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Celebrity Hanging Suicides: Syncs and Links

The celebrity news of June 2018 was overwhelmed with suicides by hanging. The lives of the victims were intertwined and overlapping. Let's take a look at the syncs and links going back two decades for some suicides by hanging.

Jeanine Pepler

On June 17, 2018, Jeanine Pepler, 50, killed herself by hanging.

Pepler was the agent for The Blair Witch Project (1999) filmmakers (Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez). The Blair Witch Project involved the created legend of the ghost of Elly Kedward, a Blair, Maryland resident accused of practicing witchcraft in 1785 and sentenced to death by exposure. (One alternative ending of The Blair Witch Project has a lead character dying by hanging.)

This publicist also represented Sex and the City creator Cate Bushnell.

"Candace Bushnell was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut. She is the daughter of Calvin L. Bushnell and Camille Salonia. Her father was one of the inventors of the Air Cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cell that was used in the Apollo Space Missions in the 1960s. Her Bushnell ancestors in the United States can be traced back to Francis Bushnell, one of the signatories of the Guilford Covenant, who emigrated from Thatcham, Berkshire, England in 1639." Source.

"On June 1, 1639, more than a month before Guilford’s founders reached the New England shore, 25 Puritan men bound their lives to each other in a Covenant, setting forth their vision for the community they would create together. Aboard the English ship St. John, these men signed their names to a document that stated their intentions to settle with their families as a group near the plantation of Quinnipiack (later New Haven), and to help each other survive and prosper in the New World." Source.

"According to this website the Guilford Covenant was a pact made by the first Puritan settlers to arrive in New England. The pact still exists today down through the bloodlines of those 25 families, but now did someone break the oath...thus...all these hanging deaths???" - Kristin Johnson

Jeanine Pepler's "death also links back to Anthony Bourdain and ultimately to Harvey Weinstein. It's obvious all of these fashion, TV, and movie people struck deals with one another to blow up their products and make tons of money...but at what price? What secret are they keeping that's worth dying over now?" ~ Sibyl Hunter

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain, 61, killed himself by hanging (reportedly with the belt from his bathrobe) on June 8, 2018. Bourdain was found dead of suicide by hanging in his room at Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberg, France.
There's a Weinstein thread connecting everything. Bourdain was dating actress Asia Argento. She's one of Harvey Weinstein's main accusers. Bourdain publically condemned Weinstein on many occasions and even outed Quention Tarrantino for having knowledge of Weinstein's abuse.
The fashion connection: Harvey Weinstein's wife is fashion designer Georgina Chapman who owns Marchesa. Two days ago Asia Argento called for a boycott on Marchesa because of the Weinstein connection (apparently he made his wife's label famous by forcing celebrity actresses to wear Marchesa gowns on the red carpet, including Gwyneth Paltrow). In response, Vogue's all-powerful Anna Wintour came out in support of Georgina Chapman and Marchesa.
The Kate Spade connection: Looks like Kate Spade's "sudden" success can also be attributed to celebrity actresses popping up on the red carpet with her bags. Did she and her husband Andy Spade make a deal with the devil Weinstein? Was Anna Wintour involved too? - Sibyl Hunter
"Three months after a Vogue editor spotted Brosnahan's table at a trade show, the magazine featured Kate Spade in its pages, right next to Gucci, no less. Suddenly industry insiders like Anna Wintour and Linda Wells were carrying Kate Spade bags, as were celebrities like Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow." Source.

It actually is true that Weinstein used former Mossad agents against those who would do him harm. Ronan Farrow, whose report for The New Yorker unearthed decades of sexual abuse allegations against the powerful Hollywood producer, had also revealed the frightening lengths to which Weinstein went to silence his accusers.

The Miramax producer hired Black Cube, run by former Israeli intelligence officers of Mossad, and Kroll, one of the biggest global corporate-intelligence firms, to gather details about the personal lives and sexual histories of dozens of actresses and journalists.

@Bourdain would tweet: "There’s a nauseating symmetry: both Trump and Weinstein used AMI(Enquirer) and Black Cube (Israeli private Intel) to do their dirty work" Source.

Inés Zorreguieta Cerruti

Inés Zorreguieta Cerruti was found dead at her apartment in Buenos Aires, having hanged herself on June 6, 2018. She is the sister of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, born Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti (May 17, 1971), married in 2002 to Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. 

