Monday, October 02, 2017

Route 91

Route 91 Harvest Festival country music concert - with 22,000 audience members - experienced a mass shooting in Las Vegas, 10.01.2017. As the number of deaths rose overnight, it became clear this now is the deadliest mass shooting in American history.
The Umpqua Community College shooting occurred on October 1, 2015, at the UCC campus near Roseburg, Oregon, United States. Chris Harper-Mercer, a 26-year-old enrolled at the school, fatally shot an assistant professor and eight students in a classroom. Seven to nine others were injured. Roseburg police detectives responding to the incident engaged Harper-Mercer in a brief shootout. After being wounded, he killed himself by shooting himself in the head. The mass shooting was the deadliest in Oregon's modern history.
As of 7:00 pm Eastern on October 1, 2017, the death toll was at 58 people being killed, over 500 injured. Police report the gunman, Stephen Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada, who was holded up on the 32th floor (Room 135?) in the Mandalay Hotel, died by suicide. He is described as Caucasian.

Name game? "Property records show Stephen Paddock had homes in both Mesquite, Tex., and Mesquite in Nevada." Source.
Marilou Danley, his companion, a person of interest, has been located. There has been great media confusion about her role. Her current or former husband's photo has been incorrectly posted as Paddock's. Intriguingly, her husband is said to be from Fayetteville.

The horror of the situation developed on live television overnight.

Among synchromystic researchers, this Las Vegas incident was noted as linked to the Marilyn Manson concert incident happening the night before when two huge gun props fell on that performer.

Los Angeles Times earlier noted the first fatalities. 

From earlier....

Multiple people have been shot after a gunman opened fire in the Mandalay Bay area of Las Vegas.

Video from the scene shows the moment that the gunfire started during a festival in the city in Nevada.

What sounds like some kind of machine gun can be heard over the noise of the music which quickly cuts out.

It is believed that the gunman may have opened fire from a building overlooking the festival site. Reports are there is one suspect in custody and another is being pursued.

At one point, three shooting sites were reported. But sound distortions and mass hysteria may be in play, to be fair.

The gunman is said to have opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival where people were seen running for cover or lying on the ground.

Please note the location next to the Luxor Casino's Obelisk, Sphinx and Pyramid.

A souvenir from the Luxor, Las Vegas (Loren Coleman collection).

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Unknown said...

Hi Loren...Here are a few sync's I have noted as this story has been developing. I am just getting started so Ill just post a few...As always, tbank u for the work u do and for the forum to post these ideas...

- Christian White

Route 91 Harvest Festival--


 '...Then I heard a voice from heaven saying Write this: Blessed are the dead from now on who die in the Lord! Yes, blessed, happy, to be envied indeed, says the Spirit, in that they may rest from their labors, for their works do follow and accompany them! Again I looked and behold, I saw a white cloud and sitting on the cloud One resembling a Son of Man with a crown of gold on His head and a sharp scythe (sickle) in His hand. And another angel came out of the temple sanctuary, calling with a mighty voice to Him Who was sitting upon the cloud, Put in Your scythe and reap, for the hour has arrived to gather the harvest, for the earth’s crop is fully ripened. So He Who was sitting upon the cloud swung His scythe on the earth, and the earth’s crop was harvested. Then another angel came forth from the altar, who has authority and power over fire, and he called with a loud cry to him who had the sharp scythe, Put forth your scythe and reap the fruitage of the vine of the earth, for its grapes are entirely ripe. So the angel swung his scythe on the earth and stripped the grapes and gathered the vintage from the vines of the earth and cast it into the huge winepress of God’s indignation and wrath. And the grapes in the winepress were trodden outside the city, and blood poured from the winepress, reaching as high as horses bridles, for a distance of about 200 miles...' (Revelation 14:13-20).

Also for more 'Harvest' sync's see -

"The number 91"

'... There are 91 similar solar systems to ours which turn around the great central sun. The mass of this great central sun is 91 thousands of times larger than the mass conbined with all the 91 other solar systems. Moreover, the galaxy of the 91 universes of which the earth belongs is included in another larger galaxy including also 91 galaxies turning around a central core or sun of which the mass is 91 times higher than the previous. This formula is reproduced almost indefinitely by being multiplied each time by 91...'



