Saturday, May 24, 2008

HRC Spreads Assassination Meme


Hillary Rodham Clinton let the political assassination meme out of the bottle! She unconsciously or consciously said she is staying in the presidential race just in case something happens. The copycat factor is a reality underlying assassinations, and she did the unthinkable.

As Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News straightforwardly wrote: "Hillary Clinton is staying in the race in the event some nut kills Barack Obama....We have seen an X-ray of a very dark soul."

One can be liberal or conservative, left, right, or middle, Drudge Report reader or Nation subscriber, and "get it." The outrage was widespread, and yet the only person that seemed unaware of the depth of feelings was Senator Hillary Clinton. What has been revealed in this one event speaks volumes.


What was she thinking, indeed?

Asked if her continuing fight for the nomination against Senator Obama hurts the Democratic party, Sen. Hillary Clinton replied to a newspaper editorial board,

I don't. Because again, I've been around long enough. You know, my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know, I just don't understand it. You know, there's lots of speculation about why it is.

Hillary Clinton, May 23, 2008.


Perhaps one of the strongest editorials about this came from Keith Olbermann, who said in part:

She actually said those words.

Those words, Senator?

You actually invoked the nightmare of political assassination.

You actually invoked the specter of an inspirational leader, at the seeming moment of triumph, for himself and a battered nation yearning to breathe free, silenced forever.

You actually used the word "assassination" in the middle of a campaign with a loud undertone of racial hatred - and gender hatred - and political hatred.

You actually used the word "assassination" in a time when there is a fear, unspoken but vivid and terrible, that our again-troubled land and fractured political landscape might target a black man running for president.

Or a white man.

Or a white woman!

You actually used those words, in this America, Senator, while running against an African-American against whom the death threats started the moment he declared his campaign?

You actually used those words, in this America, Senator, while running to break your "greatest glass ceiling" and claiming there are people who would do anything to stop you?


Senator - never mind the implications of using the word "assassination" in any connection to Senator Obama...

What about you?

You cannot say this!

* * *

This is unforgivable, because this nation's deepest shame, its most enduring horror, its most terrifying legacy, is political assassination.





Martin Luther King.

Robert Kennedy.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann, May 23, 2008.

The power of words, the power of the media, and the power of graphic imagery cannot be underestimated in this political year, or any year. The fact that the vulnerable homicidal-suicidal mind of an assassin can and has been influenced by behavior contagion and the copycat effect cannot be disputed by anyone who is a student of assassinations.

Indeed, what was Hillary Clinton thinking?

Her non-apology "apology" only has made this worse, and I predict will fester like an unhealed wound until she steps aside. Despite what she said in her "apology," she has not honored RFK's New York Senate seat with her actions of late. She little realizes the power of her own words if she allows this to continue, and sit there, waiting to further infect the nation, as we move closer to the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Clinton will not be to blame, needless to say, if a politician is assassinated or an attempt occurs during this campaign year, but to reinforce the climate of instability with these words is beyond belief.


If Hillary Clinton is steeped in history, then she surely realizes that an African American man, Martin Luther King, was assassinated a mere two months before Robert Kennedy was assassinated. The meme was there in 1968. That meme happened almost exactly 40 years ago. Actions are followed by actions. Why give this such an contoured focus in 2008? Is Hillary Clinton truly a student of history or does she wish to make a mockery of it?

As it turns out, we were left to the Drudge Report and Keith Olbermann to serve as strange bedfellows, the united emotional voices in this nation to speak for most of us about how horrible her words really are.

Was she thinking that, indeed, Obama would be killed, and thus she wanted to be waiting in the wings?

How can she look at herself in the mirror and stay in this race any longer?


LesleyinNM said...

I am glad someone else noticed that. The TV news kept going on and on about it from the angle that she had the nerve to compare this election to being as important as 68. No mention that she might be suggesting that Obama will be assassinated or if there was I missed that part.

Anonymous said...

As a refresher course, how many people committed suicide, died in plane and car crashes and otherwise met their end under the Clinton's rule? Makes you wanna say hmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

She has the power and will to make it happen, it's a threat.

Anonymous said...

For Keith Olbermann to be acting like Mrs. Clinton did something wrong is like Himler complaining to Hitler he made a bad speech.
All of these leftist media types have been stoking this inferno for years in allowing the Clintons to use vulgar slurs, assaults on women, admiring their lies and treason. They built the monster Hillary Clinton is.

For the record, Mrs. Clinton in typical bigotry went to South Dakota thinking a red state full of guns could be stoked to fire on Obama just like that other Arkansas liberal, Mike Huckabee went to the NRA. For the facts, rural people with guns do not shoot people. It is the kooks in the liberal haunts of big cities which do that.