The Queen of the Netherlands' sister “hung herself” from her door knob. One conspiracy source says: "That particular Queen stepped down after allegations of having “hunts” where children were raped and massacred by her dinner guests." (There appears to be no confirmation that Queen Máxima of the Netherlands has "stepped down" nor was involved with the rumored dinner parties.

Kate Spade

Three days before Anthony Bourdain died, Kate Spade, 55, killed herself by hanging, 

Kate Spade (Katherine Noel Brosnahan) died by suicide on June 5, 2018. She used a scarf to kill herself. Her funeral was planned for June 21, 2018. News reports on the 21st noted her father, Earl Francis Brosnahan, 89, died on the eve of Spade's funeral of a "broken heart."

Kate Spade was also linked to Sex and the City. The widely popular show was another marketing tool for her bags: "I think of Kate Spade and Sex and the City together in many ways. This was how to be a woman who was independent, on her own, hopeful about the world, and yet could use fashion to say something. The fact that Kate Spade passed the same week of the 20th anniversary of the first airing of Sex and the City is striking."—The Washington Post
"2000: In a Sex and the City episode, Charlotte jokes that her tampons won’t fit in her Kate Spade purse." - ET

Mark Salling

Mark Wayne Salling (August 17, 1982 – January 30, 2018) was an American actor and musician. He appeared in Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (1996) and The Graveyard (2006), before gaining a recurring role in Glee in 2008.

On December 29, 2015, Salling was arrested at his Los Angeles home on suspicion of possessing several thousand photos and videos depicting child pornography, following a tip-off to police from one of his ex-girlfriends. He was released later on a $20,000 bailout but a search warrant found more than 50,000 images of child pornography, downloaded between April and December 2015 on his computer and USB flash drives.

The guilty plea was formalized on December 18, 2017, with Salling facing four to seven years in jail. Salling's sentencing date was set for March 2018. Salling was found dead from apparent suicide by hanging on January 30, 2018, near his home in the Sunland area of Los Angeles.

August Ames

August Ames (born Mercedes Grabowski; August 23, 1994 – December 5, 2017) was a Canadian American pornographic actress and model who appeared in almost 290 movies and was nominated for several AVN Awards throughout her career.

On December 5, 2017, Ames was found dead, approximately 20 minutes from her home in Camarillo, California, at the age of 23. Her death was ruled a suicide due to asphyxia by hanging by the Ventura County Medical Examiner's Office.

Chester Bennington

Bennington was found dead at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California; his housekeeper discovered his body hanging from a doorknob around 9:00 a.m. PDT on July 20, 2017. Bennington picked the birthday of Chris Cornell to die.

His death was officially ruled as suicide.

On July 21, 2017, Brian Elias, the chief of operations for the office of the medical examiner-coroner, confirmed that a half-empty bottle of alcohol was found at the scene, but no other drugs were present.

Chris Cornell

Born Christopher John Boyle; July 20, 1964 – May 18, 2017, Chris Cornell was found unconscious by his bodyguard, hanging from the doorknob in the bathroom of his hotel room at the MGM Grand in Detroit, after performing at a show with Soundgarden at the Fox Theatre on May 17, 2017.
Cornell hung himself on May 18, 2017, the same date on which Ian Curtis, 23, lead singer of Joy Division (May 18, 1980), died by a hanging suicide in the kitchen of his house. Prior to his suicide, Curtis had watched Werner Herzog's 1977 film Stroszek and listened to Iggy Pop's album The Idiot. (See also, "The Hanging of Ian Curtis: A Legacy of Copycats.")

He was lying on the floor with an exercise band around his neck and blood in his mouth. An MGM medic and EMS personnel were unable to revive Cornell.

Cornell was pronounced dead by a doctor at 1:30 a.m. Police ruled out homicide by reviewing a hotel surveillance video, which showed nobody entering or exiting the suite after his bodyguard left at around 11:35 p.m.

The cause of death was determined to be “suicide by hanging.”

After Chris Cornell’s tragic death, one rumor later emerged that he was working with his best friend, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, to expose an elite pedophile ring.

Chris and his wife set up a charity called the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation which works to help victims of child abuse.

