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He Died On June 24, 2019

It often takes time to learn who passes away on a certain date. Generally noticed, of course, are the more famous, well-known, and/or notorious people, about whom we learn the quickest. Virtually immediately the media tells the world about those deaths, as they are usually framed as "celebrities."

On June 22, 2019, I asked "Who Will Die on June 24, 2019?" I felt this might be someone who would be ufo-aligned, as I put it, pass away on St. John's Day. Let's take in this news.

New York Tabloid News Legend Dies

One such individual, called a "New York tabloid news legend" and "the heart of New York Post" by the media, died on Monday, June 24, 2019: Steve Dunleavy. He passed away at his Long Island, New York home. At 81, having retired in 2008, one might feel his death was expected. But it was not.

His son Sean Dunleavy told the New York Daily News on Monday, "It just was very sudden. But he was home, it was peaceful. But we don’t know what the cause of death was."

Steve Dunleavy was a member of the world's stage.

Stephen Francis Patrick Aloysius Dunleavy (January 21, 1938 – June 24, 2019) was born in Sydney, Australia on January 21, 1938, grew up to be a journalist in Australia at The Sun and The Daily Mirror, then became best known as a columnist for the New York Post from 1976 to 2008, after Rupert Murdoch purchased the group that owned the paper. He was a lead reporter on the tabloid television program A Current Affair in the 1980s and 1990s.

His reality television and tabloid newspaper reporting focussed on some rather infamous cases, including interviews and stories with the mother of Sirhan Sirhan, Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin, and the confessed “Boston Strangler” Albert DeSalvo, about the Beltway Snipers, with the "Son of Sam" victim families, and with Elvis Presley’s “Memphis Mafia” bodyguards.

Dunleavy's book, Elvis: What Happened? (July 1977) was prophetically published two weeks before Elvis died (August 1977) and became a best-selling book.

Dunleavy's irreverent shock-jock style was the model for actor Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as "Wayne Gale" in Oliver Stone's film Natural Born Killers. Downey spent time with Dunleavy as part of preparing for the role. Dunleavy is credited on IMDb for his reality work, as well as an actor, known for The Preppie Murder (1989),  So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993), and The Vampire Project (1995). (Are there Cryptokubrulogy links here?)

Dunleavy and UFOs

While working on the New York Post and A Current Affair, Steve Dunleavy was surrounded by an atmosphere that included Elvis' obsession with UFOs in Elvis: What Happened?, of course. Dunleavy apparently was regaled about Elvis's alleged dealings with extraterrestrials, including a bright blue UFO witnessed by his father, Vernon, the night baby Elvis was born. Elvis was also said to have had been contacted by two “alien beings.” Elvis was a firm believer in UFOs and claimed to have seen them on many occasions.

But what of Steve Dunleavy? As it turns out, Dunleavy is the #23rd eyewitness claimed for a very famous UFO incident. Dunleavy was part of UFO history.

One of the most debated, discussed, and famous UFO abduction cases is the Linda Cortile incident.

The abstract of the event begins thusly,
On Thursday, November 30, 1989, at 3:15 a.m., New York City resident Linda Cortile was reportedly abducted by aliens from her 12th story apartment on the lower east side of Manhattan. Five aliens allegedly came into her bedroom while she was still awake. They paralyzed her and moved her into her living room. Linda and three of the five aliens were then floated out through her living room window in fetal positions, directly through the regulation window fence guard. The other two aliens appeared to have remained in her apartment until she was returned. (For the rest, see here.)
As Sean F. Meets notes in his website on the case, "In the Linda Cortile UFO abduction case there are 23 witnesses that are on the public record."
 At the end of the list, you will find this:

Witness #23 - Reporter Steve Dunleavy (Late 2002)
The twenty-third witness to Linda's case was Steve Dunleavy, an investigative reporter for the New York Post. Dunleavy was an independent, firsthand eyewitness to the procession of limousines along South Street during the November 30, 1989 UFO abduction. His addition as a witness came in Late 2002 when Yancy Spence phoned him to see what Dunleavy recollected about the November 30, 1989 UFO abduction incident.

by Yancy Spence

In the comments below, a person wrote, "Mr. Dunleavy was not just a witness,he was a participant in the abduction. He was taken from the upstairs bar at the South St Dinner at 3:15 and returned at 3:55 along with three other coworkers who were taken as well. They all had physical traces on their bodies from the abduction."

