Monday, May 14, 2007

Dark Days of May

What has May shown us before, as far as shootings tied to specific dates? Is there a reflective copycat effect in store for this May?

As opposed to the usual listing of school shootings and community violence incidents by years, I have reshuffled this chronology by type and by calendar date – in order - regardless of what year.

It is a myth that more suicides occur in December. The number one month for suicides in North America is May, for all ages.

One hundred percent of the school shooters are suicidal, and their rampages issue from their suicidal states of being. Homicide is suicide turned outward. These suicidal-homicidal rages must be viewed thusly to give some insights into what the projected plans for most are - to end in suicide or suicide-by-cop.

Look at the data below. An interesting pattern revolves around the 19th through the 21st of May. What anniversary syndrome may be at work for this coming week?

After Columbine, exactly a month to the day, the Conyers, Georgia, incident occurred. Will the cult of Columbine continue forth into this month? What will the temporal-twilight-language dates be for this May, in the wake of the VA Tech massacre? What copycats will happen from May 16th through May 21st?

Here are the listings for May:

Type of Event | Date | Location | Total Dead (# Suicide) Others Wounded

Key = GP (going postal situation), SN (school rampage by non-student), SS (school shooting), FR (other fatal rampage), W (total others wounded). Please note the “Total Dead” includes those that have died by suicide by their own hand or by suicide-by-cop, in the cumulative number.

“Going Postal” situations

GP | May 6, 1993 | post office, Dearborn, MI | 2 (1) W 2
GP | May 6, 1993 | post office, Dana Point, CA | 2 (0) W 4
GP | May 9, 1989 | post office, Boston, MA | 1 (0) W 0
GP | May 31, 1985 | post office, New York City, NY | 0 (0) W 1

“Fatal Rampages”

FR | May 24, 2000 | Wendy's Restaurant, Queens, NY | 5 (0) W 2

“School Shootings”

SN | May 1, 1992 | Lindhurst H. S., Olivehurst, CA | 4 (0) W 10
SN | May 13, 2003 | Case Western Res. U., Cleveland, OH | 1 (0) W1
SN | May 18, 1927 | elementary school, Bath, MI | 45 (1) W 58
SS | May 19, 1998 | Lincoln Co. H. S., Fayetteville, TN | 1 (0) W 0
SN | May 20, 1988 | elementary school, Winnetka, IL | 2 (1) W 6
SS | May 20, 1999 | Heritage H. S., Conyers, GA | 0 (0) W 6
SS | May 21, 1998 | Thurston H. S., Springfield, OR | 4 (0) W 26
SS | May 21, 1998 | high school bus, Onalaska, WA | 1 (1) W 0
SS | May 21, 1998 | high school, suburban Houston, TX | 0 (0) W 1
SS | May 26, 1994 | family + Ryle High School, Union, KY | 4 (0) W 0
SS | May 26, 2000 | Lake Worth M. S., Lake Worth, FL | 1 (0) W 0


Anonymous said...

alot of what you list here aren't school shootings

bath, for instance, was a bombing (james kehoe was it? I don't remember if he was suicidal)

the one on May 19, 1998 at Lincoln Co. H. S. was an isolated incident with one shooter, one victim, and it was over a dispute about a girl

the Onalaska bus shooting wasn't even a shooting; Miles Fox took his girlfriend off the bus at gun point, then killed himself

The shooting in the houston high school on may 21 1998 was just a gun going off in a backpack, one person wounded. It was an accidental shooting with no one even pulling the trigger

The Ryle high school incident also was not a school shooting, it was a hostage situation where no one was hurt. The man murdered his family earlier, but that is it.

The Lake worth middle school shootings where not random. The shooter was looking for a couple kids, and he shot a teacher when said teacher would not allow him access to said kids. Hardly a random killing spree.

anyway, just thought I'd share all that with ya. just tryin to help

Loren Coleman said...

"Randomness" is in the eye of the beholder. The list does not sort according to "random" vs "nonrandom."

"SN" means "school rampage by a nonstudent" and is the key from my book.

See the legend over to the extreme right to note total dead, number suicide, and number wounded.