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The Incel Effect Kills More

What's going on? There is a horrific legacy that continues.

It's in the news every day, even if the stories numb us to not see it.

Grant Amato, 29, was apprehended on January 26, 2019, Saturday morning in an Orange County, Florida hotel, having reportedly not been seen since three bodies were discovered Friday morning, January 25th, at a Sultan Circle, Chuluota, Seminole County, Florida home.

Police had shared an image of the suspect's white 1996 Honda Accord leaving the area. His license plate read "LIGH7." Finding the vehicle at the hotel in Orange County resulted in his arrest.

Authorities have publicly identified the victims. The bodies of Margaret Amato, 61, her husband Chad Amato, 59, and their son Cody Amato, 31, were discovered with apparent gunshot wounds inside a house on the 2100 block of Sultan Circle, according to Sheriff’s Office. The couple's other son Grant Amato, 29, is the suspect.
The three individuals were found in different parts of the property, with one in the garage, another in the kitchen and the third in a home office. 

Amato is an Italian name, from a medieval personal name, Amato, Latin Amatus, meaning "beloved," i.e. by God.


Meanwhile, Saturday morning, January 26, 2019, a killing spree occurred in Louisiana.

On Saturday, Dakota Theriot, 21, was the suspect on-the-run after allegedly killing Summer Ernest, 20, his girlfriend; Billy Ernest, 43, her father; and Tanner Ernest, 17, her brother at their home in Livingston Parish. The Ernests' family children, both under 8, ran to a neighbor's home, asking for help.

Summer Ernest

Dakota Theriot then is thought to have traveled directly to Gonzales, Ascension Parish, where Dakota had formerly lived, and killed his mother and father, Keith and Elizabeth Theriot. Keith was found alive and gave authorities information on who was responsible before he died at a Baton Rouge hospital.

Theriot left in Billy Ernest's 2004 Dodge gray and silver pickup truck at around 8:05 a.m. Dakota shot his parents in Gonzales at 8:45 am. The pickup's license plate is C583809, and was last seen heading east towards Mississippi.

On Sunday, January 27, 2019, Dakota Theriot was captured as he drove up to his grandmother's home in Richmond County, Virginia. His grandmother was staying at a hotel, in fear for her life, and police were waiting at her home for Dakota.

The name Dakota is derived from the Siouan word dakóta, meaning "allies," to be thought of as friends.


Mass shootings and violence are so common nowadays that few remember the details anymore. We are awash in the stories. How many recall that 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother Nancy in her pjs in her bedroom before he went to kill the Sandy Hook Elementary School's 20 children (all were 6-7 years old, as well as six adult staff members)?

The Los Angeles Times observed that boys without fathers "are the ones that we need to watch out about. Those account for 26 out of the 27 mass shooters that have killed eight or more since 1949. Those account for almost all your school shooters and almost all your mass shooters. Dylann Roof, Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza — even the 6-year-old [school shooter] Dedrick Owens had a background of fatherlessness."

Sibyl Hunter comments:

Lots of apocalyptic themes. The killer [Zephen Xaver] in the SunTrust Bank shooting wore a shirt with the Four Horsemen and "Death to the Wicked" on it. Dakota lived in Ascension parish. And in a triple homicide in Florida [on January 26, 2019], the suspect's license plate looks like a custom tag meant to read LIGHT. Altogether, it symbolically progresses from Death to Ascension and Light.
Ascension is an incel term 😮They use it to describe the process of going from being an incel to a "normie" or Chad.
Specifically, as far as this timeline, it went from Death to Light to Ascension.

Yes, indeed. There is a code to decipher. Here are just two terms decoded by VICE last June 2018:

Ascending: The process of going from being an incel to a "normie," or a "Chad" (see below). This is a group obsessed with the idea of a sexual caste system, and how one might "make it" to the other side.
Chad: The archetype here is a white guy over six feet tall, the type of person incels believe excels at dating the women he desires. The platonic ideal of a Chad is a former college football player known as the Greensboro Jock who allegedly grew up to become a multi-millionaire entrepreneur. His apparent success furthers incels' disordered belief that looks are the sole necessary ingredient for a happy life.

There is absolutely no reason that Elliot Rodger should have been made into an anti-hero online by the incel community. But he has been, and to defuse the future, we have to begin to face the horde on the horizon that is not coming across the border but are in our midst.

See also...


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Incels Bring on the Apocalypse

A gunman wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a 9 mm handgun walked into a bank on January 23, 2019, barricaded himself inside, and killed five people. This happened at the SunTrust Bank in Sebring, Florida.

