Monday, April 30, 2012

Occupy Beltane

by Loren Coleman

May Day is a traditional day for pagan, political, and power events of all kinds. The ancient Celtic fertility holiday celebrates the rites of Spring with much frolicking and fun. May 1st is also traditionally recognized as International Workers’ Day.

In 2012, expect something a little more than usual. Do not be surprised by what you discover occurring on this first Tuesday in May this year. Get ready for Occupy Beltane.

Bloomberg News states"Calls for a general strike with no work, no school, no banking and no shopping have sprung up on websites in Toronto, Barcelona, London, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, among hundreds of cities in North America, Europe and Asia."

The conservative CNS News reported on April 19th: "As part of Occupy Wall Street’s call for a nationwide 'general strike' May 1, elements within the group are looking to shut down bridges and tunnels in both New York and San Francisco. Occupy Oakland, the most radical of all the local Occupy groups, passed a resolution April 15 that vows to shut down all travel from Marin to San Francisco."

What I shall call "Occupy Beltane" events are planned in 115 cities throughout the U.S., from college towns such as Amherst, Massachusetts, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

Pay attention to what landmarks get the media spotlights: the Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Holland Tunnel, and other symbolic (phallic) sites. Or as Adam Parfrey points out to me, the "new World Trade Center will be erected."

Keith Haring's 1978 Drawing Of The Twin Towers

At this time, it is unclear how involved (if at all) the movement Anonymous will be in the May 1st events.

Anonymous at Scientology in Los Angeles

Beltane or Beltaine (/ˈbɛlteɪn/) is the anglicised spelling of Old Irish Bel(l)taine or Beltine (modern Irish Bealtaine [ˈbʲal̪ˠt̪ˠənʲə], Scottish Gaelic Bealltainn [ˈbʲal̪ˠt̪ˠənʲ]), the Gaelic name for either the month of May or the festival that takes place on the first day of May.

The date is known by several names, including Kala-Hanv (Breton), Cala Me (Cornish), Giamonia (Gaulish), Belltaine, Boaldyn (Manx), Cétshamain (Modern Irish), Bealtuinn (Scottish-Gaelic), Cyntefin, Dydd Calan Mai, Calan Mai (Welsh).

Beltane is the time of the May Pole, the ultimate phallic symbol, celebrating the fertility of both the earth and of mankind. It is a time of sexual liberation, of love and growth. It is the youth of the year, and like any youth, it is fertile and sex is on the brain. This year, it will be a time for more. Although the planners are not talking about it, the significant of "fire" behind the day may not be denied.

Whether the name of the day is translated as "shining fire" or "Beli's fire" is uncertain; the Welsh name for the day is unhelpful--Calan Mai, which simply means "First of May."

The Beltane fires were lit on the hill of Uisnech; according to the text The Fitness of Names, the practice was begun during the age of the Nemedians, by the druid Mide; it, like the Samhain fire, became the source for all the fires of the season. It is said that the druids would drive cattle through two bonfires on this day in order to prevent disease.

Watch the name games too. 

Being a "Coleman," "Coalman," "Coal man," one of the perceivers, the ones that began the beacon fires at the Beltane hilltops on the Old Track, the leylines, I've done a good deal of research on the name "Cole." 

It can be a first name employed as a nickname for Nicholas (one of the power names identified by Jim Brandon). More commonly Cole is the common surname, derived from the Old English "cola," meaning "coal" - that coal in those Beltane fires on the high points of the leylines.

I'll be watching the "fires" (whatever that might mean) during this Occupy Beltane moment.

Anniversary Footnote:  United States President Barack Obama took to a White House podium a year ago on May 1st, to tell the world that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed. Osama bin Laden was killed in Bilal Town, Abbottabad, Pakistan, on Monday, May 2, 2011, shortly after 1:00 am local Pakistani time by DEVGRU/SEAL Team 6, a United States special operations military unit. Threats of terrorist incidents from a weakened al Qaeda have been mentioned for May 1st, American time. Few officials publicly feel such attacks will be carried out.

Sources: News articles (see above), Jones Celtic Encyclopedia, Dedroidify, Drudge Report, and WikipediaThe medieval tract is also called Cóir Anmann ("The Fitness of Names").

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mormon Conspiracy?