...An equinox occurs twice each year when our sun, in its orbit around the earth in a fashion unique to these times of the year, passes directly over the Earth's equator and the length of the daylight and evening hours is equal. Hence the word equinox is derived from the Latin for "equal" aequus, and nox meaning "night". The spring equinox occurs on March 21. Six months later, on Sept 22, we have the Fall Equinox. The summer solstice occurs on June 21st. On this day earth sees the longest duration of daylight. Six months later is the winter solstice on December 22, when we see the shortest daylight and the longest night of the year. On these days the sun almost seems to pause in its orbit before resuming its course, and it is why the word solstice is based on the Latin sol, for "sun", and sistere or "to cause to stand". This cycle then repeats itself as the Earth continues to rotate around the sun. It is interesting to note that there are exactly 91 days between each of these events, and 92 days between the June 21 summer solstice and the September 21 equinox. This adds up to a 365 day solar year with the 91 days between each event matching the 91 steps to each side of the pyramid...'

Unknown said...

A few more...

"The Sun"

Stephen Paddock lived in 'Sun City Community', Nevada...makes me think of sync's involving the sun and pyramids, much like the infamous Luxor Hotel Pyramid where the concert was housed directly beneath...

Also, a 'paddock' is an enclosure meant to keep cattle, horses or livestock contained...makes me think of the fenced in concertgoers.

Stephen Paddock was on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay...the number 32 is absolutely full of occult as well as biblical significance.

Also interesting to me...

In response to the news of his brother's alleged involvement as the Mandalay Bay shooter, Eric Paddock stated that "Mars just fell into the Earth"


He later altered this statement to say "It's like an asteroid fell on top of my family"


And yet again to later refined this statement to say "An asteroid just fell on us"


Tom Mellett said...

When I first heard the news this morning, my immediate reaction was to blurt out: "Oh my God! Maybe OJ did it!"

But beyond my initial snark and facetiousness lies a real synchronicity and synchropinquity. OJ Simpson was released on parole less than 24 hours before this Mandalay Massacre and is residing somewhere in Las Vegas.

What synchro-mystical connections might there be with the "unsolved" murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1994? The racial issue is already there, with a white man killing and wounding mostly other white people at a country-music festival, the historical roots of which go back to the Confederacy more than the Union during and after the War between the States.

Unknown said...

Marilyn, Marilyn, Marilyn.
Marilyn Manson, injured in New York by a falling prop.
Hugh Hefner, buried right next to Marilyn Monroe.
Same day, Monty Hall died, whose famous problem was solved by Marilyn vos Savant.

Unknown said...

Here are a few more notes that interest me...

Another series of sync's revolve around the number 11...

First, look at the dates of the Route 91 Harvest Festival...

September 29 - October 1


11:11 has heavy occult significance...

Also, there were a projected 22,000 attendees at the concert -- 22 = 11+11...

(See and/or for further info on the number 11 in occult symbology...)

Unknown said...

Also, I think the comments made in the press from eyewitness Brianna Hendricks absolutely need to be followed up on and further investigated...


Brianna Hendricks tells KSNV, NBC's Las Vegas affiliate, that she was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival with her mother Sunday when a gunman opened fire from across the street in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Less than an hour before the attack began, a woman screamed out an ominous warning to the crowd.

"They're all're all going to f---ing die today," the woman said, according to Hendricks.

"There was a lady who pushed her way forward into the concert venue and into the first row, and she started messing with another lady, and told us that we were all going to die tonight," Hendricks continued.

Michael Hoffman said...

"Leads and Notes on the Route 91 Harvest Massacre"
By Michael Hoffman

Unknown said...

Stephen Paddock = steven paddock = Voice of the Frog.
The Frog = the sensitivity of nature, an indicator species that is one of the first to be affected e.g. by pollution.
Look at the recent Hurricane season, and the huge earthquakes in Mexico.
This is Creation telling us that this is what happens when we destroy nature,
we get a 'hail of bullets' (or rain of hammers?) on our heads, that is, the 'voice of the frog' speaks up.
Whatever this conscious motives, the subconscious meaning here is more significant given the context and time.

Lawrence said...

Yes I do think that the Marilyn Manson incident is an omen (think of the choice of his pseudonym, Manson and all its associations). Also who could have predicted that the worst mass shooting in US history (so far sigh) would be carried out by a multimillionaire property developer in his sixties??! Nobody.

Tom Mellett said...

Hello Matthew,

Not sure where you get "voice" from "Steven" because it's a variant of Stephen which derives from the Greek word for "crown, wreath, garland." But thanks for giving the old Medieval English word paddock for frog or toad.

Thus Stephen Paddock = crown of the frog

The figurative meaning of "stephanos" is "victory, prize, glory."

So I ask: which frog in recent history was crowned with victory? Of course, it is Donald Trump who assumed the crown of Pepe the Frog when he was elected last November.

And let us not forget that Saint Stephen is considered by Catholics to be the very first Christian martyr.

Now notice the last sentence in this article about the original creator of Pepe the Frog killing him off.

"Farewell Pepe, martyr of the internet: we will never forget your sacrifice."