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Hillel Swartz was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist who died January 11, 2013 by suicide by hanging. Aaron Schwartz hung himself on his doorknob after he hacked into MIT Computers and allegedly found a huge stash of child pornography.

In 2011, Swartz was arrested by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) police on state breaking-and-entering charges, after connecting a computer to the MIT network in an unmarked and unlocked closet, and setting it to download academic journal articles systematically from JSTOR using a guest user account issued to him by MIT.
On the evening of January 11, 2013, Swartz was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment by his partner, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman. A spokeswoman for New York's Medical Examiner reported that he had hanged himself. No suicide note was found.

Robin Williams

On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams, 63, died at his home in Paradise Cay, California.

In the initial report released on August 12, 2014, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputy coroner stated Williams had hanged himself after he was found hanging from a doorknob with a necktie.

The final autopsy report, released in November 2014, ruled that Williams had died by suicide by hanging himself from the doorknob.

Neither alcohol nor illegal drugs were involved, while all prescription drugs present in his body were at “therapeutic” levels, the coroner declared.

L'Wren Scott

Kate Spade used the same method to kill herself - from a scarf from a door knob - as had been used by L'Wren Scott, 49, on St. Patrick's Day in 2014.

L'Wren Scott, (former girlfriend of Nat Rothschild) was found dead by her assistant at her apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on March 17, 2014.

[In 1996, one of Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild's (born 12 July 1971) cousins, Amschel, hanged himself at the age of 41. He was found hanged at the Hôtel Le Bristol Paris. Like Anthony Bourdain, in France with the belt from his bathrobe.]

The police reported that no note from Scott was found and there was no sign of foul play.

The New York City Chief Medical Examiner determined Scott’s manner and cause of death to be “suicide by hanging.” She was 49.

Laura "Luann" Bambrough (April 28, 1964 – March 17, 2014), known professionally as L'Wren Scott, was an American stylist and fashion designer.

A photo of dresses hanging from a tree which was posted on L’Wren Scott’s Facebook page hours after her death has been labeled an “eerie” coincidence. The posting was pre-written and pre-scheduled to automatically publish on her account.

Scott used a black satin scarf to kill herself in her ninth-floor duplex on 11th Avenue and West 24th Street, New York City.

L'Wren died on the birthday of fashion guru Alexander McQueen, who hanged himself in 2010.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, a top designer, died by suicide by hanging - with a scarf on his closet doorknob - in 2010, being found in a closet. McQueen’s death was announced on the afternoon of February 11, 2010.

In the morning, his housekeeper found him hanging from a doorknob at his home in Green Street, London W1.

Paramedics were called and they pronounced him dead at the scene.

Three significant fashion designers pick the same method for their suicides.

Lee Alexander McQueen, CBE (March 17, 1969 – February 11, 2010) was a famed British fashion designer and couturier. McQueen died by suicide, at the age of forty, at his home in Mayfair, London. His mother had died on February 2, 2010. McQueen left a note saying, "Look after my dogs, sorry, I love you, Lee."

David Carradine

On June 3, 2009, at the age of 72, Hollywood actor David Carradine was found dead in his room at the Swissôtel Nai Lert Park Hotel on Wireless Road, near Sukhumvit Road, in central Bangkok, Thailand. He was in Bangkok to shoot his latest film, titled Stretch.

A police official said that Carradine was found naked, hanging by a rope tied to the doorknob of the room’s closet, causing immediate speculation that his death was suicide.

Reports around the time of his death suggest that Carradine may have been involved in child sex tourism; a rampant issue in Thailand where he was found.

Deborah Palfrey

Deborah Jeane Palfrey (March 18, 1956 – May 1, 2008) (dubbed the D.C. Madam by the news media) operated Pamela Martin and Associates, an escort agency in Washington, D.C. 

In October 2006, United States Postal Inspection Service agents posed as a couple who were interested in buying Palfrey's home as a means of accessing her property without a warrant. They soon seized papers relating to money laundering and prostitution charges.

In early 2007, Palfrey had reacted to the suicide by hanging of Brandi Britton, one of her former escort service employees, by saying, "I guess I'm made of something that Brandi Britton wasn't made of."