Intriguing, in the midst of the debunking and defensive of the Linda Cortile case, we find skeptic George Hansen versus ufological intellectual Jerome Clark. On October 24, 1992, Clark issued a rebuttal entitled, "The Politics of Torquemada; or, Earth Calling Hansen's Planet." Clark was responding to Hansen's October 12, 1992 memo to Budd Hopkins, Walt Andrus, John Mack, David Jacobs, and Jerome Clark.

Now late in June 2019, Steve Dunleavy, Witness #23, has died.

And so too are gone these defenders of the Linda Cortile incident challenged by George Hansen:

American psychiatrist, alien abduction researcher, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. John Mack died Monday, September 27, 2004, in London, England.

Artist, author, speaker, and ufo investigator Budd Hopkins died on Sunday, August 21, 2011, in New York City.

Motorola manager and founder of the Mutual UFO Network Walt Andrus died on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, in Cibolo, Texas.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Who Will Die on June 24, 2019?

Kenneth Arnold opens the Modern Era of Flying Saucers, Washington State, on June 24, 1947.

Some previous events on this day include:

Knights Templars displayed “Mysterious Head” at Poitiers (1308). Founding of the Order of the Garter (1348). A sudden outbreak of St. John's Dance (1374) caused people in the streets of Aachen, Germany, to experience hallucinations, and jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapsed from exhaustion. John Cabot discovered North America (1497). Lucrezia Borgia (1439) died. Samuel de Champlain discovered (1603) the mouth of the Saint John River, in New Brunswick, Canada. Galileo released (1633). “Woman of the Wilderness” utopian community arrived in America (1694). “Woman of the Wilderness” angelic visions (1701). Grand Lodge of Freemasons inaugurated (1717) in London. Napoleon's Grande Armée crossed (1812) the Neman River beginning the invasion of Russia. Ambrose Bierce born (1842). Red rain, Italy (1877). Ice fall, Ft. Lyon, Colorado (1877). Fall of jelly-like mass, Eton (1911). Fred Hoyle born (1915).

Pieces of a meteor, estimated to have weighed 450 metric tons when it hit the Earth's atmosphere and exploded, landed (1938) near Chicora, Pennsylvania.

June 24ths have often had a "fiery" theme.

Arthur Brown ("Fire," 1942 or 1944, both are reported) is born. Jeff Beck (Yardbirds, 1944), Charlie Whitney (Family, 1944), and Chris Wood (Traffic, 1944), all born. Colin Blunstone (The Zombies, 1945) born. Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac, 1947) born.

Filmstock fire killed seventeen people, Brussels (1947). Movie theaters evaluated during huge fire, Perth Amboy, New Jersey (1947). United Airlines plane struck by lightning over Cleveland. Ohio (1947). Invasion of grasshoppers battled with flame-throwers, Guatemala/El Salvador (1947). Woman attacked and killed by bees or wasps, Seattle (1947).

More births of future musicians. Patrick Moraz (Yes, 1948), John Illsley (Dire Straits, 1949), Astro (UB40, 1957), Dennis Danell (Social Distortion, 1961), Curt Smith (Tears for Fears, 1961), and Richard Z. Kruspe (Rammstein, 1967) were all born on June 24ths.

Bizarre aerial sightings near Daggett, California (1950) and on Iwo Jima (1953). The Angora Fire (2007) started near South Lake Tahoe, California, destroying over 200 structures in its first 48 hours.

On June 24, 1908, Grover Cleveland, the 22nd & 24th US President (1885-89, 93-97), died at the age of 71.
What will occur on St. John's Day, June 24, 2019? Who will die?