Sebring Police Chief Karl Hoglund identified the suspect as 21-year-old Zephen Xaver (according to CNN), or incorrectly as Zephan Xaver (according to Sky News). He is a former prison guard trainee at the Avon Park Correctional Institution, and quit on January 9, 2019.

The Highlands County SWAT team made a tactical entry to the bank at 1:54 p.m. and Xaver was taken into custody at 2:28 p.m. after surrendering to the SWAT team.

Xaver reportedly shot all five women in the bank. The non-bank employee, a customer, was named Watson.

In Jim Brandon's 1983 book, The Rebirth of Pan: Hidden Faces of the American Earth Spirit, he writes, regarding the "name game":
I'm not talking here of such spooky tongue-twisters as H.P. Lovecraft's Yog-Sothoth or Arthur Machen's Ishakshar, but of quite ordinary names like Bell, Beall and variants, Crowley, Francis, Grafton, Grubb, Magee/McGee, Mason, McKinney, Montpelier, Parsons, Pike, Shelby, Vernon, Watson/Watt, Williams/Williamson.
I wrote in my 1983 book, Mysterious America
Jim Brandon should be credited with calling attention to the name Watts/Watkins/Watson, and its entanglement with inexplicable things. 

The bank is located at 1901 US 27 South at Tubbs Road, between Lake Jackson and Little Lake Jackson, in the community of Sebring, Florida.

[Sebring was a top class two-year-old Australian Thoroughbred racehorse, that won five of his six race starts. This horse was born on September 23, 2005. (Source.)]

On Facebook and Twitter, I remarked that the Highland County Sheriff’s Department released a photograph (above) of Sebring, Florida SunTrust Bank shooting suspect (spelled) "Zephan" Xaver. Note the shirt he was wearing when arrested is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Also on the shirt is "Death to the Wicked":

Sibyl Hunter replied: "How odd is it that none of the articles posting this pic are mentioning this dude had the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on his shirt? I mean, THE APOCALYPSE. Instead, all the headlines say 'senseless' crime."

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, the Book of Revelation by John of Patmos, at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a book or scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses.

It has developed that Xaver's Facebook page has a similar image.

Will Morgan commented: "It was the temple of Poseiden that lay at the spiritual center of Atlantis... And he the god of sea and horses. Both symbols of emotion. 'Zephen Xaver' etymology can be broken down to mean 'The new hidden house of God.' Also it makes me think 'Zephyr.'"

Zephen Xaver exhibited various "incel" (a portmanteau of involuntary celibate) behaviors. are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as inceldom. Self-identified incels are largely white and are almost exclusively male heterosexuals.

Xaver's former "girlfriend" (whom he reportedly met in a mental hospital) told police after the shooting that he "for some reason always hated people and wanted everybody to die," liked "guns, killing," and "always" was fascinated with killing."

The Incel Effect

As we examine more deeply the story of Zephen Xaver, we need to put him in the context of Incel crime - single, white, lone males who hate and/or kill women.

Xaver went into the bank and reportedly picked out women to kill.

Recent news has been filled with Incel-aligned cases.

One of the most obvious is the case of Christopher Wayne* Cleary (above). The Denver Post published this article on January 21, 2019: "Denver man, frustrated by his virginity, arrested over alleged threat to kill “as many girls as I see”."

In a followup article, the Colorado newspaper noted, regarding this recent Wayne situation:
Eight Denver-area women and teens reported to police in recent years that the man now accused of threatening to “kill as many girls as I see” had harassed them when they wouldn’t date him and, in some cases, made violent threats and advertised their names on social media as prostitutes.
Christopher Wayne Cleary, 27, of Denver, was still on probation in two separate Colorado cases when police and FBI agents arrested him Saturday [January 19, 2019] in Provo, Utah, on suspicion of making a terrorist threat. He is accused of posting on Facebook that he wanted to kill as many women as possible because he’s a virgin who has never had a girlfriend.
Court records detailing Cleary’s criminal past in Colorado show a string of convictions — and repeated sentences of probation — related to the harassment and stalking of women stretching back at least three years. Denver Post.

The Wayne Name Game

Chuck Shepherd has written on his study of this name game. See here and here.


Victor Pena, 38, allegedly kidnapped Olivia Ambrose, 23, in Boston and took her to Charlestown, Massachusetts, from January 19-22, 2019. 