Unknown said...

(Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) The voice, now especially when loud or strong. quotations ▼
(obsolete) Speech, language.
(obsolete) Voice; cry; that which is uttered; petition; prayer. quotations ▼
(obsolete) A word, command, bidding or direction given. quotations ▼
(archaic) A promise, one's word.
(obsolete) An outcry, shout, or loud call; a clamour/clamor, noise; din. quotations ▼
(obsolete) A sound, the sound of a horn; melody, tune; song; sound made by an animal or a bird.

Unknown said...

Shooting from a giant golden tripod, using gun-tripods. Oracle at Delphi used to sit upon a tripod. 45 minutes before the shooting a woman told them they were 'all gonna die'. Oracle.

Unknown said...

Another layer of this, not only is the frog the 'sensitive one of nature', but this guy Paddock seems to have suffered from severe avoidant personality disorder. So he was the sensitive one of human nature, an indicator-type that shows there is 'pollution' in our culture producing such people. He was 'isolated and unfriendly' and was prescribed Valium for anxiety in June. He shot at a crowd of people socializing. Also noteworthy, avoidant personality disorder has a high rate of suicide, especially the 'self-deserting' variant.

Lawrence said...

I just pointed this out at the Secret Sun blog (yet to come through at the time of posting here), the coincidence only hit me now, but I will post it up here as well. This mass shooting took place on October 1st. 'October the First is Too Late' is the title of a famous sf novel published in 1966, by the famous astronomer Fred Hoyle. I woke up that very morning (four days ago), and the thought popped into my head, October 1st is too late, but too late for what? In the most light-hearted fashion, having no idea what lay ahead mere hours later. I read the novel decades ago, so I am familiar with it.

Check the wiki article on that novel for its themes, which include time travel and the collapse of civilization, and Hoyle's pigeon-hole theory.

Surprised a lot of people have missed this sync, but there are so many. The Marilyn Manson one being the most notable.

Cory Panshin said...

There's a striking synchronicity with reference to the name of the Mandalay Bay hotel. On Friday, September 29, the day after Paddock checked in, a story came out about British foreign secretary Boris Johnson almost causing an international incident by starting to recite the Kipling poem, "On the Road to Mandalay" in a Myanmar temple. ("On the road to Mandalay / where the flying fishes play / And the dawn comes up like thunder / out of China 'cross the bay.") The incident occurred last January but had not previously been revealed, and the video was to be broadcast for the first time on Sunday, October 1.

Unknown said...

"Pepe calls"

Macbeth is one of the Ur-texts of the American Nightmare.

Shelby Downard used Macbeth to understand the JFK assassination in his 'King-Kill 33' essay and I've seen it ever since. The play is bubbling with curses, shadows, ritualism, existential dread and assassination. It's where Deep state Realpolitik blends into black magic.

Ultimately, the play is about the "the sere, the yellow leaf" of Macbeth's autumn rule being overthrown by an army of green leaves ("I thought I saw the forest begin to move...") - but it is Macbeths' invocation of "night black agents" and full-spectrum chaos that make it so powerful.

From the play 'MacBird' (about LBJ) to' MacBush' (a Vanity Fair piece), artists have sensed the fog of tyranny and witchery that darkens the White House. Even the greatest warlords cannot escape the fact that 'blood will have blood' - there is no peace in killing.

In the famous opening scene upon the heath. The first witch heads off to their cat familiar ("I come, Graymalkin") while the second heads off to their toad ("Paddock calls"). Thus Stephen Paddock is a very arresting name.

Paddock is a strange man. When you see someone with a pilot license and loads of unexplained cash and guns, it is not unreasonable to ask about intelligence connections.

Just as strange is that when Paddock calls, his brother responds by saying he was so shocked by Stephen's massacre that he felt like "Mars just fell into the earth." A very weird, very war-like metaphor.

Tonight Trump told reporters that we are in "the calm before the storm."

[For more of the British connection check-out the remarkable Guardian interview with Marilyn Manson from last week, it features a whacked-out Manson indulging in gun-play, flicking the reporter's testicles, claiming to be an avatar of "Chaos", bemoaning Columbine and praising his Vietnam vet dad. Manson wrote a song called "King Kill 33°" in 2003, it was originally titled "Gun Factory"]

Tom Mellett said...

Hi Luther,

Yes, Stephen Paddock is an arresting name, and since Stephen means “crown, victory”, we can render his name in Macbeth as King Toad. Or reverse it: Toad King.

CivicHacker said...

NPR's All Things Considered discussed today how the media's reporting can lead to future massacres as the killers try to compete for greater death totals but I don't think that they explicitly used the word "copycat".