Here is my list of some notable ufo-aligned deaths on past June 24ths. ~ Loren Coleman

(1) June 24 or 23 (there is some dispute), 1964, Frank Scully, 72, author of one of the first crashed-saucer books, Behind the Flying Saucers (1950), dies.

(2 and 3) June 24, 1967, two British UFO contactees, Ernest Arthur Bryant, a contactee, and Richard Church, an author and chairman of CIGIUFO, die.

(4) June 23 (US) or 24 (UK), 1967, Frank Edwards, 55, popular UFO author and radio personality in the 1950s, dies a few hours before Arthur Bryant. Indeed, Edwards passes away shortly before midnight on the 23rd, which would have been the early morning of June 24th in the UK, thus being the same date as Ernest Arthur Bryant's death. James Moseley stuns the delegates assembled for the 1967 Congress of Scientific Ufologists at New York City’s Hotel Commodore on June 24th, with the news of the sudden death of Frank Edwards.

(5) June 24, 1969, Willy Ley, 62, a rocket scientist and Fortean author, dies. Willy Ley was one of the first respected modern scientist to attempt to answer the question of what is a flying saucer. In 1952, he was one of the first, if not the first person, to say that 85% of UFO sightings are misidentified craft, leaving the other 15% open to notions of "interplanetary travel," that he began writing about in 1926.

(6) June 24, 1978, Robert Charroux, 69, the best-known pen-name of Robert Joseph Grugeau dies. Charroux was a French author known for his ancient astronaut theories and writings on other Fortean subjects, in such books as Masters Of The World: Groundbreaking New Revelations About The Ancient Astronauts (1979).

Some of Charroux's other books include: Treasures Of The World (1967); The Mysterious Unknown (1972); Forgotten Worlds: Scientific Secrets of The Ancients and Their Warning For Our Time (1973); The Mysterious Past (1974); Legacy Of The Gods (1974); The Mysteries Of The Andes (1977); and One Hundred Thousand Years Of Man’s Unknown History (1981).

(7) June 24, 1987, Jackie Gleason, 71, the actor, who was an early advocate of flying saucer research, dies. Gleason's known interest in UFOs allegedly prompted President Richard Nixon to share some information with him and to disclose some UFO data publicly.

(8) June 24, 2006, Lyle Stuart, 83, the renegade publisher who published anomalist writer Frank Edwards’ Fortean book, in 1959, Stranger than Science, a paperbook full of information on ufology and other unexplained accounts, dies.

(9) June 24, 2013, James Martin, 79, a former rocket scientist, computer scientist, and author of After the Internet: Alien Intelligence (2000), was found floating dead in the waters off Agar's Island. Dr. Martin bought Agar’s Island in 1977 and made his home in Bermuda. The multi-millionaire kept a relatively low profile in Bermuda.

(10) June 24, 2013, Alan Myers, 58, the most prominent drummer (1976-1987) of the band Devo, dies of stomach cancer in Los Angeles. Devo played punk, art rock, post-punk and new wave music, and performed stage shows that mingled kitsch science fiction themes, deadpan surrealist humor, and mordantly satirical social commentary. Devo recorded at their own UFO Studios. More.

(11) June 24, 2015, Mario Biaggi, 97, a former Bronx congressman was involved in the "UFO disclosure" movement, dies. He once was pictured on the cover of Ideal's UFO Magazine, December 1978, Number 4. Within the periodical, there appeared the following, "Interview: Mario Biaggi 'There Is A UFO Cover-Up By The Government.'" On the cover, an image of Biaggi was shown with President Jimmy Carter. More.

(12) June 24, 2017, Loren Janes, 85, a legendary stuntman and stunt coordinator, dies. He was involved in some intriguing UFO-related movies.

Loren Janes gets a cryptokubrology mention too. In Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (1960), Janes was Kirk Douglas' stunt double ("slave general"). Janes also was a "salt mine slave," and a "gladiator."

