 when he met the girl. During the Bob Costa's interview, Amendola said he would leave his children with Sandusky. The children's mother was horrified to hear this.
What will further investigations of the Sandusky scandal discover about any links to the alleged nationwide groups of pedophiles using code words like "the hook" and "Peter Pan" (see here)? How far does the coverup reach?
The New York Times posted an article ("Inquiry Grew Into Concerns of a Cover-Up" by Jo Becker) for their November 17, 2011 print edition, which has new information of some import. Here are some intriguing points.

The article appears to disagree with the probable African American profile of the rape victims. Becker writes: "Sandusky engaged in what experts on child predators call 'grooming' behavior, law enforcement officials asserted this month, making his first approach when children were 8 to 12 years old. He tended to choose white boys from homes where there was no father or some difficulty in the family, investigators said, and he drew them in with trips to games and expensive gifts like computers."

But did Sandusky publicly appear with "white boys" and yet allegedly have anal intercourse with "black boys"?

A lingering question remains, what caused Joe Paterno to hasten the 1999 exit of Jerry Sandusky from the Penn State football program by telling him in 1998 that he, Sandusky, was not to be the Nittany Lions' heir apparent? It does not take a genius to figure this one out. Anyone who has worked in an academic setting knows that information moves through the university halls quickly. Wasn't Paterno just possibly trying to save himself from a future problem by showing Sandusky the door, after it became clear that Sandusky's certain kind of likings were coming out in the open?

So, what happened in 1998? The record is clear, and Becker retraces this, with new details about how big the university investigation was and how large the file literally is.

Becker writes: "In 1998, an 11-year-old boy, now known as Victim 6, had come home with wet hair and told his mother he had showered with Sandusky at Penn State’s athletic complex. She immediately reported it to the university police, the grand jury report said.

"As investigators leafed through the old report — it ran close to 100 pages — they came to believe that the campus police officers had truly wanted to make a case against Sandusky, according to people with knowledge of the current investigation. The officers had gone so far as to set up a sting operation in which the boy’s mother called the coach, and, with the police listening in, confronted Sandusky.

"According to the grand jury report, he admitted to showering with her son and another boy, said he did not think that his private parts had touched her son, but acknowledged that what he did was wrong. 'I wish I were dead,' he said, according to the grand jury’s findings.

"Ultimately, the district attorney decided against taking the case to trial..."

Why? We already know that the recent judge who granted Sandusky bail was a volunteer and donator to the Sandusky's Second Mile charity. What other connections exist in this case?

Becker notes: "The district attorney in Centre County, where Sandusky was alleged to have molested the boy [Victim 1], passed the case on to the attorney general. The district attorney, Michael Madeira, said Wednesday [November 16, 2011] that his wife’s biological brother had been adopted by Sandusky years before."

Flash from the Past: Centre County District Attorney Michael Madeira (right) and Bellefonte police Chief Shawn Weaver address the media about missing Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar. Madeira said investigators would take a fresh look at the case, but "I think the family has understood that this may never be solved. ... He may be alive. He may be dead." Barry L. Reeger/Tribune-Review
Are the foxes guarding the hen house?
Who actually knew what when and how many of this drama's players are linked into the Second Mile charity? And what was going on over there?

Why has it been difficult to identify the Second Mile-recruited victims? Well, because records have been made to disappear.

Becker discovered that "investigators served numerous subpoenas on the Second Mile, according to people with knowledge of the inquiry. Not only did they want the names of children who had been through the program, they also demanded all of Sandusky’s travel and expense records.

"Much of the older paperwork was stored at an off-site records facility. The travel and expense records, for instance, had been sent over several years earlier. But select members of the charity’s board of directors were alarmed to learn recently that when the records facility went to retrieve them, some of those records — from about 2000 to 2003 — were missing."

An old boy network, missing records, and a coverup. What else is being hidden?