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Phantom Clown: Macon + LaGrange

Correspondent Jim Brandon (The Rebirth of Pan) writes:

Well, we had a Fayette episode so how about something explicitly Masonic? Phantom clowns were reported in Macon, Georgia. 

I have written about this part of the name game often, as Macon is the French for Mason, and the use of that name is an overt Masonic naming of the landscape, just as much as Lafayette, Washington, and a number of other power names. I grew up in Macon County, Decatur, Illinois, so my decoding experience with "Macon" is firsthand.

After the organization of Bibb County in 1822, the city was chartered as the county seat in 1823 and officially named Macon. This was in honor of the North Carolina statesman Nathaniel Macon, because many of the early settlers in Georgia hailed from North Carolina. Macon was the 5th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, under President Thomas Jefferson.

Nathaniel Macon

Nathaniel Macon, a Freemason, was the son of Maj. Gideon Macon (1715–1761) and Priscilla Jones (1718 – March 1802). Nathaniel’s father’s parents were John Macon (December 17, 1695 – March 31, 1752) and Ann Hunt (1697 – February 15, 1725), both of Virginia. Nathaniel’s paternal great-grandparents were Col. Gideon Macon (c. 1648 – February 1701 or 1702) and Martha Woodward (1665–1723). Gideon and Martha Woodward Macon were also the great-grandparents of Martha Dandridge who married George Washington and became First Lady of the United States of America. Therefore, Nathaniel Macon was the second cousin of Martha Dandridge Washington.  In Masonic circles, Major John Mason held several offices in the grand lodge. Most, if not all, the Macon men in the ancestral line were all Masons down through the 20th century.

Freemasons use Mason names to name locations to honor other Masons, thus Macon, Georgia was named after Nathaniel Macon.

Brandon continues, regarding Macon, Georgia, with these insights:
The really interesting aspect is the geographic since Macon is just a few miles south of the 33-degree latitude line. But also – ta-dah! – abt 50 miles west on the line is Warm Springs and the Little White House where 33-degree Mason FDR use to go (all the way from DC by train no less) for rest cures. And even FDR died there in 1945 under strange circumstances, according to crime writer Emanuel Josephson.
The essence of the Phantom Clowns reported from Macon, Bibb County, Georgia are that several reports developed when four children at a bus stop or walking to school said they saw some clowns bothering them.

It happened on Tuesday morning, September 13, 2016, near Elkan Avenue. Three clowns were reported by Aisha Thompson, after her children ran home.

“If it’s a joke, it’s not funny. If you think this is something to play with, don’t. Take it serious,” said Thompson. "They're still shaken up. My oldest daughter, she's the big sister of all four of them, she's shaking in her jacket. When I was hugging her she was shaking and she's in the mentor's program, on the softball team, and JLC. She doesn't want to go to school and my children love school."

Thompson's youngest son, Marlon Patterson, said the clowns were wearing face paint and were shining lasers as they ran out of the woods and up and down the street.

"I was very scared, I started crying, I didn't know how we were gonna get home so we just tried to go to everybody we could to get a ride and one lady gave us one," said Patterson. 

Thompson said her children have also received friend requests on Facebook with clowns as their profile pictures.

"I don't know if it's something they're doing just to scare them or if it's something serious, but I would rather be safe than sorry," said Thompson.

“They saw a laser light. When we were having our discussion about this yesterday, it was mentioned that they would be in the woods shining one of those lasers to get the children’s attention, so they said they started to walk fast and as they approached the woods they came out and they took off running,” she continued.

Lt. Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says, “We’d like to find out who they are because we don’t want them giving small children impressions that clowns are scary because we as adults growing up know that clowns to us were not scary.”

“Kids think they’re going to school is their job. They’re unable to perform their job correct, having fear,” said concerned mother Teria Davis.

Thompson says her younger child attends Southfield Elementary which is nearby the area. She adds she will have to take her kids to school on her own until this issue is resolved.

It was reported that the clowns came from bushes and abandoned houses near Elkan Avenue and Dapleton Drive.

Some of the kids who reported the clown sighting to authorities also reported that they received Facebook messages from people dressed as clowns saying "I will find you."

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office said this is the first report of clown sightings in the area, though Tuesday morning's witnesses told deputies that the sightings had been going on for the past few days in the "bottom side" of Bloomfield.

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Just in...also from Georgia and also Masonic.

Tom Mellett passes along a news story from LaGrange, Georgia about someone on Facebook threatening to become a creepy clown and abduct children - for Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

LaGrange Police are working to get warrants to track down the person threatening to dress like a clown and abduct children from specific schools.
Lt. Dale Strickland told 11Alive News someone started a Facebook Page (which has since been taken down) threatening to dress like a clown and drive a white van to Callaway Elementary, Franklin Forrest Elementary, Callaway Middle School, Troup High School, and Callaway High School and abduct children. Strickland says that threat is a clear violation of the law. The department is working to obtain warrants that will help them track down who posted the threats.
Stickland said there were no spottings of the creepy clown, but the police department was flooded with calls from concerned parents. The police department posted a message on Facebook: "This behavior is not cute or funny... if applicable, you may face charges."

LaGrange turns out to be a Masonic Name Game just as much as Macon. I made the discovery a few years ago that LaGrange is an associated hot name, due to the fact the name Chateau de LaGrange was the French home of the Marquis de Lafayette, evolved during the last thirty years of our writings and mutual exchange on the subject. The Fayette Factor strikes again.

Phantom Clown incident now have come from South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, and Georgia.


Tom Mellett said...


When I first came across the LaGrange story, I thought it was a classic Copycat Effect, but now since you link LaGrange to Macon and Freemasonry, then I wonder if the Phantom Clowns have evolved their strategy and now use social media. I mean, if they were limited to using vans back in the 80's & 90's, why not use Facebook as well to set up abductions in the vans ?

In that case, we might need a new category. Perhaps Phantom Cyber-Clowns? Virtual Phantom Clowns? Although I suspect it may turn out to be Phantom Facebook Clown Trolls --- but still no one has tracked down this clown character threatening the kids in LaGrange.


Tom Mellett said...

Now from across the pond, here's the UK Sun's take on the Phantom Clown flap occurring in the former colonies.