Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hobo Pantry & Evil Clowns

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, Andrew Joseph Davis, 20, was arrested for running down a person with his car and dragging the individual 100 feet.  The Oklahoma incident resulted in the above mug shot of Davis, which was published by Smoking Gun.

Police were called after eyewitnesses saw a driver wearing the distinctive face paint swerve across the road near Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and hit a pedestrian before accelerating. Nearby residents reported that the two men in the black-colored sedan shouted "Woop! Woop!" as they zoomed away from the scene.
It was unclear why he was wearing the face paint, although it could be because he is a "fan of Insane Clown Posse, whose 'Juggalo' followers are partial to similar facial adornment," Smoking Gun said.

Perhaps Andrew Davis was merely attempting to get on the Top Ten Evil Clown List for 2011?  Not much has floated to the top since the clown reports that made the list from 2008, but this year is starting off rather strangely.

For example, Mitchell Woods, 17, of Thrasher Close, Haggerston, East London, was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Monday, May 9, 2011, after pleading guilty to possessing a prohibited firearm and possessing ammunition without a certificate, to three years in jail. On January 29, 2011, Woods was arrested by a Kent Police Armed Response unit at Higham rail station, after officers were called to the station by a concerned member of the public, who, while waiting for a train at Chatham, overheard Woods talking to some friends about carrying a gun.  The Hackney teenager was caught carrying a loaded gun and a clown mask (seen below) on a train in Kent.  The gun had been previously used in three gang-related shootings in London, one in which someone had been shot three times with the weapon, according to media accounts.

Then there's such things as the robbery in Alabama in April. According to a Dothan, Alabama police statement, a robbery took place around 12:45 a.m. on Tuesday, April 26, 2011, at the Hobo Pantry store. The police reported a man armed with knife stole some cash and ran from the store toward Westgate Parkway.The robber as a white male, about 6 feet tall, who weighed 175 to 180 pounds, had blue or green eyes, wore desert camouflage pants, a black hooded sweater with red and green animated pictures on it along with the black and white Insane Clown Posse mask over his head.

Of course, evil clowns (and Joker clones) turned up in 2009, as well as real killer clowns in 2010.  But while 2011 seemed to start off rather slowly, with a clown attack on March 22nd, these new events, noted above, may be a clue of things to come.

Trying to find the "Top Ten Evil Clowns of 2011"? See here.


Andrew D. Gable said...

The 'woop woop' in the first is also an Insane Clown Posse thing that people do at their concerts and such all the time. So I'd say it's likely the guy was a fan, yes.

Dr. Greg Jenkins, PhD said...

Hi Loren,

Excellent post! I guess a good headline for this report could be: “Phantom Clown Caught…Unmasked!” In a way, unstable as he might be, this could at least answer a few questions to this phenomenon, as the aforementioned rock/pop band is indeed popular with many fledgling college students, and assorted young people. And, though it may be an issue of mental/emotional instability, mixed with drugs and/or alcohol, for example, there are the other, more fascinating cases that remain in a somewhat paranormal mist.

It’s a fascinating subject for sure, and doubt we’ll be hearing the last of this.

Greg Jenkins