Although she maintained that the company's services were legal, she was convicted on April 15, 2008 of racketeering, using the mail for illegal purposes, and money laundering. Slightly over two weeks later, facing a prison sentence of five or six years, she was found hanged. On May 1, 2008, Palfrey was found hanging in a storage shed outside her mother's mobile home in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Autopsy results and the final police investigative report concluded that her death was a suicide.

Michael Hutchence

Michael Kelland John Hutchence (January 22, 1960 – November 22, 1997) was an Australian musician and actor. He was a founding member, lead singer and lyricist of rock band INXS from 1977 until his death on November 22, 1997.

Michael Hutchence hung himself from his doorknob. Hutchence, aged 37, was found dead in Room 524 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney.

Chris Acland

Christopher John Dyke Acland (September 7, 1966 – October 17, 1996) was an English musician. He was the drummer of the London-based shoegazing and Britpop band Lush.

On October 17, 1996, after Lush had completed their tour and music festival appearances, and two days after Anderson announced a desire to quit the band, Acland hanged himself in his parents' garden in Burneside, Cumbria. His bandmates in Lush were devastated and disbanded after a period of mourning.

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Capital Gazette Shooting: 888 and Updates

The newspaper said there was no way they weren't going to publish a paper the day of the shooting. And they did it.


I posted the following graphic on Twitter early on the morning of June 28, 2018.

From a slide show presented by Stephen Miles Lewis, Anomaly Archives, 2011.

Then, in the afternoon came this breaking news....a rather commonplace occurrence nowadays, unfortunately.

At least five people were killed and three injured in an "active shooting incident" at the Capital Gazette building in Annapolis. One suspect (white, 20s, with a ponytail, drab green teeshirt, and black pants, no ID) is in custody. (More on his identity below.) He reportedly used a shotgun.

Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and state police, along with officers from neighboring jurisdictions are at the scene in the 800 block of Bestgate Road, near the Annapolis Mall. The incident was reported at 888 Bestgate Road.

Four of those wounded suffered critical injuries. Two state police helicopters have been called the scene, and a triage has been set up, SkyTeam 11 Capt. Roy Taylor reports.

Suspicious packages were reported. SWAT officers will conduct a room-by-room search.

The Capital Gazette is owned by The Baltimore Sun. That paper reports police were at their building, as well.

The Capital is a daily newspaper published in Annapolis, Maryland since 1884. Its sister newspaper, The Gazette, is one of the oldest newspapers in America, its origins dating back to the early 18th century. The Capital serves the city of Annapolis, much of Anne Arundel County, and neighboring Kent Island in Queen Anne's County. An evening newspaper for most of its existence, it moved to mornings beginning on March 9, 2015.[1]

The Capital, the Maryland Gazette and their sister publications have been composed and printed for more than 270 years in numerous locations in and near Annapolis.

The company has moved headquarters seven times, including from 3 Church Circle to 213 West St. in 1948, to 2000 Capital Drive in 1987, to Gibralter Road after that, and to 888 Bestgate Road in 2014.

In a new posting, "Opening the Beast Gate," on the Super Torch Ritual, Goro Adachi points to this incident being a "clear 'signal events' – events encoded with patterns that give us various levels of insights into what’s going on in our reality, past, present, and future. And we got something about the near future in this one."

Goro notes it is an "an in-your-face, 'look at me!' sync in the form of  '888' accompanying the event, we have something here practically begging to be decoded."

It’s not just “888”. The whole street address is highly suggestive: “888 Bestgate Road”. The surname “Best” means “beast”, hence we have here… a “Beast Gate”! A darker version of our “Stargate”.
The Biblical overtones increase with the Christian interpretation of the numerical symbolism of “888” – Jesus. From Wikipedia:

In Christian numerology, the number 888 represents Jesus, or sometimes more specifically Christ the Redeemer. This representation may be justified either through gematria, by counting the letter values of the Greek transliteration of Jesus’ name, or as an opposing value to 666, the number of the beast.
Wow. So 888 = Jesus = opposite of the number of Beast. This means…
“888 Beast Gate” = “Jesus Beast Gate” = “888 666 Gate”
Go here for the surrounding context in which Gore Adachi places this.


Looking at 666, it should be pointed out again, that Jared Kurshner owns the high profile building - 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City. 

