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Seth, Odessa, Osiris, and Pan

A gunman - begrudgingly identified on September 1, 2019, as Seth Aaron Ator, 36  - driving from Midland to Odessa, Texas, killed seven people while firing from his golden vehicle and then from a hijacked mail truck. He was fatally shot by police in a gun battle at an Odessa movie theater, the Cinergy, parking lot on Saturday, August 31, 2019. (Read more here.)

John E.L. Tenney shares: Twin Peaks site of shooting in Odessa.

There are several pieces of twilight language to be examined.

Odessa means "wrathful," and is the feminine version of Odysseus, which has taken on the connotative meaning of wandering, traveling adventure in honor of the famous voyage in Homer's epic The Odyssey.


The meaning of Seth is: Murdered Osiris. The meaning of Seth is: Anointed; compensation.

Set /sɛt/ or Seth /sɛθ/ (Egyptian: stẖ; also transliterated Setesh, Sutekh, Setekh, or Suty) is a god of chaos, fire, deserts, trickery, storms, envy, disorder, violence, and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. In Ancient Greek, the god's name is given as Sēth(Σήθ). Set had a positive role where he accompanies Ra on his solar boat to repel Apep, the serpent of Chaos. Set had a vital role as a reconciled combatant. He was lord of the red (desert) land where he was the balance to Horus' role as lord of the black (soil) land.

The divine model for the ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s rule was the myth of the death of Osiris at the hands of his brother, Seth, and the subsequent contest between Osiris’s son Horus and Seth for kingship over the earth. Through Osiris is the path to the symbolism of "corn."

Seth lived a total of 912 years, and then he died. Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. Eve considered him to be a replacement for her dead son, Abel.

See below:



Corn, Christ and Osiris March 10, 2017

John E. L. Tenney is in the corn.

Aaron = a hellenized Hebrew masculine given name. According to other different theories, the name could be derived from various Hebrew roots meaning "high mountain," "mountain of strength," "exalted," or "enlightened," or "bearer of martyrs."

Ator = Venom.

The final episode of David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks Season Three (released on September 3, 2017) takes place partially in Odessa, Texas. Cooper, believing Carrie Page is Laura, drives her to Twin Peaks. The season closes with a visual callback to Laura whispering to Cooper in the Red Room.

The Rebirth of Pan, Jim Brandon, 1983.

Some say the Gods are just a myth
but guess Who I've been dancing with...
The Great God Pan is alive!
in "The Return Of Pan" by Mike Scott, Dream Harder, 1993.

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