Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Top Synchromystic of the Year 2020: Alex Fulton

"Synchromysticism: The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance." ~ Jake Kotze, The Brave New World Order, August 18, 2006.

Top Synchromystic of the Year 2018 and 2020

Alex Fulton

Alex Fulton is the creator of Cryptokubrology on Twitter and the co-mastermind (in association with Robert Shawn Montgomery) behind various cryptokubrology contributions on YouTube and Facebook. (See their site here.)

During the fall of 2018, Alex Fulton began noting the Cryptokubrology hits were coming fast and furious.

Fulton further implied the cause behind this. The date 11/7/2018 "marked the beginning of the 237th month since Stanley Kubrick's death."

A Cryptokubrology "death watch" began.

Douglas Rain, the voice of HAL in 2001, died on November 11: "Here is the 11/11 Cryptokubrology hit," tweeted Fulton.

11/12/18 = Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee died.

11/16/18 = Alex Fulton's birthday.

11/16/18 = William Goldman, novelist, playwright, screenwriter, died.

11/16/18 = Pablo Ferro, graphic designer, film titles designer of Stanley Kubrick films (Dr. Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange), died..

11/24/18 = Another director died. Nicolas Roeg directed David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth, and other important films.

11/26/18 = Bernardo Bertolucci died. He had directed The Last Emperor, The Dreamers, The Conformist, others.

11/27/18 = Samuel Hadida, with over 70 producing credits including the Resident Evil franchise, died unexpectedly at 64, in Santa Monica.

Alex Fulton deserves the recognition as one of the Top Synchromystics of 2018.

As a token of his award, Alex will receive a Christmas ornament fashioned after the key to room 237.

The Synchromystic of the Year for 2018 award for Jim Brandon has been withdrawn. 

Who is Jim Brandon/Bill Grimstad? See The Dirty Little Secrets of Twilight Forteans.

Past Synchromystics of the Year

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UFO Nuts & Bolts said...

Here's another strange and linked synchronicity. Greg Newkirk, who recently brought Jim Brandon's book "The Rebirth of Pan" into the recent spotlight via Hellier has the birth date of November 11th... 11/11 🤯🤯🤯