In December 2006, Tishman Speyer, along with the German investment firm TMW, announced the sale of the building to the Kushner Properties for $1.8 billion (about $2.2 billion real value), at the time the highest price ever paid for an individual building in Manhattan. Kushner Properties' owners are Charles Kushner and his son Jared Kushner. Jared is married to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump.

Jared Corey Kushner (37; above) and Jarrod Warren Ramos (38; below).

The alleged gunman was identified as Jarrod Warren Ramos.

Goro further adds here, "the name of the Capital Gazette shooter has been identified as 'Jarrod Ramos'. 'Jarrod' means 'rose,' and 'Ramos' means 'branches'. Together meaning 'Rose Branches.'"

Couple other name game points: Jarrod Ramos' middle name is Warren. The American, Germanic and Teutonic meanings of Warren are basically the same, "protector," "loyal," with the English variant, "gamekeeper defender (protector)."

Traditionally, in the USA, the name covertly links back to,
Dr. Joseph Warren (June 11, 1741 – June 17, 1775) was an American physician who played a leading role in American Patriot organizations in Boston in the early days of the American Revolution, eventually serving as President of the revolutionary Massachusetts Provincial Congress. Warren enlisted Paul Revere and William Dawes on April 18, 1775, to leave Boston and spread the alarm that the British garrison in Boston was setting out to raid the town of Concord and arrest rebel leaders John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Warren participated in the next day's Battles of Lexington and Concord, which are commonly considered to be the opening engagements of the American Revolutionary War.
Warren had been commissioned a Major General in the colony's militia shortly before the June 17, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill. Rather than exercising his rank, Warren served in the battle as a private soldier, and was killed in combat when British troops stormed the redoubt atop Breed's Hill. His death, immortalized in John Trumbull's painting, The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17, 1775, galvanized the rebel forces. He has been memorialized in the naming of many towns, counties and other locations in the United States, by statues, and in numerous other ways (emphasis added). Source.

Jarrod Warren Ramos, the alleged shooter in Annapolis, used the Berserk Brand of Sacrifice (生贄の焼印, Ikenie no Yakīn?) to mark those he was out to involve in a sacrificial ceremony via his Twitter account.

Rob Hiaasen, a managing editor and columnist at The Capital newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, was one of the five victims killed in the mass shooting at the newspaper's office on June 28, 2018. Rob Hiaasen wrote one book in 2006, Over My Dead Body.  Rob is the brother of Carl Hiaasen (born March 12, 1953), an American writer. A long-time columnist for the Miami Herald, Carl Hiaasen has also written more than 20 novels which can generally be classified as humorous crime fiction and often feature themes of environmentalism and political corruption in his native Florida.

The other four killed were:
Gerald Fischman, a columnist and the editorial page editor of The Capital,
Rebecca Smith, sales assistant,
John McNamara, editor and sports reporter, and
Wendi Winters, community beat reporter.


June 28, 1914 – Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo; this is the casus belli of World War I.

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Mutology Data and Deaths: Tom Adams and Gary Massey

Tom Adams (foreground) and Gary Massey (in the background) in the vehicle they called "Thing," which hit many roads on the way to investigate cattle mutilations. This was NOT the Volkswagen Type 181 "Thing," which was a two-wheel drive, four-door, convertible, manufactured and marketed by Volkswagen from 1968 to 1983.

Instead, according to Christopher O'Brien, this was the personal nickname that Gary Massey and Tom Adams gave to Massey's 1970s' Dodge van that was retrofitted to have four-wheel drive (as pictured below).

Cattle mutilations began in earnest in Illinois, Kansas, and Texas, in the early 1970s. A few of us began filing news clippings and exchanging reports with each other. I corresponded with a few people about the incidents. Jerry Clark, Mark Hall, and Lou Farish were three of my correspondents regarding the topic. 

Another passionate collector of incidents was Tom Adams, of Paris, Texas, who kept track of the cattle mutilations, as well as the (often black) helicopter sightings, via letters and in his publication called Stigmata. He was an especially well-informed researcher and loyal correspondent whose speciality was this one topic.

Traveling west from Texas in 1970, Tom Adams and Gary Massey drove to Colorado to research the 1967 "Snippy the Horse" mutilation case. Adams dove deeper into cattle mutilation cases after that. In 1978, he began publishing his newsletter Stigmata.