Loren Janes (also known as Loren James) was the safety stunt coordinator for the UFO cult classic film, Repo Man, which has its fair share of UFO insider jokes about flying saucers, the name game, Men in Black, and conspiracy theorists. He was in in Back to the Future (1985), for his stunts, and in the closeted UFO story of Steven Spielberg's 1941 (1979), in the intriguing Logan's Run (1976) and in Ice Station Zebra (1968). More.

"Immersing oneself into the world of synchronicity and synchromysticism can be a bit disorienting at times." ~ Andrew W. Griffin, January 29, 2015, "Lattice of coincidence," Red Dirt Report.
"A lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incidences and things. They don’t realize that there’s this, like, lattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything." ~ Repo Man, 1984, Alex Cox Writter/Director 
(13) June 24, 2018, Stanley Anderson, 78.

Stanley Anderson starred in Roswell's first season as the aging ex-government official looking for the truth about the crashed saucer - as a character who as a deputy sheriff was first on the scene of the 1947 UFO site.

Stage, film and TV actor Stanley Anderson, known for his role as the judge in the final episode of Seinfeld and as General Slocum in Spider-Man, has died on June 24, 2018, six weeks after being diagnosed with brain cancer. He was 78.

In addition to Spider-Man, his feature work included roles as the president of the United States in Michael Bay’s Armageddon and The Rock. His most recent film credits include Red DragonLegally Blonde 2 and Runaway Jury. On TV, he had a recurring role as Drew Carey’s dad on The Drew Carey Show and played the memorable role of Judge Vandelay in the final episode of Seinfeld.

Anderson also was a longtime member of three unions for actors, according to his family, and worked behind the scenes doing voiceover work in ads for Democratic candidates and issues across the country.

“He was most proud, ultimately, of the part he played in politics,” his family said.

Anderson was also in...

The X-Files (TV Series)
playing Agent Schoniger on
- "Closure" (2000)
-- Stanley Anderson (Agent Lewis Schoniger, who consults with Scully while viewing Mulder's regression tape) had a recurring role on The Drew Carey Show playing Drew's father.
-- Agent Schoniger is named for the next door neighbor of Chris Carter's grandparents....
-- The original script included a scene between Scully, Skinner, and Agent Schoniger discussing the fact that the Treasury Department was not happy that the records regarding Samantha's abduction were being pursued. The Official Site even ran the script crawl from this scene which was not in the final episode. Source.

Anderson, cryptokubrologically, did appear in...

The Shining (TV Mini-Series)
Delbert Grady
- "Episode #1.3" (1997) ... Delbert Grady

But Anderson's clearest link to UFOs came via his role (and his character's role) on...
Roswell (TV Series) - as James Valenti Sr., especially on one episode - "Secrets and Lies" (2001).

James Valenti, Sr. (through three actors) is a recurring character on Season 1 of WB sci-fi series Roswell.

A former Sheriff of Roswell, James Valenti (played by Anderson in the older role) spent his life attempting to prove that aliens are real. (This role appears to have been inspired by the real-life Sheriff George Wilcox, who told the Army about the Roswell UFO crash.)

The Westinghouse Broadcasting Network's series Roswell looked at what happened to the community's youth in the years after the UFO crashed there in 1947.

Deputy Valenti (played by a younger actor) at the crash site in 1947.

From the Roswell wifi-files:

After serving in World War II, James joined the Roswell Sheriff's Department. Deputy James Valenti was at the scene of the Crash in the summer of 1947. Over the next twelve years, James became a father (Jim Jr., born 1951) and eventually Sheriff of Chavez County.
On November 16, 1959, Sheriff James Valenti Sr. discovered the corpse of James Atherton. That same year, Valenti investigated the death of an actress who died from a freak lightning strike during the filming of They Are Among Us in Roswell. According to makeup artist Bess Covendall, Valenti's investigations caused 'quite a stir'.  Valenti's efforts to uncover the truth earned him the ridicule of the F.B.I. and the nickname "Sgt. Martian". His eight-year old son Jim Jr. was an eyewitness to his father's growing obsession.
In 1972, Valenti met Everett Hubble. Valenti learned that Hubble's wife was killed in the same manner as Atherton; the killer leaving no marks other than a silver handprint. Hubble convinced Valenti that the killer had disguised himself as a drifter, and the two men tracked the suspect to a silo. Hubble shot the drifter, but Valenti took the fall. Valenti lost his job as Sheriff, beginning a slow slide into dementia. 