The Mormon Conspiracy
A View From The Outside by Loren Coleman

Following is a posting that I first wrote for February 5, 2008, and posted on It stirred up discussion of a topic some would like to keep quiet. But it won't go away. Please note, I am reporting, not stating any stance, one way or another. I am highlighting an issue that is out there, being talked about in back room conversations and campfire exchanges. With this summer of 2012 bringing forth Mitt Romney as a national presidential candidate, Mormonism may or may not be a topic in politics. But it is already one within the politics of Bigfoot hunting. We should not be afraid to tackle it here again.



Look, no one wants to talk about it straightforwardedly, so let me bring this to the fore.

In the journal published as a book, Intermediate States: The Anomalist 13, I deal with a touchy subject in my article "Between Worlds: The Three Nephites."

I began the essay this way:

During the 2008 presidential campaign season there was much talk of Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because of the candidacy of Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. But few of those interested in his candidacy realized that one tenet of the Mormon faith includes the belief in a race of beings who live in a world between the known and unknown.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints accept as true that the Nephites – initially righteous people, who eventually fell into wickedness – once existed and may still walk among us, saving lives and doing good deeds, and looking for redemption. ~ for more, see Intermediate States


In terms of cryptozoology, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) have figured into some of the backstories and rumors linked to Bigfoot for a long time.  Let's sort through some of these links.

A few would have you believe there is a Bigfoot Mormon Mafia.  What dots are being connected?

The late Grover Krantz grew up in a devout Mormon family, and his parents were actually living in a heavily Mormon location (Rockford, Illinois) when he was born.  Krantz later rejected his Mormon roots, to further his scientific thinking.

Jeff Meldrum is [or was] a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and reportedly writes books, according to his critics, "defending the historical veracity of the Book of Mormon, in essence saying he thinks American Indians are decendents of Jews who emigrated here thousands of years ago."

Are Mormons behind all cryptofilm productions? What details are being connected here?

Doug Hajicek, the executive producer of "Monster Quest" was raised a Mormon, although his current status as a LDS member is unclear.  He is not, however, a member of the subgroup headed by an estranged relative. Perhaps someone has their Hajiceks confused?

Haijeck's half-brother is Elder John J. Hajicek, one of the leaders, along with James Strang, of the Sabbath-keeping Mormons. This branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has accepted the reality, apparently, which says Cain and Bigfoot are one in the same. A cryptofiction version of these thoughts can be found in Clan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot by Shane Lester. But John Hajicek has nothing to do with "Monster Quest."

Sunn Classics Pictures, a Mormon-owned documentary production company, did produce films in the 1970s, on Bigfoot, Noah's Ark, and other mysteries outside the mainstream.  Of course, they made one on Lincoln's assassination too, and the company happened to be located in Utah, where Mormon ownership might be expected.

John Green, writing on July 25, 2004, to the editor of The Skeptical Inquirer, addressed some of the rumors floating among skeptics that the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage was created by the film company American National Enterprises of Salt Lake City, and they produced a hoax. It is intriguing that it has come to a point that Green would even have to say this.  He wrote that it has been...:

...claimed at times that the making of the [Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot] movie was somehow a Mormon conspiracy. Ron Olson, son of one of the three owners of American National, says that none of them were Mormons, and that their only association with Patterson was that they paid him for using his footage in their movie.

I suppose if people look hard enough they can find conspiracies whereever they want to find them.

But perhaps the truth here is a little more innocent and subtle. It has often been acknowledged that to be a Mormon one must allow for a more open-minded approach to life, which happens to include cryptozoology and other anomalist topics. Maybe it is nothing more than that at work, at least in a few cases. Or maybe it is nothing at all.

In terms of full disclosure, it must be stated that some of us who aren't LDS are open-minded too.  After all, I grew up with more than a dash of Aimee Semple McPherson in me, at least until zoology, anthropology and cryptozoology took over my life in 1960.

Perhaps it is merely a coincidence, but I noted after I wrote the above, over at 10 Zen Monkeys, a new blog essay appeared about "The Morman Bigfoot Genesis Theory."

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Idaho Phantom Clown Incident

Idaho is the latest location of a "Phantom Clown" sighting.  