Tom also wrote The Choppers and the Choppers: Mystery Helicopters and Animal Mutilations (privately published by Tom Adams).

Out of this grew "mutology," the study of animal mutilations (most specifically cattle mutes, as they were called).

But what became of Tom Adams? And his friend and associate, Gary Massey?

Christopher O'Brien and Loren Coleman, June 27, 2018.

Christopher O'Brien, on the road in weird and mysterious America...

On June 27, 2018, a successful author and long-time cattle mutilation researcher visited me in Portland, Maine. He shared some partial answers to the mysteries of Adams and Massey.

Christopher O'Brien pointed me to some information he had posted in 2015: 
Thomas R. Adams (1945-2014) helped this fledgling investigator/researcher immeasurably from early 1993 through 1999. He sent me hundreds—possibly of thousands of pages of documents to help get me up-to-speed about the cattle mutilation phenomenon (and other peripheral subjects) in the mid-1990s and spent hundreds of hours with me on the phone.
I last saw him in 1999 —just before he dropped completely out of the field w/ no explanation. Weirdness has ensued ever since and myself and most of his other researcher friends have never spoken with him again. The prevailing theory is that he burnt out and probably became a hard-core Christian, but that's not for certain. What is for certain, is that in 1999, one of the most important figures in the "cattle mutilation" community disappeared off the radar screen for over 15 years. Now word comes (9 months late) that he died, alone in his Paris, TX house...He died on August 20, 2014 after not showing up for work for a couple of days. ~ Christopher O'Brien. Source.
Thomas R. Adams May 6, 1945 Paris, Lamar County, Texas, USA - August 20, 2014 Paris, Lamar County, Texas, USA. Cremated, Location of ashes is unknown
The Paris [Texas] News, Sunday, August 24, 2014, Page A7 - Thomas Richard Adams, 69 of Paris, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014, at his home. Cremation was under the care and direction of Bright-Holland Funeral Home.
Thomas, the son of Jack T. and Hazel Evelyn Hutchison Adams, was born May 6, 1945, in Paris. He graduated from Paris High School and attended East Texas State University. His career at Flex-O-Lite spanned many years, and following that he worked several years at the Dollar Store.
He was preceded in death by his father on July 27, 1976, and his mother on Aug. 21, 2004. He was also preceded in death by his grandparents, James Thomas Adams, Ida Hugh Cochran Adams, Judge W. A. Hutchison and Edna Denison Hutchison.
Survivors include several cousins including a first cousin, Patsy Daniels and husband Clyde. Source.

David Perkins

Also to be consulted is "The Late Great Tom Adams: Thoughts on the Passing of Thomas R. Adams (1945-2014)" by David Perkins, Easter 2015.

Tom Adams in 1996.

"Itʼs unclear whether at the time of his death, Tom even knew of Gary Masseyʼs apparent suicide in 2010." ~ David Perkins.

Christopher O'Brien reports that Massey set his house on fire, shot his dog, and then shot himself dead.

Gary Massey was born March 5, 1948, Virginia, and died September 7, 2010, at Sulphur Springs, Hopkins County, Texas. He is buried at Restlawn Memorial Park, Sulphur Springs, Texas.
Gary Mac Massey, 62, of Sulphur Springs passed away Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2010, at his residence. A private family burial will take place at a later date.
He was born March 5, 1948, in Virginia, the son of J.L. and Robbie Kathlyne Melton Massey.
Survivors include his mother, Robbie Kathlyne [Melton] Massey of Sulphur Springs; one brother and sister-in-law, Brad and Holly Massey of Sulphur Springs; and two nieces, Cara Thompson and Meredith Massey of Sulphur Springs.
He was preceded in death by his father (J. L. Massey, 73, August 21, 1920 - February 2, 1994, Sulphur Springs, Texas). Source.

Thanks to Chris for reminding me to dig deeper for the exact bio details on Adams and Massey, for the record. 
Christopher O'Brien is the author of
Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery (2014)

More historical context

Two books, both appearing in 1976, pictured below, did much to break the silence about the cattle mutilations happening in the West.