Jim Valenti, Jr. was eventually forced to put his father (Stanley Anderson playing this role) in a home, where his visits have since become less and less frequent. Source.
Stanley Anderson's actual end-of-life health issues, with brain cancer, mirrored, in a fashion, his on-screen struggle with dementia, 17 years earlier, on Roswell 17.

June 24 and July 2 are World UFO Day(s), celebrating awareness of unidentified flying objects. There are two per year. June 24 because Kenneth Arnold had the first “flying saucers” sighting in 1947. July 2 commemorates the UFO crash in the 1947 Roswell (NM) UFO Incident.

July 3, 2019, will be the tenth anniversary of the death of John A. Keel.

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Monsters and Pike Counties


Pike County is a county on the eastern border of the U.S. state of Missouri, bounded by the Mississippi River. As of the 2010 census, the population was 18,516. Its county seat is Bowling Green. Its namesake was a city in middle Kentucky, a region from where many early migrants came. The county was organized December 14, 1818, and named for explorer Zebulon Pike. The folksong "Sweet Betsy from Pike" is generally thought to be associated with Pike County, Missouri.

Pike County is said to be the home of Momo (The Missouri Monster). The first reported sightings by the Terry Harrison family, in the 1970s, were traced to various locations throughout the county, especially at Louisiana, Missouri. During 2019, the film production company of Small Town Monsters has released MOMO: The Missouri Monster.

The melodrama that unfolded at Louisiana, Missouri, continued in 2010, regarding the kidnapping of Alisa Maier ~ a granddaughter of the Harrison family. (See here and here.)

Pike County (next to Lincoln County) is well-known for Bigfoot and UFO sightings.


Pike County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 65,024. Its county seat is Pikeville. The county was founded in 1821. Pike County was founded on December 19, 1821. The county was named for General Zebulon Pike, the explorer who discovered Pikes Peak. Between 1860 and 1891 the Hatfield-McCoy feud raged in Pike and in bordering Mingo County, West Virginia. On May 6, 1893, Pikeville officially became a city and the county seat.

Hellier is an unincorporated community and coal town in Pike County, Kentucky, United States. A post office was established in the community in 1906, and named for Ralph Augustus Hellier, the head of a Pike County coal mining company.

Hellier was featured in an independent documentary called Hellier. It is a five part series that follows the investigation and research of the Kentucky goblins. Dana & Greg Newkirk, owners of The Travelling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, lead the investigation, along with Conner James Randall and Karl Pfieffer.

Hellier can be seen on hellier.tv and YouTube.


The famed 1997 Elkins Creek cast is well-known in the Bigfoot community. It was found in Pike County, Georgia. 

According to Cliff Barackman, of the five prints found, the track from which "the cast was obtained [was found] near Double Bridges Road. Elkins Creek is over 8 miles to the north of this road, but apparently in between these two locations are thick woods and not much else. It seems that the southern border of Pike County more or less follows the course of Elkins Creek, so it can be reasonably assumed that it was found somewhere along that stretch north of Sprewell Bluff State Park and Wildlife Management Area."


Pike County is a county located in the Appalachian region of the U.S. state of Ohio. As of the 2010 census, the population was 28,709. Its county seat is Waverly. The county is named for explorer Zebulon Pike.

In the Winter of 1987, near a trailer on Chenoweth Fork Road, there was "A tale of a Bigfoot sighting in Pike County," Ohio.

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Helicopter/Heliopolis: AXA, Pan Am, and Snuff

NBC News and other media called what happened, "PTSD from 9/11."