The incident occurred on Monday, April 23, 2012, on seemingly appropriately named streets:

Idaho Falls police said they received a report of three suspicious males, one wearing a clown mask, driving in a red SUV, offering candy to two 8-year-old boys.
The boys were approached on Moonlite Drive and Morningstar Lane.
The boys did not respond to the trio, but went home immediately and reported Monday's incident to a parent.
Giovi Castillo, also 8, said one of the boys is his best friend. After he heard about the incident, Giovi has been having trouble sleeping.
"I was afraid that he might maybe, maybe steal someone around the neighborhood or something," said Giovi. "I don't know. I'm kind of just a little scared, maybe. ... I'm not going down Moonlite anymore because it's a little busier street than these ones over here."
But for Giovi, the fear remains. His father, Vani, said it makes him nervous, too.
Paul Murray of the IFPD said that when the sun comes out and stays out, kids are out more often, and caught in "stranger danger."
"It's important that they know when they're out in the neighborhoods that they're aware of who exactly their parents would allow them to take rides from," said Murray.
Police know little about the SUV and its occupants. If you have any information, call Public Safety at (208) 529-1200.
Officers said the boys acted appropriately, and Giovi said he knows what to do if he finds himself in that situation.
"Not to talk to them and not to take rides from them," he said. "I would have done the same thing as my friends, just run."

The rest of the source article has a list of things to do if you encounter a clown kidnapper.

For more on "Phantom Clowns," see Mysterious America (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2006). For more on symbolic criminal behavior, see The Copycat Effect (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2004). See this blog for other evil clown activity, including listings, such as this one for 2011.

Thanks for the newstip from Robert Schneck. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pascagoula's Critter

Recently, I discovered that in 2007, the late Mac Tonnies, author of The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and Aliens Among Us, (NY: Anomalist Books, 2010) wrote this: "A friend who's been sight-seeing in New York recently happened across a most unusual figurine in a toy store. After dropping me an excited message on my answering machine, he emailed me this photo:"

The carrot-colored apparition is none other than the "wrinkled robot" described by Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, who claimed to have been abducted by apparent alien creatures in Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1973. Needless to say, you don't see too many of these on toy shelves.... 
At the time, I was wondering, had anyone seen this unique collectible artifact of our popular Fortean culture, as expressed in this "wrinkled robot" item. I found one, and it is now a member of the International Cryptozoology Museum, not because it is a cryptid, but because it is not. It is in the developing "Fortean corner." 
Readers Allegretto Kassidy and Chris Savia had informed me this is art ("Project After Dark") by Michael Lau.  
The person who had seen this was Mike Clelland, and this photo above, is via Mac Tonnies, originally from Mike Clelland.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

101 Sniper & La Brea Tar Pits

Forty-seven years ago today, on April 25, 1965, teenage sniper Michael Andrew Clark (above) killed three and wounded six others shooting from a hilltop along Highway 101 just south of Santa Maria, California.

Late on the night of April 24, 1965 Michael Andrew Clark, a seemingly normal 16-year old boy living in Long Beach, California had left home in his parents' car, without their permission. In the back of the car, he had a Swedish Mauser military rifle equipped with telescopic sight and a pistol he had removed from his father's locked gun safe along with a large quantity of ammunition. Early the next Sunday morning, he climbed to the top of a hill overlooking a stretch of US Highway 101, just south of Orcutt, California.

(Orcutt is named for William Warren Orcutt, the manager of the Geological, Land and Engineering Departments of the Union Oil Company. Known as the “Dean of Petroleum Geologists" Orcutt is credited with discovering fossilized prehistoric animal bones preserved in pools of asphalt on the Hancock Ranch. Orcutt's home, Rancho Sombra del Roble, Spanish for "Ranch of the Shaded Oak", was originally a 210-acre cattle ranch and citrus orchard at the foot of the Simi HillsVisitors are surprised to find that the design of the home prominently incorporates bas-relief Swastika architectural decoration. Mary Orcutt, William's wife, chose the symbol due to its connection with Native American traditions, and did so before the Nazis turned it into a symbol of anti-semitism and genocide. Orcutt's prehistoric bone finds would be the first of many fossils excavated from the La Brea Tar Pits. In commemoration of Orcutt’s initial discovery, paleontologists named the La Brea coyote in W.W. Orcutt’s honor, Canis orcutti.)

The violence left in evidence in the area's tar pits would be revisited on the landscape of modern times.

