Friday, December 25, 2009

Woman In Red Attacks Pope

As Pope Benedict XVI was making his way down the long aisle in St. Peter's Basilica to give the Christmas Eve Mass (24 Dec 2009), a woman in red leaped over the barrier to get closer to him. But in doing so she lunged at him and pulled him down to the marble floor. The Pope was shaken but not injured.

Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, 87, however was hurt. He was wheeled off to hospital with a broken hip after falling during the incident. He'll be operated on in the coming days.

A statement released by the Vatican identified the woman as Susanna Maiolo, a 25-year-old Italian Swiss national. The statement said she was not armed but shows signs of mental instability, and has since been admitted to a health facility for compulsory treatment.

Maiolo is the same woman who tried to reach Pope Benedict XVI at Midnight Mass last year. Vatican officials speaking on condition of anonymity said Maiolo was involved in a similar incident last year in which she jumped the barricade as the pope processed. In that case, however, Maiolo never managed to reach the pope and was quietly tackled to the ground by security.

In both cases she wore a red sweatshirt.

Meanwhile, on Christmas Day, (25 Dec 2009), the FBI is questioning a suspect believed to have tried to ignite a powdery substance on Detroit-bound airliner. Delta Flight 253 [2 (2+3) 3], an Airbus 330 carrying 278 passengers, was arriving in Detroit from Amsterdam on Friday afternoon when the explosives went off. Minor injuries occurred. The passenger was immediately subdued and was not named (yet). It has been declared an act of terrorist.

It will be recalled that John A. Keel, who died this year, wrote of entities (being channeled through individuals he knew) telling of prophecies and predictions. The information to Keel told of the threat of an assassination of a pope.

An assassination attempt of a pope was to be followed by "days of darkness," and would trigger Armageddon. So wrote Keel in The Mothman Prophecies. Often it is forgotten that in Operation Trojon Horse and Haunted Planet, Keel also penned some passages on the "messages" he was receiving and on St. Malachy's Prophecy, which states that the final pope before Peter will be assassinated.

For those who speculate, there is general agreement that Pope Benedict XVI is Gloria Olivae, the last pope in St. Malachy's Prophecy before the final pope, Petrus Romanus. Peter of Rome (or Peter II?) will see the times when the "city of seven hills will be destroyed" (the Vatican? Rome?).

Will 2010 be a year of wondering what it all means?


Anonymous said...

Hi Loren!

I have been wondering about that prophecy regarding Pope Benedict lately. I was listening to the Web Bot Project's Clif High on the Veritas Show and he indicated that the Predictive Linguistics programs that he used had indicated that there will be significant changes at the Vatican in 2010. Could yesterday's attack on the Pope be a sign of things to come? A New Pope? I am of the view that it will.

Anonymous said...


Check out the anagram list using the woman in red's name (Susanna Maiolo). I found the English & Latin lists to be most interesting.

As a side note, how did this "mentally instable" woman get so close to the pope on two separate occasions? There is more to this story than meets the eye...


Anonymous said...

the woman in red might be dressed in a similar red sweatshirt for any one of a million prosaic might be her favorite sweatshirt, her favorite color, the only sweatshirt she owns, the only color she wears, one of many red sweatshirts she owns, her "notice me color" etc. etc. it might be a political statement, a function of her mental illness or simply a "fashion statement." there is danger in allowing rational thought to be confused by trying to force connections where none might exist.
as for her "being allowed" to be in proximity to the pope...unfortunately security in terms of screening the massive crowds that follow the pope's public appearances is impossible. poster daria seems to think there is something suspicious about the attacker being permitted so near to the pope. i think it's more an issue of not being able to control who out of many thousands can turn up at any public venue. the pope should be congratulated for continuing to allow the public to approach and connect with him, despite the obvious risks.
i've read the prophecies of malachy and can only say it's good to be a pagan, because pagans, unlike christians, are not eagerly awaiting the destruction of the world by a vengeful/loving(?) god. "end of the world" fears and cults have often existed in western christian culture and have spawned fear and occasionally mass suicide. y2k was the latest fear that was anticipated by our culture, although that time not god but technology would betray us. might be interesting for twilight language to do some historical research into such issues, instead of dealing with assumptions and superstitious dot connecting.

