Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fayette Cannonball

Police said a man in Georges Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, fired a metal cannon that sent a two-pound lead ball into his neighbor's house, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

William Edward Maser, 54, fired the cannon in his yard on Tent Church Road Wednesday evening, September 2, 2009, said Trooper Brian Burden of the Pennsylvania State Police. He said he was not sure how regularly Maser fired his cannon.

The cannon shot a lead ball through the side of his neighbor's house, breaking a window and traveling through a wall before landing in a clothes closet. No one was injured.

The cannon is an 80-pound homemade replica of cannons used during the French and Indian War. It has been impounded as evidence.

Maser regularly participates in battle re-enactments, Trooper Burden said.

He has been charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and disorderly conflict.


Anonymous said...

"Maser" shoots lead cannonball.

Thats irony of a high degree to couple with the Fayette synch! My geek nerves are buzzing :D

The Gid said...

So I'm guessing that Trooper Burden had to lug the evidence back to the station?

Ah, the burden of proof ...

As for the story itself, I've sure we can really rely on Riely's non-rily journalism. (Groan....)

On another note, the whole idea of neighbor shooting neighbor with a cannonball so close to the Mason Dixon line seems like such an eerily echoic event (one wonders what went down in those parts on Sept. 2 during the Civil War?), but I suppose that something like this would have to happen by the MD line simply because where else would you find someone who actually restores and shoots off old canons for a hobby?