AXA Equitable Center Building

A helicopter crashed into the roof of the AXA Equitable Center building in New York City at 1:43 p.m. on Monday, June 10, 2019. Only a few blocks from Trump Tower, the area is in the post-2016 no-fly-zone.

The hard crash on the roof killed the pilot of the helicopter and caused a fire. Tim McCormack was identified as the pilot. McCormack served as a volunteer fire firefighter with the East Clinton Volunteer Fire Department in Clinton Corners, New York, for more than 25 years, serving as its chief for 10 years. He had two stepdaughters and three grandchildren.

McCormack told workers at the East River helipad he thought he had a clearing in the skies where he could make the flight, according to law enforcement sources. Once he was in the air, he got on the radio saying he might need to return, the sources said.

The helicopter was airborne for about 11 minutes before crashing. The aircraft could be seen flying erratically in the sky, making dramatic dips and turns before vanishing into the clouds. Investigators say there is no indication of terrorism.

The AXA Equitable Center is at 787 Seventh Ave. in Manhattan, between 51st and 52nd streets.

The company now known as AXA Equitable built the 51-story building at 787 Seventh Ave. in 1985.

At that time, AXA Equitable was an arm of AXA S.A. of Paris, and it went by the name AXA Financial. The building on Seventh Avenue was originally known as the Equitable Tower. The tower was known for being the home of the Equitable Center art complex.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) bought the building from AXA for $1.9 billion in 2016.

AXA Equitable now has its headquarters offices a few blocks away from the AXA Equitable Center, at 1290 Avenue of the Americas. Two company employees work in an AXA Equitable video studio in the AXA Equitable Center, and those employees are fine, according to an AXA Equitable spokesman.

A number of people who work in the building have reported on Twitter that they felt the building shake when the helicopter hit it.

The aircraft had taken off from the helipad at West 34th Street on the Hudson River and planned to go in the direction of the Statue of Liberty, which is several miles south of there. The AXA building does not have a helipad.

[As a single-person crash ~ whether of an airplane, helicopter, car, or truck ~ suicidology dictates that there is a good statistical basis for investigating whether the cause of the wreck was suicide.]

Pan Am Building

The image of the rare souvenir replica of the Pan Am Building is courtesy of InFocusTech (who has re-issued this piece, recently).

During a street news conference at the scene of the incident, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that since the "Pan Am helicopter crash" of a few years ago, helipads had been shut down in mid-town Manhattan. Public helipads in Manhattan, of which there are now three, have been confined to the coasts of the island since the Pan Am crash.

On May 16, 1977, about one minute after a Sikorsky S-61L landed on the Pan Am helipad, and its 20 passengers disembarked, the right front landing gear collapsed, causing the aircraft to topple onto its side with the rotors still turning. One of the five 20-foot (6.1 m) blades broke off and flew into a crowd of passengers waiting to board. Three men were killed instantly and another died later in a hospital. The blade sailed over the side of the building and killed a female pedestrian on the corner of Madison Avenue and 43rd Street. Two other people were seriously injured. Helicopter service was quickly suspended, and never resumed.

The victims of the Pan Am incident were filmmaker Michael Findlay, NYU student Clay S. Young, lawyer David J. Toomey, Italian tourist Enrico Gnaga, and Bronx native Anne Barnecott.

Findlay, and his wife Roberta, have been called ""the most notorious filmmakers in the annals of sexploitation."

Findlay, 39, had gone to South America in 1973 and made a film called Night of the Blood Eaters. A producer added some footage to his film, and released it with the title Snuff. The fiction film was picketed by feminists and widely criticized because of the violence it portrayed: it ended with the killing of a woman. Findley made several B films, such as Body of a Female that included “blood and guts, sex and violence.”

Michael Findlay is credited as the director of the classic cryptozoological cinema movie, Shriek of the Mutilated (1974). He also played (uncredited) the "Decapitation Onlooker" in this film.

