Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Copycat Hangings...Almost A Dozen"

The Malaysia Sunon January 9, 2007, claims that "more copycat hangings" have occurred numbering "almost a dozen."

In an article entitled "New video of Saddam's body emerges, more copycat hangings," in one section, it mentions the two incidents not detailed before:

International condemnation followed the videotaping of the execution and events leading up to it. A tragic side-effect is that almost a dozen children have now died around the world in attempting to work out how the execution was done. The latest incidents include a 12-year-old boy in Saudi Arabia who reportedly watched the execution on television and then tried to simulate the event. In Algeria a group of schoolchidren accidently hanged a 12 year-old Algerian boy in the western village of Oued Rihou. In describing the tragedy, local government radio said, "U.S. policy in Iraq has made an innocent victim in Algeria." Days earlier a young woman hanged herself in her parents apartment in the western Algerian village of Oran, "after she was traumatised by images of Saddam's hanging," a family member said.