Jake Patterson, 21, kidnapped Jayme Closs, 13, and killed her parents in Barron, Wisconsin. He took her to Gordon, Wisconsin. She was held from October 18, 2018, until she escaped on January 10, 2019. A total of 88 days.

h/t Sibyl Hunter, Will Morgan

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Cryptokubrology, Colman, Bale, and Beyond

The Cryptokubrology thread continues. Let's keep our eyes open.

Christian Bale plays multiple roles in his many movies. In The Prestige (featuring David Bowie as Tesla), Bale (above) is the master of disguise and dual identities.

Of course, Bale as Dick Cheney in Vice use to be the Dark Knight, as an American Psycho he swung a Shining ax, and he started as that kid in Empire in the Sun. Christian Bale. "Bale" means "bold."

As Alex Fulton (@Crypto-kubrulogy on Twitter) observes in his graphic:

Bale won the best actor of 2018 for his role as Cheney in Vice at the 2019 Golden Globes. I posted this earlier on that occasion. 

To which, Alex Fulton noted:

"And then there he was on stage crediting 'Satan' (A Stan) for inspiring his performance as Cheney."


A remarkable factoid to add to Fulton's "237 weeks graphic" on Christian Bale is about his co-winner during the award shows. Bale won for best male actor at the Golden Globes and the Critic's Choice, as Olivia Colman did at both ceremonies for best female actress too. (See also "Coleman Name Game.")

They both share exactly the same birthdate: January 30, 1974.

(Richard Nixon was giving a State of the Union address that night.)

BTW, Dick Cheney was born on January 30, 1941, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sarah Caroline Olivia Colman (born January 30, 1974) is an English actress. Colman was born in Norwich, Norfolk, the daughter of Mary (Leakey), a nurse, and Keith Colman, a chartered surveyor. She played and won for her Queen Anne role in The Favourite. The movie was directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (born May 27, 1973).

Fulton writes, "Lanthimos is a HIGHLY Kubrological director."

There is another "celebrity" born on January 30, 1974.

Jemima Marcelle Khan (née Goldsmith, born 30 January 1974) is a British TV, film and documentary producer and founder of Instinct Productions, a television production company. She was formerly a journalist, and associate editor of The New Statesman, a British political and cultural magazine, and European editor-at-large for Vanity Fair.  Goldsmith married Pakistani cricketer and politician Imran Khan in 1995, and had two sons. The couple divorced in 2004.

Predictions are based on human behavior and anniversary syndromes, which are complex. Using cryptokubrology, I expect March 7, 2019, (Kubrick’s death date & Eyes Wide Shut's near release date + 20 yrs) to be significant this year.

"It's also worth noting that the 237th month since Eye Wide Shut's release will commence on March 16, ending on April 16," Fulton said for 2019.

Perhaps there are other things and people to think about, as the Oscars grow closer in time? Screen Actors' Guild, Sunday, January 27, 2019. Grammys, February 10, 2019. BAFTAs, February 10, 2019. BRITs, February 20, 2019. Independent Spirit Awards, Saturday, February 23, 2019. Oscars, 91st Academy Awards, Sunday, February 24, 2019.

Graphics, above, credit Alex Fulton.

For those looking deeply into the cryptokubrology within True Detective, please note that Season 1’s director and Season 1's, 2's, & 3’s executive producer is Cary Joji Fukunaga, who has been pegged by HBO to helm Kubrick’s unfinished Napoleon.

See also:

and for more on Bale's "Trump-like" roles, see here.

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Reeves Name Game

George Reeves (January 5, 1914 - June 16, 1959)
Steve Reeves (January 21, 1926 - May 1, 2000)
Keanu Reeves (September 2, 1964 - )
Christopher Reeve (September 25, 1952 - October 10, 2004)

There are many portals into the Name Game. A revealing of the strange monikers occurs if you study the sightings across the years. 

Take a book like Patrick Huyghe's The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials or John Keel's Operation Trojan Horse, as your gateway.  

For, a moment, let me put this in context. With one name. Reeves.

The above Twitter discussion on "Reeves" stimulated me to gather a collection of my thoughts on this Reeves' name game and its associated forms, all in one place.


In April 1966, sixteen-year-old Kathy Reeves of Newport, Oregon, saw three tiny tree stumps walking across a meadow near her home. She was walking home with a friend across a large field when they saw three, small "walking stumps" moving across the field. They were multicolored; orange, white, yellow, blue even "watermelon"-colored.