The irony is that the media in 1977 reported "that grindhouse filmmaker Michael Findlay was infamously decapitated" by a rogue helicopter blade in an accident as horrific as his trademark gory on-screen murders. The New York Daily News reported that pieces of bodies were scattered over the Grand Central area; an eyewitness described the scene as "like a butcher shop."

[Five years later, Vic Morrow was decapitated by a helicopter. In 1982, Morrow was cast in a feature role in Twilight Zone: The Movie, in a segment directed by John Landis. (Landis' first directing role was for Schlock, a Bigfoot movie, in 1973.)...In the early morning hours of July 23, 1982, Morrow and two child actors, seven-year-old Myca Dinh Le, and six-year-old Renee Shin-Yi Chen, were filming on location in California, in an area that was known as Indian Dunes, near Santa Clarita. They were performing in a scene for the Vietnam sequence, in which their characters attempt to escape out of a deserted Vietnamese village from a pursuing U.S. Army helicopter. The helicopter was hovering at approximately 24 feet above them when the heat from special effect pyrotechnic explosions reportedly delaminated the rotor blades and caused the helicopter to crash on top of them, killing all three instantly. Morrow and Le were decapitated and mutilated by the helicopter rotor blades, while Chen was crushed by a helicopter strut. Morrow's daughter is Jennifer Jason Leigh.]

The Pan Am Building today is the MetLife Building.

Other NYC Crashes

New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and his flight instructor were killed on October 11, 2006, when Lidle’s small plane crashed into a 42-story building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Eighteen people were injured in the crash. (As I wrote in 2006 about this incident: "Don't ignore the fact that this was on 10/11, and many people had a post-traumatic 9/11 reaction.")

Five people died after a helicopter crashed in New York City's East River on Sunday, March 11, 2018.

It was on March 11, 2018, when five people aboard a New Jersey-based sightseeing helicopter were killed after their aircraft crashed into the East River off the coast of Manhattan.

Heliopolis ~ Helicopter

Bennu bird

Writer Goro Adachi observes: "The helicopter that crashed in Manhattan yesterday (a model called AgustaWestland AW109/A109) was made by an Italian company called Leonardo S.p.A. officially named after Leonardo da Vinci! And the crash happened on the exact day highlighted beforehand based on a long-running 'phoenix' pattern heavily involving Leonardo." (See more here.)

What I want to point out is this note: 
"Helicopter" implies "phoenix". Something [Goro Adachi] actually noted just last month:
May 15 "City of the Sun"
Heliopolis” is the ancient Egyptian “City of the Sun” and the word “helicopter” implies “Egyptian Sun” (since heli = “sun” and copt = “ancient Egyptian”). […] Heliopolis is the “home” of the Benben Stone and the ancient Egyptian phoenix, the Bennu bird. Which is why I mentioned it in the first place.

From Wikipedia:
New Kingdom artwork shows the Bennu as a grey heron with a long beak and a two-feathered crest, sometimes perched on a benben stone (representing Ra) or in a willow tree (representing Osiris). Because of its connection with Osiris, it sometimes wears the atef crown. 
A large species of heron, now extinct, lived on the Arabian Peninsula in comparatively recent times. It may have been the ultimate inspiration for the Bennu. Reflecting this, the species was described as the Bennu heron (Ardea bennuides).
The Greek historian Herodotus, writing about Egypt in the fifth century BC, wrote that the people at Heliopolis described the phoenix to him. They said it lived for 500 years before dying, resuscitating, building a funerary egg with myrrh for the paternal corpse, and carrying it to the temple of the Sun at Heliopolis. His description of the phoenix likens it to an eagle with red and gold plumage, reminiscent of the sun. The theme of the fire, pyre and ashes of the dying bird developed long after Herodotus. The name of the phoenix could be derived from "Bennu", and its rebirth and connections with the sun resemble those of the Bennu bird, although Egyptian sources do not mention the bird's death.

Anubis holding the mummy of the scribe Ani, with Bennu assisting.

Heliopolis Senusert I Obelisk