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Name Game Event for June 24, 2018?

On June 19, 2018, Whitley Strieber pre-recorded a forthcoming episode with me, Loren Coleman, for his Dreamland podcast.

We talked, in general, about the topic of strange creatures, the museum, and the upcoming conference, but then Whitley took a radical turn. He asked about my study of names and dates. As I said to him, at the time, "I know where you are going."

Out-of-the-blue, Whitley picked one name and one date to discuss.

The name: Reeves.

As I told Whitley, Reeves is one of those names that appear to have a magnetic attraction to UFO incidents and "Superman" cultural themes. John Reeves is a name linked to Brooksville, Florida UFO sightings, Bryant and Helen Reeve travelled the US in search of "the Saucerers," Keanu Reeves has been linked to Polish UFOs, and John A. Keel spoke of the importance of the name "Reeves" in his writings. Movie actors named Reeves have played characters from Superman to the lead in The Matrix, another form of a "superman" film.

The name itself, Reeve, from English, means "the chief under the king, or the overseer/chief peasant of a manor." Reeve, with links back to Dutch, means "to pass an end of the line through a block, ring, or something similar." This comes from reven, "to reef," in a sense to "use a rope in or as in reefing."

Rope? A line? Humm, like hangings?

We also talked about the Fayette Factor, as well, briefly. I mentioned that few people, for example, who live on a Lafayette Avenue little realize "Lafayette" translates from the French as "the little enchantment" or "the little fairy." Joan of Arc at the age of 8 danced around a "fay tree," a "fairy tree," some saying she saw fairies. Others tell that she heard voices, had visions, and was "enchanted." The name has a long history. Marshal of France Gilbert de La Fayette III, an ancestor of Marquis De Lafayette, led the army of Joan of Arc, in Orléans.

Next Whitley asked about one specific date: June 24th.

For ufologists, June 24th is of critical importance. On June 24, 1947, the modern era of UFOs began with Kenneth Arnold’s dramatic sighting of “saucers” flying between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams in Washington State. The primary significance of this particular date, St. John’s Day, cannot be diminished within ufology and in other spheres. Since 1947, there is a history of this date being associated with ufologists' deaths.

All kinds of events - from fires to Masonic founding incidents - are today identified with the date.

So, was the Dreamland interaction a hint from an empyrean source that we should look for something major to occur on June 24, 2018? From a Reeves or a Fayette? Or some other name game entity?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime...

Here is a quick overview of 12 notable UFO-related deaths on or near June 24:

(1) June 24 or 23 (there is some dispute), 1964, Frank Scully, 72, author of one of the first crashed-saucer books, Behind the Flying Saucers (1950), dies.

(2 and 3) June 24, 1967, two British UFO contactees, Ernest Arthur Bryant, a contactee, and Richard Church, an author and chairman of CIGIUFO, die.

(4) June 23 (US) or 24 (UK), 1967, Frank Edwards, 55, popular UFO author and radio personality in the 1950s, dies a few hours before Arthur Bryant. Indeed, Edwards passes away shortly before midnight on the 23rd, which would have been the early morning of June 24th in the UK, thus being the same date as Ernest Arthur Bryant's death. James Moseley stuns the delegates assembled for the 1967 Congress of Scientific Ufologists at New York City’s Hotel Commodore on June 24th, with the news of the sudden death of Frank Edwards.

(5) June 24, 1969, Willy Ley, 62, a rocket scientist and Fortean author, dies. Willy Ley was one of the first respected modern scientist to attempt to answer the question of what is a flying saucer. In 1952, he was one of the first, if not the first person, to say that 85% of UFO sightings are misidentified craft, leaving the other 15% open to notions of "interplanetary travel," that he began writing about in 1926.

(6) June 24, 1978, Robert Charroux, 69, the best-known pen-name of Robert Joseph Grugeau dies. Charroux was a French author known for his ancient astronaut theories and writings on other Fortean subjects, in such books as Masters Of The World: Groundbreaking New Revelations About The Ancient Astronauts (1979).

(7) June 24, 1987, Jackie Gleason, 71, the actor, who was an early advocate of flying saucer research, dies. Gleason's known interest in UFOs allegedly prompted President Richard Nixon to share some information with him and to disclose some UFO data publicly.

(8) June 24, 2006, Lyle Stuart, 83, the renegade publisher who published anomalist writer Frank Edwards’ Fortean book, in 1959, Stranger than Science, a paperbook full of information on ufology and other unexplained accounts, dies.

(9) June 24, 2013, James Martin, 79, a former rocket scientist, computer scientist, and author of After the Internet: Alien Intelligence (2000), was found floating dead in the waters off Agar's Island. Dr. Martin bought Agar’s Island in 1977 and made his home in Bermuda. The multi-millionaire kept a relatively low profile in Bermuda.

(10) June 24, 2013, Alan Myers, 58, the most prominent drummer (1976-1987) of the band Devo, dies of stomach cancer in Los Angeles. Devo played punk, art rock, post-punk and new wave music, and performed stage shows that mingled kitsch science fiction themes, deadpan surrealist humor, and mordantly satirical social commentary. Devo recorded at their own UFO Studios. More.

(11) June 24, 2015, Mario Biaggi, 97, a former Bronx congressman was involved in the "UFO disclosure" movement, dies. He once was pictured on the cover of Ideal's UFO Magazine, December 1978, Number 4. Within the periodical, there appeared the following, "Interview: Mario Biaggi 'There Is A UFO Cover-Up By The Government.'" On the cover, an image of Biaggi was shown with President Jimmy Carter. More.

Note the Repo Man opening titles focus on Los Alamos.

(12) June 24, 2017, Loren Janes, 85, a legendary stuntman and stunt coordinator, dies. He was involved in some intriguing UFO-related movies.

Loren Janes (also known as Loren James) was the safety stunt coordinator for the UFO cult classic film, Repo Man, which has its fair share of UFO insider jokes about flying saucers, the name game, Men in Black, and conspiracy theorists.

Loren Janes gets a cryptokubrology mention too. In Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus (1960), Janes was Kirk Douglas' stunt double ("slave general"). Janes also was a "salt mine slave," and a "gladiator."

Synchromystic cinema connections are there, throughout Loren Janes' life. Janes received a credit in Back to the Future (1985), for his stunts. He was in the closeted UFO story of Steven Spielberg's 1941 (1979), in the intriguing Logan's Run (1976) and in Ice Station Zebra (1968). More.

"Immersing oneself into the world of synchronicity and synchromysticism can be a bit disorienting at times." ~ Andrew W. Griffin, January 29, 2015, "Lattice of coincidence," Red Dirt Report.
"A lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incidences and things. They don’t realize that there’s this, like, lattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything." ~ Repo Man, 1984, Alex Cox Writter/Director

Comments, critiques, corrections are appreciated.

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