Early on the Sunday morning of April 25, 1965, cars traveling along Highway 101 just south of Orcutt, California were hit by gunfire from a nearby hilltop. These were the first shots fired by teenage sniper Michael Andrew Clark, who would kill three that day.

Two were killed and six more wounded as the shooting continued for hours before Santa Barbara County sheriff deputies rushed the hill and Clark died by suicide as they closed in. A five year old boy wounded in the head died a day later of his wound bringing the total to three dead for the rampage.

Reportedly the two men killed at the scene of the shooting were attempting to assist others who were trapped in a vehicle which had been hit by the gunfire.

A lawsuit was eventually brought to the courts by victims William, Lucille, and Kim Reida, complaining that parents Forest and Joyce Clark were negligent in two counts: “failure of the Clarks to train, control, and supervise son Michael” and also, “failure of Forest Clark to keep the rifle out of Michael’s hands. The case was decided in favor of the Clarks and generally upheld on appeal, although the appeals court found negligence on the part of father Forest Clark for not adequately securing the weapons.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Russia's Copycats

Pavel Astakhov, the Russian Children Rights Commissioner, said the government must immediately act to prevent and contain the alarming rash of teenage suicides in the country.

Could, perchance, the awareness that I was hoping for in 1987 with Suicide Clusters and in 2004 with The Copycat Effect is finally sinking into the editorial rooms of the global media? 

There have been at least seven cases of teenagers killing themselves by jumping from buildings in Moscow and its environs in the last six weeks alone.

At least in...
Russia has been hit with a wave of copycat teenage suicides so pronounced that President Dmitri A. Medvedev felt compelled on Thursday to warn news media outlets against making too much of the deaths, for fear of attracting more imitators.
“It is indeed very alarming and serious, but it does not mean that it is a snowball that will become bigger and bigger every year,” Mr. Medvedev said. “This must be treated extremely gently.”
The spike in teenage suicides began in February, when two 14-year-old girls jumped hand in hand from the 16th-floor roof of an apartment building in suburban Moscow. Afterward, a series of apartment jumps attracted national attention.
Over 24 hours starting on April 9, there were at least six deaths. A girl, 16, jumped from an unfinished hospital in Siberia, while five others hanged themselves: a boy, 15, who died in the city of Perm two days after his mother found him hanging; another 15-year-old, who killed himself on his birthday, in Nizhny Novgorod, a city on the Volga River; teenagers in the northern city of Lomonosov and in Samara; and a 16-year-old murder suspect who used his prison bedsheet to kill himself in Krasnoyarsk.
There have been at least 10 more cases in the past week, including a boy, 11, found hanging under the roof of his house in Krasnodar.
The rest of the New York Times article, "In Russia, Spate of Teenage Suicides Causes Alarm," can be read here.

A version of the above noted article appeared in print on April 20, 2012, on page A4 of the New York edition with the headline: "A Spate of Teenage Suicides Alarms Russians."

One question for the New York Times: Where are the telephone numbers and weblinks for local or national suicide prevention hotlines at the end of your copycat suicides article (as per the US federal guidelines)?

It is as easy as this, 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-TALK or Chat

Thursday, April 19, 2012

OKC's All Seeing Eye

The Oklahoma City National Memorial is usually photographed from a distance.

But what happens when you look closer? As noted in Ritual America, there is another landscape out there that remains hidden from most of us.

Today, at the April 19, 2012 services, Red Dirt Reporter Andrew W. Griffin took some time and looked more deeply. He shares his photograph, below, of what he found on the OKC Memorial:

Photo credit: Andrew W. Griffin.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

419 - OKBomb

April 19th is the anniversary of the deaths occurring at the end of the Waco events and the Oklahoma City bombing. It is an older anniversary of the Revolutionary War, of militia deaths, and other violent incidents. Columbine happened on April 20, 1999. But let's concentrate on April 19th for 1993 and 1995.

The Waco siege began on February 28, 1993, when the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) attempted to execute a search warrant at the Branch Davidian ranch at Mount Carmel, a property located nine miles east-northeast of Waco, Texas. An exchange of gunfire resulted in the deaths of four agents and six followers of David Koresh. A subsequent 51-day siege by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ended on April 19th when fire destroyed the compound. Seventy-six people (24 of them British nationals) died in the fire, including more than 20 children, two pregnant women, and Koresh himself.

