Monday, February 06, 2006

Sanmarco and Robida Linked?

Am I the only person to see the link between Jennifer Sanmarco who went "postal" Monday last week, and Jason Robida, who went on the attack at a gay bar three days later?

Both had racist points of view. Sanmarco wished to have published in Milan, NM, something to be called "The Racist Press." Robida had a racist and neo-Nazi style site. Sanmarco used a gun to kill mostly women and minorities at her former postal job. Robida used a hachet and gun to attack and injury gays. Later, in Norfolk, Arkansas, he used a gun to kill a law enforcement officer and perhaps his girlfriend.

Sanmarco killed herself. Robida died by "suicide by cop."

People are searching for the "why" today for Robida's cross country rampage.

How are we to know? But perhaps the Sanmarco's event triggered Robida's reaction and mayhem?

What should we expect this week?

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starviego said...

In late October of 2001 four or five teens from New Bedford, Massachusetts are arrested for planning an attack on New Bedford High School. The teens "are suspected of a plot to shoot faculty and classmates and then kill themselves" on the roof of the school. They wore long black trenchcoats and died their hair different colors.

There were other parallels to Columbine:

--They called themselves the "Trench Coat Mafia" They were also called the "Freaks"(as were the lads from Littleton!!)

--Among the evidence collected were photos and writings about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Now a source has revealed to me that Jake Robida did have at least a tangential connection to the group. One or more of the group knew him at Keith Middle School, and thus very likely also in Robida's freshman year at New Bedford HS. Interestingly, no news media outlet made mention of the 2001 incident in relation to this latest event.

Among the items seized from conspirator Michael McKeehan’s bedroom back in 2001 were satanic masks, a meat cleaver, an axe and a photograph of Adolf Hitler. Certain themes come up over and over!!