Tim Binnall wrote in 2009:
Loren Coleman in his book Mothman and Other Curious Encounters, writes that Pioneer Mountain Road "had always been weird," according to locals. (It is a spooky kind of road.) Coleman plays his name game with Newport; commenting that the city is a "new port" for weird events to come through, and that the name Reeves seems to be at the top of the list for people experiencing Fortean events. The Oregon Reeves family experienced quite a bit of high strangeness after Kathy Reeves stumps sighting; colored lights moving both inside and outside the house, UFOs, etc. These events were witnessed by others on Pioneer Mountain, and UFOs were seen by several witnesses in other parts of Newport.

John A. Keel once raised the question of name selectivity in his writings: "Hundreds of thousands of phenomenal events have been described in newspapers, magazines and books, and hundreds of thousands of witnesses have been named in print. When dealing with such a large body of evidence – or population – certain laws of probability should surface. We might expect that more Smiths would see UFOs than anyone else, simply because there are more Smiths around. But, in actuality, the name Smith rarely appears in a UFO report."
What Keel found was that unusual names were the point of convergence for the phenomena. He saw McDaniel, Reeves/Reaves, Maddox, Heflin, Allen, Hill, and others, as being selected for UFO and related experiences, as I first pointed out in my "Name Game" chapter in 1983, in Mysterious America.

Bryant and Helen Reeve of Flying Saucer Pilgrimage
The witnesses’ name, Reeves, is among those special family titles that have been pinpointed as playing a magnetic role in the “name game.” John Keel once told me that people named Reeve/Reeves have a lot of strange experiences. Many monster witnesses have been named Reeves. A glance at the indexes of Fortean Times will show a sprinkling of Reeves and Reeve, as witnesses and contributors.
John F. Reeves points out what he considers to be alien footprints near his property in Brooksville, Florida.

A man named Reeves was the primary witness in a now famous Brooksville, Florida UFO case. As Jerome Clark has written: “A man so obscure as to be barely known to most other residents of the rural area where he lived, John F. Reeves, 66, became the focus of international attention in 1965, when he reported an encounter with a UFO and its occupant.”
Contactees Bryant and Helen Reeve reached celebrity status in the 1950s after writing their book, Flying Saucer Pilgrimage. Much has been written of the tragic coincidences whirling around the lives of the actors (George Reeves and Christopher Reeve) who played the television and movie Superman (a fictional character who was an alien come to Earth to assist humans) or the “superman” (Keanu Reeves) in The Matrix.
There is a reason it’s called the Name Game.Mothman and Other Curious Encounters (NY: Paraview, 2002)
Steve Reeves, Hercules in the movies in 1957-1959.

August 1, 2007: The I-35W Bridge collapses.
Jay Reeves, 39, was one of the first people on the scene after the collapse. He tried calling 911, but all the lines were jammed. Then, he heard the sounds of children’s screams from the school bus.
“I opened my car door and was greeted by the screams of lots of kids. Screaming kids are good. That means they’re alive and full of a lot energy,” said Reeves, a trained paramedic and the public safety coordinator for the Minnesota American Red Cross.Associated Press, August 2, 2007.

A famed film producer of the upcoming Superman film, Man of Steel, Lloyd Phillips, 63, has died suddenly in Malibu, California. He passed away on January 28, 2013. Was it the Superman Curse?

Whoever wrote the "Superman Curse" entry at Wikipedia did a remarkably good job of researching the subject, and discussing a greatly expanded list of individuals to which it may apply. These, besides George Reeves and Chris Reeve, were other Superman-linked people, including Bud Collyer, Lee Quigley, Kirk Alyn, Margot Kidder, Richard Pryor, and Dana Reeve. Several people were explored in the 2006 documentary, The Curse of Superman.

October 17, 2013. Washington D.C.

After lawmakers voted to reopen the government, things took a bizarre turn on the House floor. A congressional stenographer named Dianne Reidy had to be removed from the House floor after she took the microphone at the front desk, and began noting things like  about the Freemasons and the Constitution. She said the U.S. is not “one nation under God."

“They go against God!” the woman exclaimed. “You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ!”

Lawmakers observed what was happening, at first, in stunned silence. A representative from Texas told the AP, "She had a crazed look on her face," reported KXL 101 FM News.