The Oklahoma City bombing was the bomb attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, when American militia movement sympathizer Timothy McVeigh allegedly detonated a truck filled with explosives parked in front of the building. McVeigh's co-conspirator, Terry Nichols, had assisted in the bomb preparation. Their motive allegedly was to avenge the government's handling of the Waco siege and Ruby Ridge incidents. (Intriguingly, Rebirth of Pan author Jim Brandon has pointed out to me that "Nichols" and its variations are on his "names of power" list to watch.)

Andrew W. Griffin writes in "Noble lies and hard truths: 17 years after the OKC bombing" at the Red Dirt Report:
Seventeen years later. What have we learned? Why is the same old tired cover story being repeated? Don't those who died or were injured deserve the truth?
Convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh is dead. Co-conspirator Terry Nichols is in federal prison. And Michael Fortier is in the witness protection program. But there were others, as we have noted. But try getting the FBI to release all those videotapes that they snatched from the video cameras that had a view of the Murrah building when McVeigh allegedly pulled up in front of the structure that spring morning.
Griffin correctly asks, why haven't more Americans seen A Noble Lie?

While waiting to watch the entire film, I ponder, is it dangerous for investigative reporters who ask too many questions about the OKBomb?

Take my friend, author Jim Keith, who died under mysterious circumstances after he fell from a stage at Burning Man, Black Rocks Desert, Nevada, in 1999. He broke his knee.

Casually, on September 7, Jim entered the Washoe Medical hospital for knee surgery and died in the Intensive Care Unit shortly after surgery. Reportedly, when the operation was completed a blood clot was released and entered his lung. For some reason the coroner's report listed cause of death as "blunt force trauma." Humm?

Cryptically, Jim (who lived in Reno) stated, prior to his death, "I have this feeling that if they put me under I'm not coming back."

The publisher-friend of several of Jim Keith's books, Ron Bonds of IllumiNet Press, died under strange circumstances, at 48, on April 8, 2001. He was rushed to the hospital for food poisoning, apparently contracted at the Mexican restaurant, El Azteca, Ponce de Leon, Atlanta.  (Before becoming a publisher, Bonds had been a rock promoter and producer. Intriguingly, April 8th is also associated with the date that Kurt Cobain, grunge rock star, was found dead from suicide in Seattle.) 

Along eastbound I-80 at Sparks, Nevada, near the railroad tracks, the partially clad body of Sherry Marie Yearsley, 47, was found on June 21, 2002. Passengers on a passing Amtrak train spotted the body and notified authorities. Police said Yearsley was a murder victim and her body had been dumped the previous day, June 20, 2002.  At the time of her death, Yearsley was living with her mother in Reno. County records indicated Yearsley was issued a license in 1996 to marry Alfred Alsvary, who was incarcerated at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center in May 2002, on a 1- to 4-year sentence on drug charges. It was unclear if the two ever had married.

Yearsley and author Jim Keith were partners for several years in the 1980s, and parented two daughters, Verity and Aerica. They separated around 1990, and engaged in a custody battle over their girls. Yearsley lost the custody case when Judge Mills Lane (later to become famous due to his court television show), discovered Yearsley had been lying to him. The children then were raised with their aunt Kathy, Jim’s sister, in Oregon.     

Jim Keith's conspiracy research friend Jerry Smith died March 8, 2010.

Of course, a lot of us are still alive, people like Kenn Thomas, Andrew Griffin, and others who are asking the hard questions.

But the more I think about it, the more I see we all have been touched by how close the darkside comes.

I've written here lately about attending some of the early JFK-ASK conferences in Dallas. I recall a strange happening at the end of the "mystery deaths" panel I was on, where I was talking about "suicides" that were not suicides. 

The panel had finished, and before I knew it, a young "reporter" had rushed on stage and was rapid-firing questions at me about Danny Casolaro. Casolaro had been declared a "suicide" after he'd been found in a bathtub on August 10, 1991. His death by suicide was dubious. How did this "reporter" know that I had been asking around about Casolaro's "suicide" right before I came to this conference? The "reporter" mumbled something about that he was from The Voice Voice or Vanity Fair or knew they were going to be doing articles on this event. I never was able to determine if any quotes from me actually ever appeared in any of the Casolaro material. I still to this day wonder if this "reporter" was really someone like James Ridgeway, Doug Vaughan, Ron Rosenbaum, or just your run-of-the-mill unidentified black ops agent. 