What difference does it all make though because Barack Obama was just in Florida bashing Limbaugh and Dobbs implying they are a source of violence in America so the Obamamaniacs who are prowling the internet will probably chase them down too like the Ron Paul wackos were assaulting people.

What Hillary Clinton did is criminal, but then so did Al Franken, Air America and a host of others calling for GOP candidates to be assassinated.
All of this has to be stopped when it is like yelling FIRE in a theater. Hillary Clinton deliberately polled this and found her people were a bunch of racists who would agree to such a statement.
and her people include RFK jr. who just proved his racism in saying it was not a big deal what Hillary said.

There needs to be checks and balances. The Judiciary needs to start holding people accountable, because freedom of speech does not include clever suggestions on how someone can win the DNC nomination by someone eliminating someone else.

Maybe people would vote for Hillary if she was doing what Maxine Waters is threatening in nationalizing the oil industry to drop oil prices.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, that FEMA camp down outside of town was only a tree farm. Occasionally there had been some trucks with workers going in and out. People tried to get the workers to chat about it, and all they got was a disinterested stare. They were all illegals anyway. Work was work and the economy is in a recession.

Tonight as you sit at home with your family watching American Idol, the program is interrupted by a news brief from CNN’s Washington desk. A female Army captain in battle uniform is reading a report about some kind of nuclear device that has detonated within the City of Houston. No one has yet claimed responsibility.

12 hours later, with every update, CNN shows the faces of a dozen dark haired men with Middle Eastern sounding names. The FBI had raided their apartments and found large amounts of documents and other evidence, - video tapes, parts, tools, and rolls of lead foil. The scene shifts to a news crew and team FBI investigators at one of the apartments mentioned. He holds up a driver’s license – Ahmed Tehrani. Other documents a reporter holds up to the camera reveal that Ahmed is a graduate physics student at the University of Texas, an Iranian immigrant.

CNN cuts away now to a hurriedly arranged press conference at an air force base, somewhere in North Dakota. He announces that martial law had been put into effect one hour after the nuclear detonation in Houston. He confirms everyone’s worse fears. For all 50 states and US protectorates, all civilian air travel and railroad travel have been shut down.

All police, fire services, public and private telecommunications facilities have been feudalized under Homeland Security. Active duty, national guard units and Blackwater security forces are in control of roads, bridges, fuel, and food warehouses. The President hardly paused when he continues to mention that the November elections will be cancelled due to the present state of emergency.

Because perhaps, you’re a different kind of bear, you become vocal about the arbitrary dissolution of Congress and the mass arrests and detentions, under cover of numerous executive orders issued over the course of the previous eight years. You smelled a rat. You spoke up.

Flash forward a month: You are in line at the local ‘Freedom Camp”, being pushed along, away from your FEMA trailer. The Blackwater guards are harassing some of the more stubborn ones. You see many with bloody noses and bruises, in a line that stretches for three blocks.

“You all stink”, says one. “We’re getting all you maggots over to the showers so you can get decontaminated. It’s for your healthy and safety.”

“I’m hungry, when can we eat?”

“Not until you get decontaminated. Now shut up.”

You realize that the place you are being walked towards is an old meatpacking plant, but there are no animal in stockyards anywhere nearby to butcher. First, they come along and everyone is shaven down. Those doing the menial work are illegals, They walk up to each person in line, taking their valuables away and putting them into crates. A woman follows behind, says she’s from the Red Cross, and asks for anyway interested in donating blood. They’ll be able get their lunch without having to wait for the decontamination. Many agree and are walked away from the line.

You are about to ask the woman why it would be safe to give blood if you hadn’t yet been decontaminated, but suddenly she moves along and someone else is now asking each person in line for their name and social security number. Two old men in the line begin They mumble, unable to remember their numbers. They’re ignored as the line suddenly begins to move again. The line continue to surge every twenty minutes or so, then halts.

You smell smoke, an acrid, awful thick greasy smoke. Just beyond the shower building you, see a plume of black smoke slowly. You hear whispers in the line know. You can’t see, but you can hear someone scream, as he’s being clubbed down by three Blackwater men. The screaming stops.

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There is nobody there to rescue you. You cough and wipe your mouth with your sleeve and look around, angry now. One guy suddenly dashes out of line, heading towards a line of trees a hundred yards to the west. He gets 30 feet and then he’s gunned down by Blackwater men. He could have waited - he could have bought some more time, maybe a minute, maybe more. What did it bring him to be a hero and try and make a run for it? Nobody cared. You’re still here and he is not. You smile.

More Blackwater guards have arrived. They begin joking amongst themselves, pointing at the sullen men queued up in the long march to be decontaminated.

One turns and makes eye contact with many. You all smell like I hope there’s some soap left by the time you reach the shower. Only clean pigs allowed here. The other Blackwater guards begin another loud round of laughter.

