Friday, May 13, 2005

Zion Killings and Devil Ladder Road's Mass Murder

The Mother's Day killings in Zion, Illinois, of two young girls, one a Hobbs (wearing an "angel" t-shirt), allegedly by her father, Jerry Hobbs ("Hobbs" = Old English for "Devil") was followed by the discovery of six bodies on Devil Ladder Road (or Devil's Ladder Road, in some reports) in Riverside County, California.

David McGowan, 44, apparently shot his wife, mother, and three children to death early Tuesday, May 10, in the murder-suicide at his large ranch home on that road, in Garner Valley, near Idyllwild.

McGowan was a Riverside County district attorney's investigator. No motive is known for the mass killings.

What will this year's only Friday the 13th bring?

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