Those were the days.

These are the days.

Dick Clark: His Name Game

Dick Clark died on April 18, 2012. Sorry to see him go. Speaks volumes to generational change to hear about his dying today, at 82.

But I am left wondering if Dick Clark's parents [Julia Fuller (née Barnard) Clark and Richard Augustus Clark] had a sense of humor when they named poor Richard, or were they just doing things unconsciously?

American Bandstand's Clark was born on November 30, 1929, in Mount Vernon, New York, with the given name Richard Wagstaff Clark.

Richard became Dick. The moniker means "penis," oftentimes, of course, in our culture.

As to Wagstaff, the meaning and origins of that name are rather interesting:

English (chiefly Midlands and Yorkshire): occupational nickname for an official who carried a staff of office, from Middle English wag(gen) "to brandish or shake" + staff "staff," "rod."

English (chiefly Midlands and Yorkshire): obscene nickname for a medieval "flasher," one who brandished his "staff" publicly.

Source: Family Education.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top Twenty Twilight Language Theorists

Top Twenty Twilight Language Theorists

The Living

Who are the top theorists presently doing "twilight language" research? Here is my list. They are given alphabetically by their first names, so as not to show any preference or ranking.

(1) Adam Gorightly, author of 2003's The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture, and 2008's James Shelby Downard's Mystical War.

(2) Adam Parfrey, publisher at Amok Press & Feral House; editor/author of numerous works, including 1988's The Manson File, 1990's Apocalypse Culture1995's Cult Rapture, 2000's Apocalypse Culture II; and coauthor of 2012's Ritual America.

(3) Andrew W. Griffin, creator of Red Dirt Report.

(4) Christopher Knowles, creator of The Secret Sun.

(5) Craig Heimbichner, author of 2005's Blood on the Altar, coauthor of 2012's Ritual America.

(6) Greg Bishop, author of 2000's Wake Up Down There! Excluded Middle Anthology, 2005's Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth, and other works.

(7) Henrik Palmgren, creator of Red Ice Radio. 

(9) Kenn Thomas, publisher of Steamshovel Press; coauthor of 1996's The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro and 1999's Inside the Gemstone File; author of 1996's NASA, Nazis & JFK, 1997's Mind Control, Oswald & JFK, 1999's Maury Island UFO: The Crisman Conspiracy, and many other books.

(10) Loren Coleman, author of 1987's Suicide Clusters and 2004's The Copycat Effect, and the creator of this Twilight Language blog. (To exclude myself seemed beyond modesty.)

(11) Michael Anthony Hoffman II, author of 2001's Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare; and editor of various works by James Shelby Downard.

(12) Robert Schneck, author of 2005's The President's Vampire.

(13) SMiles Lewis, creator of Anomaly Archives and Anomaly Television.

(14) Theo Paijmans, author of 2004's Free Energy Pioneer and 2008's The VRIL Society.

(15) Tim Binnall, creator of Binnall of America.

(16) Todd Campbell, creator of Through the Looking Glass.

The Departed

Some significant theorists have passed away, so with a historical ranking by death date, here they are:

(17) James Shelby Downard (March 13, 1913 – March 16, 1998), author of 2006's The Carnivals of Life and Death, and essays, including King-Kill/33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy” and “Sorcery, Sex, Assassination."

(18) Jim Keith (September 21, 1949 – September 7, 1999), author of 1992's Gemstone File, 1993's Secret and Suppressed, 1994's Black Helicopters over America, 1995's Saucers of the Illuminati, 1996's The Octopus, 1996's Okbomb! Conspiracy and Coverup, and other works.

(19) Robert Anton Wilson (January 18, 1932 – January 11, 2007), coauthor of 1975's The Illuminatus! Trilogy; author of 1973's The Sex Magicians, 1979-1981's Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy, 1977-1995's Cosmic Trigger Trilogy, and other works.


(20) John A. Keel (March 25, 1930 – July 3, 2009), author of 1957's Jadoo, 1970's UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, 1971's Our Haunted Planet, 1975's The Mothman Prophecies, 1975's The Eighth Tower, and other works.

Special note: Some theorists and researchers shall remain unnamed and invisible from this list due to the low profile they wish to keep.  My sincere thanks to them and all those above who have freely exchanged intellectual ideas and data in this field.