The legacy of these early years continues with highway signs in New Mexico and continued reports from the Southwest to Colorado (2009) and Canada (2006).

h/t to Martin Willis for hosting C.O.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2018: Georgia, Oregon and New York Self-Immolations

Self-immolations have been a form of political protest in modern times since a number of Buddhist monks (including the most famous case of Thích Quảng Đức) immolated themselves by fire in protest of the persecution of Buddhists under the administration of Roman Catholic President Ngô Đình Diệm in South Vietnam. The immolations spread through Asia and to America from 1963 to 1971.

In the third known high-profile fire suicide attempt of 2018, a man is fighting for his life at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital with burns to 85 to 90 percent of his body.

Georgia Veteran

A veteran who was fed up with treatment by the Department of Veterans Affairs set himself on fire in protest outside of the Georgia State Capitol building (seen above) in downtown Atlanta on June 26, 2018.

The 58-year-old from Mableton, Georgia, who has not yet been identified, parked his car alongside the Capitol before walking toward the building, where he commenced self-immolation, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“He was strapped with some homemade incendiary devices (and) firecrackers, and doused himself with some kind of flammable liquid,” Georgia State Patrol Captain Mark Perry told the Atlanta newspaper.

The Georgia immolation appears to follow the same pattern of the immolation of Charles Ingram, a 51-year-old Gulf War veteran, who grew increasing frustrated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. In March 2016, shortly before his VA appointment, Ingram went to the clinic in Northfield, N.J., doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire. The clinic was closed at the time. He died.

Chloe Sagal

Exactly a week before, on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, a person lit themselves on fire in Lownsdale Square (see above), the park located across from the Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland, Oregon.

The person entered the park, on crutches, and barely able to walk, wearing a red scarf around the neck. Then the individual sat down and began reading a statement about homelessness and mental health issues. The person died at the hospital.

The local media reported some confusion about the gender of the person. It turns out it was video developer Chloe Sagal, 31, who identified herself as trans.

Variety wrote:
Sagal was best known for her horror game “Homesick,” which follows the story of a woman searching for her friends inside the house where her family was murdered. She also made headlines in 2013 when she ran an Indiegogo campaign that was ostensibly for metal poisoning treatment. But, according to Eurogamer, the money was instead used for gender alteration surgery.
David Buckel

Another self-immolation of 2018 occurred on Saturday, April 14, 2018, when David Buckel, 60, a prominent green activist and lawyer for LGBT rights, died after setting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park protesting ecological destruction and global warming. The famed 60 year old attorney left behind a suicide note in which Buckel told of his intention of burning himself to death with "fossil fuel" in a bid to show how mankind was likewise killing itself. Buckel also worked as an urban gardener and ecologist with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, helping run what he called the largest composting program in the country to use only renewable sources of energy.

The New York Daily News headlined the story.

Other related immolation articles:

D. C. Self-Immolation 2013: 1, 2, 3

h/t to Media Monarchy for GA news.

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John A. Keel's Brother Has Died

John Alva Keel, 79, known for his UFO research and books, including The Mothman Prophecies, lived most of his life in New York City. He died July 3, 2009, at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, after some months in a nursing home near his Upper West Side apartment.

Alva John Kiehle (later to be known as John Keel) was born on March 25, 1930, in Hornell, New York, the son of a small-time bandleader. His parents separated and he was raised by his grandparents. Various half- and full-siblings survived him in upstate New York State and then throughout the country.

One was Raymond Kiley. He has passed away. Below is his obituary. 

Raymond L. Kiley {January 15, 1941 - June 4, 2018}
PERRY {New York} — Raymond L. Kiley, 77 of Perry, passed away on Monday, June 4, 2018. He was born in Warsaw, to the late Chester (Irene Gibbs) Kiley. He is preceded in death by his brother, John Keel.
Ray enjoyed collecting sap, making maple syrup, fishing and cutting wood. He attended services at the First Congregational Church in Perry Center. Ray was a man that loved to work and was still working for Donald G. Butler Construction in Perry.
He is survived by his children, Joyce Wilson of Las Vegas, Nev., Christine (Ken) Gilbert of Pavilion, Denise (Patrick) McIntyre of Perry, Daniel (Wendy) Kiley of Perry; sisters, Mary White and Cheryl Keaton, both of Florida; seven grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; along with many nieces and nephews.
{Raymond L. Kiley was} laid to rest in Glenwood Cemetery in Perry {New York}. Source.

Raymond Kiley enjoyed Halloween. 

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