The line continues its occasional surges forward. It has been hours. There must have been a thousand ahead of you, but thankfully, you near the building.

You hear muffled sounds within the building, unable to make out the words, the meaning. You hear doors open and close. Then you and others move quickly through a hallway, and told to remove your clothes and put them on the floor. Helpers walk up and down the hallway now. The helpers cheerfully tell everyone that their clothes will be tagged and returned after they’re decontaminated. The mood brightens a bit around you. You can even hear a few joking. Orders are for everyone to remain calm and quiet. You're reminded that there is plenty of warm water for everyone. It becomes silent now, as you all shuffle slowly towards another door. When the door opens, the helpers guide you in and you’re told to not bunch up together, and reminded that it's selfish to waste too much warm water.

You look up and see shower heads above you. You want to ask why the floor is not wet, but are afraid they’ll beat you if you raise your voice.

You notice now that the room smells of urine and death. Before you can say anything, the doors slam shut and the lights go out and a gas slowly rises up from the showerheads towards the ceiling.

You think to yourself - there might still be time that someone may somehow burst in to rescue all of you. You hear sobbing and realize it is coming from you.

And now you take in one long breath and your mind begins to fade to black.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if she gets away with it, if it's sanctioned by the movers and shakers of this world.

Since 1980, it's the Bush-Clinton legacy in the white house. That's why I think it's going to be Hilary in the white house up until 2013, then there'll be Jeb Bush until 2017. Think about it, the control who counts the vote and they do what they want, there's no democracy in AmeriKa.

Anonymous said...

The seed has been planted by the fascist candidate and media to make way to bury any hope this country and left - and there was very little. You see we are all suckers in this mass illusion. Where is the constitution-gone via the patriot act, free elections-via electronic voting, and the will of the people-via brain washing by the media. The are still a few how are patriots and they have been force out into retirement or reassigned. This seed if it grows to fruition will be the end of this country as those who still remeber will have known it. Goodbye-liberty, truth, justice and the American way the fascist have all blacked bagged us. See you at the waterboarding olymics suckers!

Anonymous said...

Hilary isn't suggesting it. She is threatening it. "Agree to make me your VP and be killed later, or we [the zionazis the Bush-Clinton Gang represents] will kill you in June" is her deal. We the people need to really bang the drums on this, coast to coast. Let them know that we know, and make them understand that murdering Obama might just get them fried. We MIGHT be able to frighten them off.

Anonymous said...

You get the sense the elite is trying to take us back to 1968, and reopen racial wounds and feminism by having the white woman battling the black man. Their tactics always take on the form of divide and rule. Pastor Wrights comments inflamed the white folks in non-urban areas. You can just imagine what would go on in the black community if Obama was RFK'd.

The feminism, civil right and anti-war protests and peoples perceptions in late 60's and early 70's were influenced by CIA Operations MKULTRA, MOCKINGBIRD and CHAAOS funded by the Rockefellers. They hoped to create enough chaos to create a revolution movement that could be used to justify amending the Constitution with a Constitutional Convention, removing many of the rights and protections we have now lost since 9/11. This failed, but they secretly scrapped the constitution anyways, easy to do since they control the media.

History repeats I guess. This time the motive may be to impose martial law.

I think Hillary just wants to play it out until the end, and crazy stuff happens. She also may know of some dirt that is being held on Obama, that will only come out when he is the official nominee, hoping it comes out earlier.

Anonymous said...

Yep. That's what I got out of it. You just don't mention that word during a highly charged election. Considering all the deranged people out there.

Anonymous said...

This is gutter politics of the worst kind. Clinton just slammed the lid shut on the tomb of her own campaign.

Reg said...

Everyone seems to be missing the obvious.

And that is ... HRC remains in the race because she STRONGLY SUSPECTS and/or KNOWS (thanks to the insider status of the Clintons and their dynastic sponsors) that something bad is going to happen to Mr Obama.

I imagine she hopes something bad will happen.

But one does not risk $20 million of one's personal fortune based on nothing more than hope.

If Obama is whacked, will Olbermann et al be as vocal about laying criminal complicity at the doorstep of this former and wannabe presidential duo?

... coz you can bet your last (now almost worthless) dollar they either will be directly complicit or know someone who is.

Anonymous said...

From Hillary's perspective, what she said may have been an innocent comparison of this election season with 1968's. Yet, what she said could also have been a psychological "slip" emerging from behind her public election-year persona. Yet, she too, must well-understand the threat-dynamics that Obama is under, and that fact of knowing and understanding could also rise to the surface via conversation as a "subliminal slip", but does not necessarily mean that she wishes harm upon Obama so she can be the only Democratic Presidential candidate.

Regardless, should anything happen to Obama to remove him from the race, she will not necessarily be guaranteed the position of the Democratic Presidential candidate, but could be forced to step down because of what she said, leaving the Democratic Party with no Presidential candidate.