Anonymous said...


VERY interesting appearance of the Lady in Red.

I am seeing a pattern.

Leona Lewis attack
Berlusconi attack
Pope attack

The Leona Lewis attack is a bit looser a connection but the Berlusconi connections are blatent and amazing.

There seemed to be a kind of ramp up after the Fort Hood shootings. Could this continue? Accoding to Arthur C. Clarke, 2010 is the year we make contact.

2010 and Kubrick's 2001 are free streaming on Netflix, perhaps time to watch those movies again.


purrlgurrl said...

Given the predatory sexual behavior towards children of Catholic priests that's come to light over the past decade or so, it's not surprising that the Church (represented by the Pope) would suffer some form of attack. I'm only surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Red is just one color of the spectrum and happens to be one I wear most because it looks best on me. No more significance than that, and I doubt there's more than that here either.

Since we’re still actively engaged in Afghanistan, a Taliban and Al Qaeda stronghold, (and about to step up that engagement) an attempted Al Qaeda terrorist attack on a US airliner at Christmas (a major US and Christian holiday) shouldn’t be all that surprising either. What is surprising is that with all the security safeguards supposedly put in place since 9/11, this man slipped right through them all.

One doesn’t need to be a prophet or believe in arcane prophecies to expect these occurrences would have to happen sooner or later. They are the logical result of other events transpiring now.

alcalde said...

I believe if was John Hogue who had written that "Gloria Olivae" could be a reference to the Benedictine order's symbol of the olive branch and that that pope could be a Benedictine. Of course, that didn't happen, but he did choose the name Benedict (one of the UK betting exchanges actually froze betting on the name this pope would choose after a very large bet on Benedict came in).

As interesting as this is, it should be pointed out that even Hogue concedes the "prophecies" of St. Malachy are apocryphal and were actually written after many of the popes on the list had already come to the pass. The predictive accuracy of the list drops off sharply following the date that the prophecies actually surfaced (which is much later than the date they claim to have been written in).

Andre, given that Ratzinger is 82, he has at least an 8.3% chance of not surviving one year, according to actuarial tables from 2005. People who predict a new pope will be right sooner rather than later by statistics alone. The Web Bot Project is a scam that puts a techno spin on Psychic Friends Network-level chicanery.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Regan Lee wrote an interesting post about this:

aferrismoon said...

What I thought interesting was that on December 7th [ St.Columba's birthday] Lady Gaga met QEII at the Royal Variety performance in Blackpool , dressed in a red faux-elixebethan dress. She bowed to the Queen.

QEI is the daughter of Henry VIII who split with Rome.

Columba brought Irish Christianity to Britain though it was finally replaced by Roman Christianity.

The Detroit 'Flamer' was given the nickname of 'The Pope' while in Britain

See post URGRUND , above info with pics nearer the end of the piece.

Cheers and happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Prophecy of Malachy, let's remember that it predicts the "ultimate persecution" of the Catholic Church, not the end of the world.

Perhaps it would be better to specify that it predicts the end of the Church as we know it, and that some trans-formative event(s) are on the way. Given how long ago the Prophecy was written, one can assume that Malachy was taking a rather conservative point of view, and his prediction would be more in line with an event such as the Protestant Reformation, but larger and with more finality.

As for the destruction of the Rome, I believe this is a misinterpretation. Instead, I think this revers to the "destruction" of the Vatican City, which as we know did not exist as a distinct entity in Malachy's time. The Papal States encompassed all of Rome and much of the surrounding country (varies over time). This predicted end may be more political, for example the Italian government may decide to remove the privilege of sovereignty from the Church and incorporate its lands into the Italian state.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.