Reidy allegedly said:
He will not be mocked! He will not be mocked! (Don't touch me.) He will not be mocked! The greatest deception here, is this is not one nation under God! It never was! Had it been, it would not have been, no, it would not have been, the constitution would not have been written by Freemasons! They go against God! You cannot serve two masters! You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, lord Jesus Christ! Praise be to ...
House Stenographer Dianne Reidy

Within twilight language decoding, it should be pointed out that I have previously noted the importance of the hot name game among Fortean and anomalistic phenomena of "Reed"/"Reeder"/"Reeves" and, according to John A. Keel, in ufology and demonology, with "Reeves"/"Reaves." The name, of course, has been associated with the tragic lives of various "Reeves" who have played Superman on television and in the movies, and the Superman-like roles of Keanu Reeves in The Matrix and The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The name "Diane Reidy" would be merely another form of the Reeves/Reed thread.

January 13, 2014Wesley Chapel, Pasco County, Florida.

Curtis Reeves, Jr., 71, a retired Tampa Police Captain was arrested and held without bail for shooting a man and his wife after an apparent argument over texting while at a Wesley Chapel, Florida, movie theater.
At the Monday afternoon showing of the film Lone Survivor, Reeves and his wife were sitting behind another couple, Chad and Nicole Oulson, watching the previews, when Reeves became agitated with Chad for texting before the movie began.
At the Wesley Chapel-January 13th screening of Lone Survivor an argument broke out between the couples, popcorn was thrown, after which Reeves reportedly left the theater, came back, took out a gun and fired at Oulson and his wife. Officials said Nicole tried to block the bullet, resulting in a gunshot wound to her hand, before Chad was struck. And killed.

Paul Mounet (1847-1922)

Keanu Reeves 

Whitley Strieber pre-recorded an episode with me, Loren Coleman, for his Dreamland podcast.

We talked, in general, about the topic of strange creaturesthe museum, and the upcoming conference, but then Whitley took a radical turn. He asked about my study of names and dates. As I said to him, at the time, "I know where you are going."

Out-of-the-blue, Whitley picked one name to discuss.

The name: Reeves.

As I told Whitley, Reeves is one of those names that appear to have a magnetic attraction to UFO incidents and "Superman" cultural themes. John Reeves is a name linked to Brooksville, Florida UFO sightings, Bryant and Helen Reeve travelled the US in search of "the Saucerers," Keanu Reeves has been linked to Polish UFOs, and John A. Keel spoke of the importance of the name "Reeves" in his writings. 

The name itself, Reeve, from English, means "the chief under the king, or the overseer/chief peasant of a manor." Reeve, with links back to Dutch, means "to pass an end of the line through a block, ring, or something similar." This comes from reven, "to reef," in a sense to "use a rope in or as in reefing."


Reeves is one name. We know there are others.

In The Rebirth of Pan: Hidden Faces of the American Earth Spirit, Jim Brandon writes, regarding the overall "name game": 

I'm not talking here of such spooky tongue-twisters as H.P. Lovecraft's Yog-Sothoth or Arthur Machen's Ishakshar, but of quite ordinary names like Bell, Beall and variants, Crowley, Francis, Grafton, Grubb, Magee/McGee, Mason, McKinney, Montpelier, Parsons, Pike, Shelby, Vernon, Watson/Watt, Williams/Williamson. 

In my 1983 Mysterious America, I wrote:
Cryptologic or coincidence? Jim Brandon should be credited with calling attention to the name Watts/Watkins/Watson, and its entanglement with inexplicable things. Some other names involved in mysterious events pinpointed by Brandon are Bell, Mason, Parsons, Pike, Vernon, and Warren. The influence of such names as Mason, Pike, Warren, and Lafayette, for example, issues, in some cryptopolitical and occult way, from their ties to the Masonic tradition.
My colleague and correspondent Chuck Shepherd, has been a student of this "name game" for years. Here's what Chuck says about it, in an introduction to the topic:
The Classic Middle Name
It only occurred to me in the early 1990s that "Wayne" was a popular middle name among a few of the most heinous murderers of our time, e.g., the clown John Wayne Gacy (who killed almost three dozen boys and young men in the late 1970s and buried most of them beneath the floorboards of his Des Plaines, Ill., home) and Elmer Wayne Henley (sentenced to six consecutive life terms in 1974 in Houston for his role, with ringleader Dean Allen Corll, in the murders of 27 young men). I began to publish periodic lists in 1996, and soon readers made sure I never missed a one that made the news. Source, plus his impressively long list of names.

My past postings on other "Name Games" at the Twilight Language:

The word Aurora (Colorado = "Red Dawn") has been discussed extensively throughout this blog, since July 20, 2012.