And with McCain being old, unhealthy, tempermental, and borderline insane, he could be forced to drop out at any time for any such-related reasons.

This would leave our Nation with no Presidential contenders, throwing the Presidential election into turmoil ... and the assaulting of our Nation with four more years of Bush. Since Bush has not obeyed the Constitution (unless doing so suited him and his/neocon agenda) since he has taken office (even in acquiring office), it would be only natural for him to disobey the Constitutional limit of two consecutive Presidential terms. After all, he still needs to bomb Iran back into the stone age, bankrupt the Nation, declare martial law, declare himself King (George - full circle), and throw millions of law-abiding Citizens and Patriots into the Haliburton Hotels to make good use of all that taxpayer money it took to build, maintain, and run them and then to allow big business to tap into all that free labor for "public works" projects. "Heil Bush!"

Dave said...

Great Post...It seems everyone I've spoken to has said Clinton was simply saying Kennedy hadn't wrapped up the nomination yet. No-there were other campaigns she could have referenced.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I hear she has eluded to RFK's asssassination before this but I am not clear when and where.

I've also heard mention that she mispoke because she had been worrying about Sen. Ted Kennedy due to his recent diagnosis prior to the interview. This is especially insulting to a person's intelligence as one would think just the opposite would be true.

Hillary once had a chance to bow out of this race with dignity and she declined. I still think the worst from Hill is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Imagine Obama does get shot and killed. What will happen next?
Nothing. Not a God damn thing. You stupid "Americanos" are going to stay at home dumbly watching American Idol or whatever dumbing-down you have at the moment while the future is taking away from everybody in the World.
Reverend Wright was right: God damn you, America! God damn you for being such dumb lazy cowards. I hope Rossia bombs you soon...

I C ALL said...

Maybe their was a trigger word in her statement for a Manchurian Candidate. It was done brazenly, almost criminally. The Bush/Clinton syndicate is bought ten times over by a certain lobby and what they want, they get. But then again, racial hatred is their endgame to take your guns away so maybe it was another piece of the puzzle put into place. Barack will die in office either way, then the blood of anglo saxon Americans will flow in the streets of every major city in America, God forbid.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I wrote on my blog...before I watched Keith Olbermann's Special Comment:


Shame on you Hillary Clinton.

You make me sick.

It was bad enough when Mr. Holy Huckabee Christer joked about assassination.

But you have mentioned it with sedate indifference.

The depths are deep that politicians go to gain their political goals.

Yours are for power and vainglory.

You have been undone, Mrs. Clinton, by your own horrible words.

Now, even if Senator Obama had you on his short list for Vice President, you are now at the bottomless abyss.

Your run for the presidency is over.

You did it all by yourself.

You’re finished!

Anonymous said...

To those who think that Hillary was in some kind of conspiracy to bump off the competition, then they should be thankful that this "Freudian slip" came out. Now they won't be able to follow through with their dastardly deed.

Anonymous said...

Great article but I don't agree with your narrative. The Clintons are no strangers to political assassination. There are more than 30 bodies buried under the Bill Clinton Presidency so to claim that it has just now been "let out of the bag" is to forget your history and, in effect, help others to forget that she and her husband are traitors.

John Day said...

Hillary was observing that changes may arise that swing her into the candidacy this late in the game, and that such a situation is not rare in times of change. Barak Obama seems certain to be assasinated sometime this year, but the easier way is character-assasination. The Clintons have spoken in veiled tones of information that would bring Obama down. Just google "Larray Sinclair". He has been persistently pressing his story of crack cocaine and gay sex, with Obama, in the back of a lomousine in 1999. None of it has been refuted, merely mocked and ignored. By now we all know of how John Kennedy failed to control his sexual urges at all. Still, I remember the day he was murdered and feel that I owe my life to his actions on our behalf. I'm less worried about sex than slaughter. Will Obama be character-assasinated before or after the Democratic Convention? Who will be the candidate? Hillary Clinton? Is that different from John McCain and his puppeteers? Will Al Gore be thrust forward? Will this just be another thrown-fight, like last time?

Anonymous said...

You can't be a more insider than the Clintons into the American elite ruled by the Rockefellers. If she said so, so she must believe so, if she believes, she must have heard, if she had heard, it WILL happen...

Anonymous said...

Seems almost everyone here has a piece of the puzzle. Assassins can be made using mind control. That is, drugs, hypnosis fortified with agonizing pain. The subject will carry out the command in order to avoid the pain. If you can find a copy of Operation Mind Control, get it and read it. Yes, the subject [assassin] can be given a trigger word or phrase from anywhere. Manchurian Candidate.

Anonymous said...

It seems time for the people of NY to start a recall of this defective Senator - NOW... Dark Soul indeed...

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Hillary